Muslims Debate Whether IS Is Pure Islam

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Kaliyugan Mankind says:

    Nobody has come back from the dead to say whether any religion is true or not. Therefore NOBODY can force any religion on anyone. Islamic laws of compulsion are too extremist, illogical, impractical, unsuitable and even unthinkable in the modern day living. Muslims generally pray about 5 times a day, yet they are the poorest and most uneducated communities in the world. Ignorance is strife in the Muslim world and this is growing with fundamentalism.
    For a community of more than 1.5 Billion people the number of scientists, philosophers and even philanthropists is meagre. Islam does not teach Love and Peace and therefore all over the planet there are much more Non Muslims doing relief work even in Muslim countries. This is the tragedy of Islam.
    More wars, killings, barbarism have been committed in the name of Islam than all of Humanity. Islamic ideology alone has brought more disaster to the human society than any other causes ever including the 2 world wars. Every act of cruelty to humans have been meted out in the name of Islam than any other religion. There is more terrorism in Islam than in any other belief system. WHY IS THIS SO?
    Unfortunately the DNA among Muslims is nurturing hate and killing and this seems to be more prevalent by the day. Human behaviour of extreme ruthlessness is becoming norm because of this in breeding of hate feeling and is propagated in the religious institutions every single day.
    This is a big lie and tens of generations innocent people have perished in the name of Islam. Now is the time for people to wake up from the slumber of indoctrination to SEE the world and understand why we should not be dogmatic or fanatic. This kind of belief can only bring hatred, unhappiness, misery, ignorance and poverty.
    The mind has to be freed of all prejudices to soar and achieve the impossible, to love nature, to love all humans and to love this beautiful planet. Islam is only preparing for afterlife while making life in the current planet a non liveable hell. The moderate Muslims must make the moves to get out of the shackles of this medieval beliefs and allow their children to thrive, seek for peace, enjoy sports, join the mainstream peoples of the world and BE HAPPY. Your primary duties for bringing children into this world is to make them happy but you have brought misery to their lives in the name of Islam.
    The time has come to change  and make the moves. Most people are tired but afraid of the apostasy punishment that they do not even dare to whimper. May all these people be blessed with some normal human thoughts?