Materialists Know Everything

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. IK says:

    There are many “possible worlds” so to speak. Dimensions in the world express that. If one is living in a 2 dimensional world, he/she can see points or lines for a 3 dimensional object, but never the full object. Imagine possible worlds as 3 dimensional objects like a sphere and a cube. Imagine them “Etherical” in nature and can go through each other. The points of intersections as they go through each other present to us flashes of phenomena we can’t quite explain it. It belongs to “our world” as it belonge to “another world” at the same time. This is where there are things we can’t understand as our human science cannot explain away completely.
    We humans like to think we understand it all and all is well with sceince. The fact is there doains of documented phenomena our human science can only stand in awe to it. It can’t expalin it. It is quite a leap of faith, a huge one indeed, to say, the world is a materialist entity, and that is it. The fact is there is so much phenomena out there that is against such a view. I am not here to pick a fight with materialists. They can believe what they want. Instead of picking a fight with me, I suggest to the materialist to go to a haunted house and spend the night there. Maybe that will be good enough to change your mind.

    True Story: My late aunt, may the lord bless her soul, was a head nurse in Jordan in the biggest hospital in Amman during what is known as “Black September”. That was when the Jordanian army fought the Palestinian PLOers (many groups) to take control of the streets. Many people died. The hospital had so many dead people, they could not keep all the dead in the coolers. They put some of the dead on hospital beds at the end of a long hall. Nurses station was in that hall. in one instance, according to my aunt, one dead person at the end of the hallway, sits and stands up. runs acrosss the hallway, then runs back to his bed and covers himself again. My aunt and other nurses thought he was alive, so they ran to his bed to see if they can help him heal with some meds, etc. Well guess what: He was as dead as can be. You do not have to believe this story. I do. My aunt told it to me. She never lied to me in her whole life. She had no benefit from telling this story, other than we were talking about death and life, and she told it to me. I believe her. You don’t have to. I believe that is exactly what happened. You see, when you know someone who never lied to you, if they tell you the story, you will belive them.
    I have many other stories by credible people. Many still alike. There is too much evidence for spirit world(s)

    Peace and love

  2. I came out with this – “materialist are not only irrational people but very much dogmatic and close minded, no different from any bigoted religious people whom they so love to disparage.

    Atheists are neither skeptic nor rational. Skeptic is one who is capable of questioning his own belief. Otherwise everyone is skeptic because everyone can question other people’s belief

    As for reason, it is only a tool of measurement. It is only as accurate as your facts. As long as one ignores facts one can prove any absurdity rationally.”

    Thank you very Much Sir!

  3. Phoenix says:

    Maggy is a perfect example of a quasi-skeptic.She wants us to disregard testimonies that contradict Materialism and claim they are the result of “brain damage” and “existential fears” but she produces no data for support.She then contradicts herself by conveying her very own testimony of her meditative experience which she assumes is evidence against NDEs.Why should we accept your subjective experience in favor of others,since you produced neither logic or evidence?And what type of evidence will convince you that NDEs is evidence for the afterlife?