To the leaders of the Western Countries: Stop the Muslim Invasion

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

12 Responses

  1. De says:

    Não entendi direito, pois o texto diz que são imigrantes que professam a fé no islã. Mas esses imigrantes não são Cristão, que foram expulsos de suas cidades no Iraque, Síria etc.? Eles não fugiram justamente por rejeitar negar sua fé Cristã para abraçar o Islã?

  2. emcoulson says:

    australia made the mistake allowing them in and now we are paying the price they are evil and nothing will change them

  3. Commoner says:

    Typo…will judge them harshly.

  4. Commoner says:

    Knowingly or unknowingly the politically correct left liberals are falling for this. History will judge them hardly, in deed only if future exists for the modern world aswe know today.

  5. Mansour says:

    Thank you Ali, well written.

  6. Ra says:

    Islamic Jihad vs. Catholic Crusades (very telling)


  7. Ali Sina says:

    @Assta B. Gettu

    While I do not agree in declaring a war on Muslims I strongly believe we should build a wall between them and us and not allow them to penetrate into non-Muslim countries, I even think we should expel all the Muslims who do not subscribe to the laws of the western countries where they reside. I see no point in declaring any war on Muslims or killing anyone of them when they do this on their own. Just stay out and let them do what they know best.

  8. Walter Sieruk says:

    All this mayhem of violence of many awful sorts that is the outcome or fruits of the great wave Muslim immigration into the different countries of Europe. This terrible chaos created by those invading Muslims, who call themselves immigrants, only exposes their awful contempt for the West and Westerns. To reiterate these many evils are the results of fruits of the entering into Europe the people who follow and believe in Islam. This does reflect the actual essence of Islam with its violent and heinous fruits. It’s therefore well worth noting that Jesus did teach that ” By their fruits you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:20. [N.I.V.]

  9. Assta B. Gettu says:

    The same thing is going to happen in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Muslims have burned hundred of Christian Churches in the southern part of Ethiopia and left many Christians homeless. Islam is the religion of evil men and evil women. We must declare, as I said before many times, World War III on Islam and destroy it completely and change the map of the Arab-Muslim countries.

  10. Dr Nishant says:

    Agreed Praveen, and western people should learn from Indias and other nations past histories and not repeat the same mistakes in their own countries. You give a helping hand to them and in know time they will grab your necks. It is like raising snakes in your backyard, what do you expect, the snake wont bite you in respect of your generosity. If economic hardships, threat to the lives in their native countries are the primary concerns, then conversion of muslims to any other religion or atheism should be must before giving immigration. The best option for west is that they keep these persecuted muslims in camps preferably near the native countries and force them back to their native countries as soon as wars get over.

  11. Ra says:

    Saudi Arabia refused to take migrants but promised to build 200 new mosques for them in Europe!

  12. Praveen Patwari says:

    Same thing happened in India. Now they are demanding extra benefits in the form of reservation. These Islamic blood suckers are lagging due to their Islamic teachings like multiple marriages with unlimited kids with teaching in madarsass which is full of antinational teachings.