Author: Ali Sina

creation 34

Who Created God?

I am having a little discussion with a friend on the side who in his latest email said, “From my point of view everything comes from Zero and returns to...

Trump 42

Why I Stump for Trump

The front runner Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would ban the entry of all Muslims into America “until we find out what is going on.” Up until then...


Why Evil Wins and Goodness Loses

A reader who did not want her email published asked why often evil people get ahead while good people stay behind. Why injustice seems to be more victorious? Up until...

Anti Islam rant

An Ex Muslims Speaks of Islam

While the main stream media is so concerned in portraying the best image of Islam and particularly the leftists and liberals become even vile and violent towards anyone criticizing Islam,...

Racism in Europe

The Rise of Racism in the West

A lady named Sima wrote expressing her concern that many movement against Islam are: “mostly dominated by haters and racists, who hate not only Islam as an ideology but also...

Ali Sina Interview

Ali Sina Radio Interview

Listen to my interview with Radio Jihad Network where I speak about reforming Islam and other things.