Who is Deaf, Dumb and Blind?

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Jers says:

    @ ali sina

    a very good rebuttal, most of Muslim I spoke with simply ignore the fact about the evidence.

  2. Lol, I love the argument Muhammad makes:

    (1) My followers will kill you if you don’t believe I am a prophet.
    (2) You will burn in hell if you don’t believe I am a prophet.
    :. (3) I am a prophet.

  3. JamminInTheNameofTheLord says:

    Heisenberg was persecuted by the Nazis and came very close to being thrown into a concentration camp — all because of his name. Would be be treated any better in any of the islamic states of today?

  4. Ali Sina says:

    This whole article is about the historical background of the sura. Have you even read it? Most (not all) Meccan suras don’t have historical context. But all Medinan suras must be read in their historical context or they cannot be understood. In this article I explained this sura in its historical context. is there any other historical context?

  5. Muslim says:

    I think this article is useless because it didn’t consider the historical situation in which this Surah was revealed. In order to understand the historical situation, please read this article http://englishtafsir.com/Quran/47/index.html

  6. Muslim says:

    This whole articles is worthless because it did not consider historical background when this Surah was revealed. Please check this URL before trusting this article. http://englishtafsir.com/Quran/47/index.html

  7. Phoenix says:


    Well said.Muhammad himself did not practise restraint.In fact the Quranic verses serve as a justification for his flood of greed

  8. jewdog says:

    The other major religions encourage restraint and consideration in dealing with others as they are probably the product of long and difficult experiences as people evolved from warring tribes to civilized society. Islam is a throwback to a more primitive and darker age, but it holds tremendous appeal as it does not demand the sort of self-discipline that other faiths do, but condones the quick rewards of criminality. Historical research shows that Islam was developed as a way to justify and regulate the Arab conquests, but that’s a very poor basis for social development.

  9. MarvH says:

    I’d recommend many Muslims and people in general to read “23 Years” by Ali Dashti which provides good analysis on their prophet and his life.

  10. abdnaz says:

    I left this religion just by reading and understanding the book and hadiths.

  11. Ra says:

    Muhammad is The Messenger of Satan, The Great Deceiver, masquerading as The Messenger of God. Satan used him to found The Religion of Hate and to take revenge on Jesus, the founder of The Religion of Love, who refused to prostrate to him in the Judean desert. Muslims prostrate to Satan in their prayers believing they prostrate to God/Allah; and read the Quran thinking that it is from God when in fact it is from Satan.

  12. IK says:

    Well said brother Sina

  13. Ali Sina says:

    Ironically Muhammad’s illiteracy contributed to his success. The Quran is not clear, even when you read it Arabic. There are over 50 translations of the Quran in English Why would a book need so many translations?I It is because none is clear. This book can’t be properly translated because is it confusing. Some verses should have been broken in two, or more sentences and some should have been joined to make the book more comprehensible. Muslims, therefor don’t understand what they read and they don’t read to understand. They just chant it for reward but not to understand. if they really understood it most of them would leave Islam. That is how i left this cult.