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DOCUMENTARY: Through the Lens of Muhammad’s Life

For the vast majority of Muslims, the example and teachings of Muhammad are the final authority for Islamic beliefs, practices, and interpretation of the Quran. This documentary traces the origin of modern Islamic doctrines and practices from the life of Muhammad himself. It also explains some of the apparent contradictions we find in Islam (e.g., between peace and the use of violence), and will enable viewers to better judge the legitimacy of assertions made by Muslims and Islamic groups who claim to represent “true Islam.”

An ex Muslim from Fiji

Hello Ali, I finally joined your website as a registered member. I just wanted to let you know how my journey began and how your website was largely responsible for...

What is truth?

Mr Ali Sina, Thank You This is the word in my mind since last 3 months. I should have said it before but never gathered courage to say it. All...