I was Spied on by Obama’s FBI for Eight Years

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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    I have followed Ali Sina for 16 years…he was a major source in my research. He is a HERO…in the fight against Islamic terrorism. This story is disgusting, but not surprising considering Obama loves the prophet of Islam above Jesus or America…”The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” he said 2 weeks after Terrorists murdered the Ambassador and 3 other Americans in Benghazi…Obama corrupted the FBI, the Justice Dept and the IRS…much more.

  2. kittencarpathia says:

    I was watching “The Zookeepers Wife” two nights ago. It’s a film set during WW2. Again, I was thinking to myself “Hitler would have no problem doing it all over again. All he would need is to have brown skin and to have his Nazis coming from countries that are seen as “oppressed”. The left would roll out the RED carpet for him.
    I know this is true because I’m watching it happen.
    I’m laying off the counterjihad for while. I need to earn a living and the left will destroy anyone who speaks the truth.

  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    Obama if, not a Muslim himself, is certainly , pro -Islamic ,as seen in his foolish foreign policy of that farce of a “deal” or “agreement” with Iran about that rouge Islamic state going nuclear. which he and those mullahs of Iran schemed up together.
    The folly and foolishness of Obama and Kerry must have no limit that they had felt they could have come to a worthwhile deal of good value with that tyrannical “mullah regime” of Iran by attempting to work out a compromise with those Muslim tyrants in power in Iran. The outcome of foolishly trying to work out a compromise resulted that the hoax and farce of a “deal.” A former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt , had well-spoken when he said “There has never been – there never can be – successful compromise between good and evil.”

  4. How many millions will they hunt? #DestroyIslam #WinFreedom

  5. This is sickening… Millions more have to come up openly anti-Islam.

  6. Ali Sina says:


    My concern is that this must have been a wide operation and I am not the only anti Islam activist the FBI spied on. I bet you and many others are also under surveillance.

  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    During the month of August of the year 2010 I attended a lecture at a church topic of Islam and Islamic terrorism and how such phenomena should be viewed in the Light of the Bible. The speaker was a former Muslim and Hezbollah member and an Iranian citizen, who is now a Christian and an American citizen..After the lecture there was question and answer part. One question he was asked was “Is Obama a Muslim ?” The speaker answered by saying “I don’t know if he is a Muslim but his deception is Islamic” Then he added about Obama “When ever he talks he sounds just like a Muslim.” In addition to those two statement he further explained about Obama that “He is going to hurt this country.”
    As revealed that lecture was in the year 2010 since then Obama had, indeed, hurt America by his words,actions , politics and polices.

  8. Walter Sieruk says:

    This article is ,somewhat, of a reminder about that anti-Israel UN resolution that Obama may well have had a sinister hand in creating, or at least failed to veto, which calls for the dividing of the State of Israel in to a “two state solution.”
    This shows some things about President Obama .That he is very to do a much hard as possible in the short time he has before he leaves Office. Even if he doesn’t really have such malicious anti- Israel, pro–Islamic feeling the same about of damage is nevertheless done. This also exposes the falseness on his claim that he is “a Christian.” For a real Christian would take seriously the teaching of Jesus. By Obama backing the UN resolution Obama Obviously doesn’t care what Jesus taught . For Jesus taught “If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Mark 3:24. {K.J.V.]
    In addition , to risk sounding really far –out it had been reported that Obama’s national security advisor , James Jones, had declared the President Obama in the year 2009 had religious experience in the White House Office in the Obama believed that God appeared to him in a vision and told him the he should work for the dividing of the land of Israel into “two states.” [1] if this report of a supernatural experience of Obama actually occurred then the Bible contains the answer to this story . For the Bible teaches that Satan is so very deceitful that he can “appear as an angle of Light” Second Corinthians 11:14 . Furthermore, to divide is showing that Obama ,who is for sure not the Anti-Christ is Nevertheless influenced by the spirit of the coming Anti-Christ who is predicted, in the Bible ,to come in the future. So to divide the land that composes Israel according to the Bible is wrong . So wrong ,in fact , when the real arch – villain who is will be the Anti Christs comes to power in the Middle East he “shall divide the land” Daniel 11:39. As for Obama is the reported religious vision he had in which supernatural being told him to “divide the land ” that this instruction is in contradiction to the Bible in Daniel 11 39. It’s thus in the light of Isaiah 8:20. An instruction in error, folly and darkness. Shame on Obama for wanting to “divide the land” and likewise being taken in by a deceptive religious experience.

    [1] THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR by Erick Stakelbeack pages 218. 219.

  9. I have warned my people, on Facebook and Twitter, by distributing your article widely. We need to get your story onto Hannity or Tucker.

  10. jim hane says:

    Great article here. Yes, I will try to use this new email company. I hope you can form a new social media company dedicated completely to free speech and expression, to replace Google, Facebook etc.
    The values of the Age of Enlightenment/Reason (especially free speech, expression and freedom of thought) are being eroded and slowly destroyed by Google, Facebook etc. The enemies are political correctness and Islam!
    These are the greatest enemies to liberty, democracy and the values of the Age of Reason.