Islamic scientist: Hadith revealed cure for AIDS

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. muhamad- azizi says:

    My student gives a lesson to Islamic organization of entire country. Islamic Foundation Base in Tanzania, a bunch of fake Arabs(look like Arab) Indians, Pakistanis and natives mix. This bunch of crooks are not preaching Islam knowledge as it is in Arabs countries but they are preaching arabization and they make every one in Tanzania to believe that they are the most high Islamic scholars in this world. A country of 55 to 60% of Muslims; acid attack is frequent, so live debate is dangerous. Through Facebook my student ask Islamic Foundation very simple question: We all agree that Quran as word of Allah there is not discrepancy, OK but what about this two verses??? Q55(Ar-Rahman) verse 14 and Q96(al- Alaq)verse 2 ?? Please help me to understand well.
    Islamic Foundation reply : -1/ whosoever doubt about Quran is not Muslim. -2/ Q55 verse 14: Allah created man with clay. This is well accepted. -3/ I.F came with Q3 verse 7 that: Q96 verse 2 is in allegoric talk which means: Allah process us through the womb from clot. So my student came to ask me to help. He replied : -1/ Omar ibn Khattab, Usman ibn Affan, Aisha mother of the believers were the first people to doubt and declare that Quran was full of mistakes. Can they take this 3 persons out of Islam??? -2/ These two verses are part of natural science of Quran. In nowhere and no time Natural science(biology, chemistry, physics…) can be teach in allegoric expressions, No way. So Islamic Foundation base in Tanzania blocked my student in their page and no further respond. The bunch of crooks and I.F run with their tail between their legs like dog. Thank you Dr. A. SINA. I learn a lot from you.

  2. Raj says:

    Islam is the biggest lie ever told.. unfortunate that so many have to die because of this cult every year… and yet Islam is being pandered to by the leaders of the world like Barack Hussein Obama who refuse to tell the truth about Islam and muslims.

  3. Manuel Franco says:

    This reminded me of the part where the embryo is described as a leech, and whatnot. It’s all very detailed, and surprisingly accurate. But the most troublesome part to me is that it could only be verified until recently, with the advent of modern medicine technology. This makes me wonder as to why the “author” had to go to such great lengths to make “his” point noted precisely in that manner for this day and age. Just because we haven’t found a way to disprove such farfetch claims, doesn’t mean it’s all true; nor necessarily “divine” in origin. There are no “miracles”; just advanced knowledge that wasn’t clearly disclosed earlier; and even them, obv wasn’t meant to be understood until later on anyhow. Again, I’m more concerned in that the source cannot be trusted; and obv wishes the worst for mankind… But back to the post; the point is that all of islam’s cures are worst than the diseases it potentially “cures” or prevents. I particularly like the ending paragraph, because it exemplifies that even assuming the research being valid; there’s a 50% chance of getting the wrong wing. Since the odds are so even, there’s no point of following such stupid “advice”; because the benefit obtained from it, it’s very small, even if it’s “true”. Choose wrong and you’ll end way worse than before. Hence a much better recommended course of action would be to dispose of the carrier of disease altogether; as westerners’ common sense dictates…

  4. Lizzie says:

    Muslims will tell any lie to further their status as ‘Chosen of Allah’.
    A lot of research has been done on near death experiences. Some muslims who have had these see Jesus and then know he is the son of God. Because this was in conflict with Islam the stories were quashed and lies told about how NDE’s had been able to see mohammed and this was proof of his divinity. Lies are approved for furthering Islam in the Koran and when you start approving lies and deception you are in bed with satan.

  5. RC says:

    Why don’t they win any Nobel prizes in science?

  6. maria says:

    Oh my god, this is completely insane.

  7. Santasur says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah….. Hahahahahahahaha….. Hahahahahahahaaa… laughing and laughing…….. stupidity unlimited…. hahahahahahaha….. OMG…

  8. lyj says:

    Absurd as usually …

  9. Eliot says:

    Hello Ali,
    Doing some research about Moslums in the Amierca. Coming from you, Can you be Moslums and American at the same time?

    If you can Email me your response, that will be great.


  10. john says:

    This is absurd

  11. Commoner says:

    Amazing Scietific miracles in the Koran! Small glitch is antibiotics are never used for viral diseases. And we know AIDS is caused by HI virus. No end to stupid claims until stupid people keep accepting such claims in the name of reliegion

  12. raj says:

    Religion of terrorist by terrorist for terrorist. Stupid terrorists.