San Bernardino Shooting is Islamic Terrorism

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Sorry Jon,no offence meant!! I have not read your other posts but will look out for them. We seem to be batting on the same side anyway. Cheers!!

  2. Jon MC says:

    Dear Lizzie,
    the Koran does “legitimise” the appalling behaviour of Muslims, that is simply a matter of fact viz-a-viz the Koranic text.
    That no way implies that the Koran is right (never mind Right) in doing so, I merely explained the reasoning behind the “non-Muslims aren’t innocents” meme within Islam. Doing so is not apologia in any sense.

    I concur that the Koran cribs from the O.T. in particular, though it imparts it’s own spin to the stories to Islamise them and Islam certainly ignores the ten Commandments and the Golden rule.
    I think, however, you will find that the most accurate translation is “thou shalt not murder”. Were the command to not kill, then the Judaic law could not impose the death penalty (as it does for some sin/crimes) without generating a legal, not to mention moral, inconsistency.

    btw: Had you read any of my articles on this and other sites you would not have thought me an apologist for a moment.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Jon thank your for addressing my post but you seem to be apologising for the appalling behaviour of muslims and as if the Koran legitimises such behaviour.
    The Koran has cribbed a lot from the Old Testament but ignored the Ten Commandments which state quite clearly ‘Thou Shalt Not KILL’ These words of God have been ignored and as such the testimony of Mohammed is a lie.
    The very fact that Shiite and Sunni Muslims regularly murder each other says it all about this satan driven religion.

  4. Ra says:

    In Islam, to say something like ‘the son of God’ or ‘the children of God’ is the greatest blasphemy, punishable by the hellfire for eternity.

  5. Jon MC says:

    Dear Lizzie,
    To answer your question directly: According to (some interpretations of) Islam, non-Muslims are not “innocents”. Non-Muslims aka “Kaffirs” are “rejecters of Allah and Mohammed”. This is a sin and a crime of which the Kaffirs are, a priori, guilty. Ergo: Kaffirs are not innocents.
    If by “God[‘s] children” you mean literal children you are right. An exception to what I wrote above is found for “those incapable of making their own decisions” – usually taken to mean children and those without the mental capacity.
    Why ISIS are murdering children with mental and physical handicaps I do not know. There is purportedly a Fatwa to “legitimise” this, but thus far I haven’t been able to verify that it exists, never mind it’s reasoning.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Why is it that Muslims think its OK to kill people who are innocent lives and they don’t even know?
    Agreed various hadiths in the Koran recommend death for non-believers but surely no one in their right mind could think that God wants his children murdered. I read that Isil is murdering Down’s syndrome children. This is totally evil and wicked.
    I do know that on death such killers will pay a price they cannot even begin to imagine.
    As I’ve said before and will say again-2020 End of Islam

  7. Assta B. Gettu says:

    President Barack Hussein Obama said today in his speech: “Muslim Americans are our friends and neighbors.”

  8. Assta B. Gettu says:

    I would say Muslim Americans and all the rest of the Muslim world are our brutal enemies who pray day and night for the total destruction of America and the state of the Jewish nation. We should not be misled by Obama’s speech, and we must arm ourselves to defend our country. America has never had a friendly Muslim country. We saw how the Muslim-Arab world danced on the streets when Muslim terrorists slaughtered over 3000 Americans on 9/11.

    Muslims believe what is in their Quran: “We reject you. Hostility and hate have come between us forever, unless you believe in Allah only” (Quran 60:4). They are telling us to believe in one of the idols of Mecca – Allah or die if we don’t. And as far as Muslims have this type of hatred toward us, there will never be peace between them and us the non-Muslims. We must declare World War III on Islam and destroy Islam before it destroys us.

  9. Mohan says:

    ‘Islam is religion of Peace’ yeah right. I am sick and tired of this statement by Muslims and bleeding heart liberals. When will the world wake up from their slumber and face the reality and deal with it.

  10. shankar says:

    why is not working ? i am in india

  11. Vijai Singh says:

    Now that they have concluded an international conference on global warming, isn’t it time to have one on the greatest threat facing mankind – the religion of peace called Islam?

  12. Walter Sieruk says:

    Those Muslim terrorists in their brutal and murderous jihad for Islam, be it in Paris, Mali, San Bernardino or wherever. These terrorists are so violent and deadly that they are similar, in character, to those heinous villains described in the Bible. Which reads “Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are their ways, and the way of peace have they not known.” Romans 3:15-17. [K.J.V.]

  13. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is hesitant to accept the San Bernardo Massacre as an act of terrorism. He is trying to say it is a work-place dispute that led to the killings of 14 innocent people.

    As always, he wants to defend Islamist terrorists at the expense of the American citizens. Not satisfied with so many killings by terrorist Muslims of America, he has planned to bring 10,000 Syrian terrorists to this country. Does he care about the safety of his people? Not at all!

  14. Assta B. Gettu says:

    David Cameron, George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama, who declared publicly Islam is a religion of peace, have blood on their hands. They all deceived us by lying to us and by protecting Islam against some of us who try to expose the bestial nature of Islam. I am sure Saudi Arabia has bribed our political leaders to preach political correctness and to respect the false Prophet Muhammad and his satanic Quranic verses.

    It is time to defend our children, our friends, and our country by arming ourselves and by bringing to justice our daily killers, the true terrorists – Cameron, George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama.

  15. Ra says:

    @ Ali, Bloody Bush, too, the rightist, the Christian, the conservative, the republican, the crusader, called Islam “the religion of peace”. And that was right after 9/11.

  16. Cloudbuster says:

    Regarding the letter by Khomeini: It’s worthless. The reason we hate Islam isn’t because of propaganda and irrational phobias. It’s because Muslims keep killing, raping and oppressing others in horrifying numbers, over and over and over.

    I don’t need to read the Koran. I see its fruits on the news every day.

  17. shankar says:

    plz reply to this letter by khomeini

  18. shankar says:

    america has become a battlefield and the war has started and obama is its CAIR patro

  19. keithellerby says:

    @charlie – as soon as some Islamic terrorist organisation claims responsibility

  20. charlie says:

    How long will it be before Obama says Islam is a religion of peace?