Why is there suffering?

Life challenges are opportunities for us to strengthen our spiritual muscles. They are blessing in disguise.

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

3 Responses

  1. Anand Sagar says:

    //My worry is what if in my next visit I don’t learn any of the things I know now.//

    Our sub conscious mind records each and every thought and action that we have and do in all our lives and nothing is forgotten or destroyed. Every one of us have our own soul identity and soul name that is our true identity. Evolution is always upward and so when we raise our consciousness in one life time ie grow in evolution process and become mature(I think this is what you mean by learning spiritual faculties) we will come back to this world or go to other world(s) as a highly evolved being(HEB) according to our level of consciousness.

  2. Anand Sagar says:

    We come to this world to create our Self and choose what we really are. So our life purpose is to become what we choose and experience it. We know all conceptually in the Absolute world and we come to this Relative world to know experientially what we know conceptually in the world of the Absolute and hence this physical life. If we are not satisfied with the results of our choosing, then we can recreate our Self, choose other thing and experience it. Our physical life is all about our choosing, creating and experiencing what we really are. There is no judgment and right or wrong in the world of the Absolute about our choosing, creating and experiencing what we wish in the physical life.

  3. Ram Singhania says:

    Another great article Sina.
    What I would like to add is your worry regarding the next visit is unfounded.

    The lessons learnt in any life cannot be lost. You may be a born genius in your next birth (if you have to come again at all).

    Proof for this claim is – lives of great people, saints, reformers, leaders etc who accomplished in one life what many cannot in many lIves.