Indonesia: Religious Discrimination

Police tape blocks access to a burned church at Suka Makmur Village in Aceh Singkil, Indonesia Aceh province, October 18, 2015. The words on the tape read, "Do not cross." REUTERS/YT Haryono

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Ron says:

    Anti-Judeo-Christian forces which includes Atheists, Agnostics, Communists, Socialists, Humanists, Islam, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Animists, New-Agers, Satanists, Taoists etc. all despise Christ. But within themselves they also despise Islam.

    Also to be noted is that these Anti-Judeo Christian forces despise or hate Christianity more than Islam and so they form an unholy (Satanical) nexus against Christianity which can be termed as Western naivety in the context of this forum. This unholy nexus has tacitly supported the Islam’s growth in the West.

    Christ is the way, the truth and life.

  2. Muhamad- Azizi says:

    After doing my research about who we must blame for western naivety toward Islam. Dr. A. Sina I went back to renaissance time there I find that Protestantists, Judaists and Humanists( leftists and Atheists) were asking dominant Catholic : Multi-culture, freedom of faith, freedom of opinion, liberty…….which brought the Human right. What happen after? Protestantism possess nations and empires; Judaism was religion of diaspora people; Leftism( socialism and communism) later they will possess nations; Atheism remains within associations and organisations they never possess a nation. So from here let us focus on this two doctrines which possess nations and empires.-1/ Left(socialism and communism) is the best to extinguish the flame of religions,proofs are Soviet union, Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt, Syria with Hafez al Assad, Yugoslavia, China and so on. Socialism and Communism(left) are the best for multi-culture and to keep down religions. -2/ Protestant possess lot of nations with huge Empire ever build before. It becomes a Super Power and using Protestant Vision. I compare Protestant Empire to a man of middle age with might power and possibility; extremely rich in all (man power and resources)
    people they fear, follow and admire him in all He is doing; because of naivety all his doing are full of mistakes. For correction he becomes dangerous Monster. It is how I describe Protestant Super Powers. Islam was froze in the freezer by poverty, ignorance and colonization but P.S.P helps the Arabia countries without conditions and makes them so rich in the middle of nowhere. This alone is the most Anti-Christianity in all the time. The P.S.P comes with kind of Multi-culture which fail, total fail.
    Dr. Sina we should start to point P.S.P finger and accuse them for all the mess are going on.

  3. Richard says:

    @Ra and Phoenix.

    Actually Atheism is simply the outworking of the inner logic of Protestantism so you are sort of both right.

  4. Phoenix says:


    I did not state that “all” Atheists are Leftists, so your example cannot be considered a counter example because I used no universal quanifier. Counter examples only serve to disprove universal propositions. In fact, one can deduce a particular (as opposed to universal) proposition from my response because of the term “overwhelmingly”, which can be translated as some, since in logic the concern is only whether the claim refers to the whole class or less than.

  5. Ra says:

    Pat Condell is an Atheist and a fierce opponent of Islam.

  6. Phoenix says:

    @Muhamad- Azizi

    I understand your frustration but it’s important you identify the culprit(s) correctly. They are not Protestants as you erroneously think but Atheist Leftists which are Islam’s greatest supporters in the west. They are the reason for the mass muslim migration to Europe. It is the Leftist’s policy that Islam is considered a race and any criticism of Islam and muslims amount to racism. It is the Atheist who overwhelmingly lean toward the left in politics, who insist that all cultures are equal, and sometimes Islam is superior. It is the Atheist Leftist who demand we adjust our values to accommodate Islamic ethics, under the banner of multii-culturalism.

    Leftists are both fascinated and afraid of Islam. But their fascination for muslims stem from a common hatred for Christianity and Judaism. Now, Leftists are not THAT naive. They are aware that when muslims takeover there will be a blood bath of kafirs but at least muslims will kill the Leftists last. This is their reward for many years of appeasing muslims.

  7. Muhamad- Azizi says:

    It sound very good, with all my respect Dr. A. Sina. We should start to point finger to Protestant Super Powers(PSP) with their Protestant Vision of the World(PVW) I mean Britain and America, they rule the world with double standard and put Islam and Muslims above of everything even above Human right.
    One can say that : It is conspiracy of destroying Catholic and replace with Islam. They’re going far and I’m afraid that they can rich in the point of no return. If you can complain about killing of No- Muslims people in Indonesia I get a book full of list of killing of Christians and favour Muslims by America and Britain all over the world. France , Italy, Vatican all Catholic world are now under Protestant Vision. So Dr A.Sina we should start to wright, speak, teach about Protestant Vision before Its drilling down the all world in naivety.

  8. Dr. Nishant says:

    WTF, The President of Pakistan for more than a decade after 9/11 Who vehemently opposed any involvement of pakistani eatablishment and blamed ‘the non state actors’ for terror now brazenly admits on TV the complicity of pakistan in terrorism. Couple of weeks before, pakistans former defence minister openly admitted that pakistani establishment was aware of the whereabouts of osama bin laden, long before the raids.
    Now this president musharraf was the front partner of USA in the ‘war on terror’
    Billions of dollars in aid were provided to pakistan for their ‘help’ in this war.
    And what did pakistan do with this money? They didnt improve their economy, infact its on a steady decline for more than a decade. They used the money to be the fastest growing nuclear power in the world.
    When he was in office, he always maintained that terrorists were enemies of pakistan, and the government didnt support them and pakistan was comitted to fighting terror.
    Now he admits that, Osama bin laden, the haqqanis, lashkar e toiba, hafeez saeed were all trained by Pakistan and are HEROES for pakistan. He openly admits pak sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, afghanistan and the mumbai terror attacks

    Before 9/11 India was screaming on top of her lungs about this terrorism menace emanating from pakistan and its role in afghanistan as well as rise of al Qaida. India showed how the billions sponsored by USA to pakistan in aid was only used in corruption, military build up and in the training of the terrorist organisations.
    On 9/11 the message was heard by US, but soon US gave into the twisted lies of pakistan, and provided even more aid, thinking pakistan as its ally.
    With several leak dicuments from the US and several ex pakistan officials and ministers admitting the direct role of pakistan recently, in 911, taliban and various terror outfits, some one would think that atleast now US will wake up.
    But no, US has declared to give more aid to pakistan as well as several F16 fighter jets last week.
    I say, send all the refugees from the muslim nations and europe to US, that should serve america better.

    Watch “We Trained Taliban, They Were Our Heroes Pervez Musharraf’s Shocking Confessions” on YouTube

    Watch “Pakistan Has Been Training Terrorists: Pervez Musharraf” on YouTube

  9. Dr. Nishant says:

    Insonesia had a very very beautiful indigenious religion combining animism and dynamism. They found spirits in not only animals and plants but also in rocks and such objects. Much before the advent of common era hinduism and buddhism coexisted with the javanese and balinese. In fact the ancient epics like mahabharata have many instances occuring in indonesia. the hindu-buddhist combined formed the royalty and ruled indonesia until muslims started areiving in 14th century. Christians came with portugese in 15th century and had a largely peaceful coexistence. But now, as everywhere else, the muslims, with their evil designs have taken over indonesia.
    Indonesia now has the largest population of muslims in the world.
    Once a nation known for its natural beauty, arts, culture, richness and prosperity, is now the epitome of poverty and decadence. As usual this isnt new when islam takes over a nation.

    This is what is going to happen with europe as well.
    Watch to know the evil design of how this will occur in europe.

    Watch “Imam: We will conquer Europe through Mass Immigration” on YouTube

  10. Ra says:

    …Meanwhile, in Europe and America, they are building mega-mosques!