The Evolution of Mankind and the Dawn of a Spiritual Civilization

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

5 Responses

  1. All one needs to be convinced that God is real and there is a life after death is to read many stories of NDE. Anyone who still denies that is willfully ignorant. Willfully because the truth is accessible to anyone who reads. People refuse to read or even watch the videos on NDE because they have made their minds and like any religious fanatics they are unwilling to let go of their dogma. Discussion is useless. You need to educate yourself by reading these stories. One you read or better watch dozens of them, you can no longer cling to the silly cop out that the oxygen deprived brain makes up those amazing stories. Even if we accepted this harebrained argument not fit for rational people, it still can’t explain how these near death experiencers come back with verifiable information of things they could possibly not know while lying in their operation room or even the morgue/

    This discussion is useless. You want to know the truth, go to you tube and watch a few dozen of videos on near death experience,

  2. Ra says:

    Quote of the day: “I find God in the sufferring eyes reflected in mine. If this is how you are revealed to me.. this is how I will forever seek you.” (Kayla Mueller)

  3. Jim J Fox says:

    “Atoms are alive, even though their life is so primitive that we don’t consider them living”
    This looks like gibberish- alive, yet not alive? The clear distinction between living and non-living matter—“the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death”
    Atoms do not have any such capacity, any more than basic molecules that form minerals, rocks, water, etc.

    “why despite entropy evolution is incremental. Why organisms are growing more complex instead of more disorderly”
    The entropy argument has been tried by Creationists and FAILS because increasing disorder [entropy] occurs ONLY in CLOSED SYSTEMS. Evolution proceeds in an OPEN system where energy is received from the sun; entropy is overruled.

    “mega molecules form proteins” Not so fast! Here is the unresolved issue- ‘living’ proteins don’t form spontaneously, nor do they result magically from ‘mega molecules’.

    Your last paragraph is pure fantasy.

    Even so, your work repudiating islam cannot be criticised; please continue…

  4. Why says:

    I am really surprised that you (Ali Sina) write about such unscientific things. Of course, that is your opinion and as long as you do not force your belief on others and have a nice fulfilling life then good for you. However it is incredible that someone like you who objectively criticizes Islam and other imaginary religions believe in this kind of nonsense. Don’t take me wrong, I am open to science and if NDE… is proven right then I will accept it. But no matter the current research on this it is not conclusive. I think it is our turn to tell you that you are delusional. Sorry Ali.

  5. Sorry, Ali- not god, just science- and still learning. Huge fish shoals do the same sort of manoeuvres; insects do similar. Nor is it some ‘universal consciousness’. I am surprised that an educated man such as yourself still wants to cling to religious belief, considering that you see through Islam… Religion is indeed the opium of the masses and the refuge of the superstitious. Nonetheless I don’t object to people having spiritual beliefs as long as it is kept PRIVATE!