Why I Stump for Trump

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Sam says:

    @Ron: you do not get it man! i have no time to waist on you. “God of the gaps ” check what it means and reflect.

  2. Ron says:

    “The laws of nature are written by the hand of God in the language of mathematics.” Galileo Galilei

    “Certain it is that a conviction, akin to religious feeling, of the rationality or intelligibility of the world lies behind all scientific work of a higher order…This firm belief, a belief bound up with deep feeling, in a superior mind that reveals itself in the world of experience, represents my conception of God.” Albert Einstein, as quoted in Cosmos, Bios and Theos.

    “There can never be any real conflict between religion and science for the one is the complement of the other.” Max Planck,

  3. Ron says:

    By Hungarian writer Útmutató a Léleknek

    In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?”

    The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”

    “Nonsense,” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?”

    The second said, “I don’t know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths. Maybe we will have other senses that we can’t understand now.”

    The first replied, “That is absurd. Walking is impossible. And eating with our mouths? Ridiculous! The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need. But the umbilical cord is so short. Life after delivery is to be logically excluded.”

    The second insisted, “Well I think there is something, and maybe it’s different than it is here. Maybe we won’t need this physical cord anymore.”

    The first replied, “Nonsense. And moreover, if there is life, then why has no one has ever come back from there? Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery there is nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion. It takes us nowhere.”

    “Well, I don’t know,” said the second, “but certainly we will meet Mother and she will take care of us.”

    The first replied, “Mother? You actually believe in Mother? That’s laughable. If Mother exists then where is She now?”

    The second said, “She is all around us. We are surrounded by her. We are of Her. It is in Her that we live. Without Her this world would not and could not exist.”

    Said the first: “Well I don’t see Her, so it is only logical that She doesn’t exist.”

    To which the second replied, “Sometimes, when you’re in silence and you focus and you really listen, you can perceive Her presence, and you can hear Her loving voice, calling down from above.”

  4. Ron says:

    Newton lived before Darwin but he was not unacquainted with the atheistic evolutionary theory on origins. He was convinced against it and wrote:

    “Blind metaphysical necessity, which is certainly the same always and every where, could produce no variety of things. All that diversity of natural things which we find suited to different times and places could arise from nothing but the ideas and will of a Being, necessarily existing.”

    Newton died in March 1727 and was buried at Westminster Abbey in London. Although in the popular imagination he is most closely associated with an apple and the law of gravity, Newton himself is quoted as saying,

    “Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things and knows all that is or can be done.”5

  5. Sam says:

    Newton said that when he was not able to solve the problem. This is what is called the “God of the gaps”. New scientists were able to solve the issue that Newton was not. Neil Degrass explained that beautifully. watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytaf30wuLbQ

  6. Ron says:

    ENJOY this quote from Sir Isaac Newton: “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being. This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is to be called “Lord God or “Universal Ruler”. The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, [and] absolutely perfect.”

  7. Ajay says:

    I Agree with sam.

  8. Sam says:

    This site used to be against hate and for the enlightening ignorant Muslims. Since Ali Sina started promoting NDE and the republican ideology he lost all credibility. @Ali, you seem angry in the last few year. I wonder what happened to you. I wish you stick to what you know best: explaining the evil Islam with that exquisite logic you have (had?)

  9. Face_The_Truth says:

    “Scientists have recently discovered that the only humans who do not have Neanderthal genes in them are the sub-Saharans. Unless you belong to these races, please let us be more reverential of our ancestors.”

    Very witty statement from Ali Sina …(LOL)

    Now, for writing the above essay, the mighty British govt. will ban Ali Sina from ever entering Great Britain.

  10. Phoenix says:


    //I am not interested in discussing red herring with you. Despite the article being about immigration, my comments are never about that. I never said Trump made false comments, I said he is racist and I have told why//

    It seems you’re the one engaging in red herrings, since you readily admit your comments have nothing to do with the article.
    \\I have also never assumed Islam is a race. These are all straw man fallacy.//

    Yet another false fallacy charge. You’ve lumped muslims in the same victim category making any attack against them seem “xenophobic”, which you defined as race behavorial categorization. Here’s your statements below. If I’m mistaken then it’s your fault for not making a distinction between muslim victims and the other victim classes of xenophobia.

    You said:What makes Trump xenophobic? Clearly you and I have very different definitions about xenophobia. A quick search on Google would give you plenty of proof, which fit into my definition: associating certain behaviour with certain race by generalizing, particularly in negative way.”

    //Number 5 is a fallacy called Non Sequitur. I have explained why it is a fallacy//

    How exactly is it a non-sequitur, when you did not even demonstrate at which particular intervals the premises and conclusion fails?

    Here’s your analysis of Ali sina’s argument: //I said it’s a fallacy, being a fact does not disqualify a comment from being racist//

    In fact, it’s your silly comment that’s fallacious; see below.

    Fact= correct;
    racist= wrong

    How can an argument be both correct and wrong at the same time? That’s a clear violation of the law of non-contradiction

    Lastly, you said: But please don’t start another topic about definition of fallacy after this. I am no expert in that, and it is another red herring//

    Man, with all these red herrings I should probably open up a fish market.
    Seriously, on this site we’re trying to identify valid and sound arguments and part of that is to correctly identify fallacies.

  11. Sima says:

    Did you not come across his tweet about the statistic of violent crimes in the black community?
    How do you argue such statement as not being racist? I argue, even if we assume it is a fact, it is still racist because he made the statement out of the context.

  12. Ali says:

    You say Trump is a racist but do not show any evidence to prove that.
    I have Googled, read his books and watched his speeches on you tube.

    There is no statement or an opinion or a single action that can prove that he is a racist.

    Yes, some of his non PC statements can be twisted and can be used to argue that he is a racist but that would be unfair, unethical and illogical.

    Unless I have a preconceived notion or a hidden agenda to muddy the waters, it is hard for me see any truth in your argument.

  13. Sima says:

    I have made the effort to summarize the discussion for you, please stop for a while and read it.

    I am not interested in discussing red herring with you. Despite the article being about immigration, my comments are never about that. I never said Trump made false comments, I said he is racist and I have told why. I have also never assumed Islam is a race. These are all straw man fallacy.

    Number 5 is a fallacy called Non Sequitur. I have explained why it is a fallacy.
    But please don’t start another topic about definition of fallacy after this. I am no expert in that, and it is another red herring.

  14. Phoenix says:

    Says Sima:5. I said it’s a fallacy, being a fact does not disqualify a comment from being racist//

    First, why don’t you check fallacyfiles.org for their list of fallacies. You are in the habit of charging false fallacies. What is the name of the informal fallacy here?

    Second, if what the Donald says is factually valid then it cannot simultaneously be racist because racism relies on propoganda.

  15. Phoenix says:


    You must not know what a red herring is because my comments are on point regarding the crux of this article, which is Trump’s stance on illegal immigration. Besides the issue in which Trump failed to fact-check statistics before retweeting, pretty much everything else he says is right on the money.

    Says Sima:”Don’t believe me, Google it yourself (unless you are with john, muhammadali and Dr. Sina who think that google is an irrational way to find information, which is beyond me).//

    You made the claim, now you want us to find the evidence for you. That’s absurd. Show us which part of the Donald’s statements are false.

    //Stop trying to divert the topic, and address my points accordingly. Calling me whatever is ad hominem. If you think my points are false, refute them//

    That’s really cute but I have specifically pointed out to you that Islam is not a race, despite your insistence that it is. Unable to recognize a refutation does not make your statements any more true. In fact your entire argument is based on this false premise therefore your conclusion is also false.

  16. Sima says:

    Let me summarize the discussion for you and the others:
    1. I told Dr. Sina that he is endorsing a racist (Trump), and it’s not good because it costs us the support of good people.

    2. Dr. Sina asked me why Trump is racist

    3. I told him to Google it (I thought it was obvious, I found his racist comments on top of my search result).

    4. Dr. Sina couldn’t be bothered to Google, he thinks it’s irrational. But he then defended Trump’s racist comments, saying that they are facts, therefore they cannot be racist comments.

    5. I said it’s a fallacy, being a fact does not disqualify a comment from being racist.

    6. Others started to join with ad hominem and red herring.

    Just to provide some background, I have had some email exchanges with Dr. Sina before where I raised my concern that nowadays there are more and more racists and haters that are hijacking our fight against Islam. These people do not only hate Islam as an ideology, but hate people even more. These people are violent and are not good for our cause.

    I begged him to write something to confirm our position in this and that we are against racists, haters and violence as much as we are against Islam. He eventually wrote an article in response, but I found it counterproductive as it sounded more like an endorsement towards violence than the opposite. The exchanges stopped as I found him clinging so much to denial as to start playing with semantics that I felt too desperate to continue.

    But this article endorsing Trump personally again shows that Dr. Sina has changed, and I feel that I need to wake him up because his writings are important for our fight against Islam.

  17. Sima says:

    @Phoenix et al,
    Stop bringing up immigration in this discussion, it is a red herring. My accusation of racism against Trump is not based on his comment regarding immigration. He said many other things that qualifies him as a racist. Don’t believe me, Google it yourself (unless you are with john, muhammadali and Dr. Sina who think that google is an irrational way to find information, which is beyond me).

    Stop trying to divert the topic, and address my points accordingly. Calling me whatever is ad hominem. If you think my points are false, refute them.

    How many times do I have to say this?
    Enough with your hatred already, it makes you even lose your ability to READ.

  18. Phoenix says:

    @Sima et al,

    Here’s a few points to consider for Sima or anyone else supporting Islamic immigration into our Democratic nations:

    – You ex-muslim Atheists are either forgetting or purposefully disregarding the fundamentals of the Quran and Hadith; i.e. Waging Jihad and subduing non-believers.

    – You might claim that most muslims are not terrorists because of your own personal experience with them, yet you ignore the fact that the moderates give the fundamentalists their moral support and most fundamentalists were once moderate.

    – You ex-muslim Atheists, like all other Atheists, claim to be Skeptics as well, yet you are not skeptical of the moderate muslim claims, “who only want to live in peace with jews and other infidels”.

    – You ex-muslim Atheists who side with the Left claim to be intellectually and morally superior, yet you cannot recognize the multicutlural paradox created by Leftists;
    You believe all cultures are equally great, even the cultures who wish to devour your culture. Those who hate western culture must be imported en masse and special arrangements must be made to accomodate the annihilators.

    – You people claim to be intellectually superior but your brain cannot fathom the fact that Islam is not a race. You need to believe this lie because a) you cannot defend your position logically and b) it’s the only weapon that you have against your opponent and that is to label false charges of racism against him.

  19. Sima says:

    I think you should read carefully what I wrote. I never said that I support illegal migration, I am against it as much as everybody else here. My point is, Trump is a racist. Any sincere person can see that, read his tweets, watch his videos yourself. The fact that he said some valid things doesn’t make him less racist. Would you endorse Muhammad just because he said Muslims should befriend Christians?

    Open your eyes, folks.

  20. john says:

    Mr. Sina clearly pointed out the facts but people cannot really read the meaning of it. They tailor their comprehension based on their own pre-conceive understanding of things. Well in fact I have a thing or two I disagree with Ali Sina but for Trump he is really making sense. Trump is right about illegal immigration. Any sane individual who disagree with his position can easily be defeated in a public debate. Some guys just have a thick skull unable to understand the real fear the people in the United States have. I don’t need to cover a lot of things discuss in this thread. I would suggest to Sima to read things through, do a research, make a sound convincing proposition to win your ideas. It is just too weak. Do not just depend a lot on google search. Make that one as your secondary sources and verify it to other sources. Read a lot of books. From there you can gain wisdom coupled with the right experience. May the Force be with you. Peace to you bro.

  21. Sima says:

    I do not find anything from @muhammadali’s comment that requires my response. He did not address any point that I made other than ad hominem.

    I do not personally think I have the capacity to debate with Dr Sina. I myself was an admirer of his works, until recently he becomes more and more against humanity than against Islam, and begins turning everyone as his enemy. I am simply raising my concern that his writings have been attracting racists and haters, people who hate not only Islam as an ideology. This is damaging our fight, because influential people are becoming more hesitant of joining us as they do not want to be seen on the side of racists. Apparently Dr. Sina doesn’t care about that, but I told him that we need the influence if these people to further advance our cause. We were achieving that before, when we only attacked Islam. Now we are losing it. I am seeing this clearly where I am, any cool headed person would see this. The only reason anyone could not see if because they are blinded by hatred.

  22. Ron says:

    This is the story of an Atheist who becomes a brave Christian

    Watch as she takes a stand against…..


  23. Sakat says:

    Dear Sima ,you took lot of courage and intellectual exercises to reply Dr. Sina’s wise reply’s to your query’s.As an audience on this platform and ardent admirer of Dr. Sina,i hope you are equally equipped with knowledge to answer another commenter Mr Mhammedali’s comments addressing you,wish u best o
    f luck ,let us enjoy good debate from your part.


  24. muhammadali says:

    You seem to know the truth about ISLAM and still support the morons like Angela and Pope?
    You seem to do the simple google, make up your opinion and formulate your own definitions.

    That seems to be the first positive step towards knowledge, but is still far from the wisdom.
    You really think that you have enough knowledgeable to understand the people and the context?

    When Trump states a fact in his political campaign, it is out of CONTEXT for you as are not expecting it, and reasonable enough for you to think him as a racist. You still think that you are not childish…do you?

  25. Sima says:

    Back to Trump’s comments, I just read your defense.
    Let’s assume what he said about the black community is fact (I don’t know, but let’s assume it is), what makes it a racist comment is the CONTEXT. No one would accuse him of being racist if, for instance, he was invited as a speaker in a conference that discusses about the crime issues in the black community and he presented that fact. But because he made such comment out of the blue, it IS A RACIST COMMENT.
    Many Arabs are lazy people. It is something I know for fact. If I was asked to give my opinion about how to improve the Arabs community and gave that fact, I cannot be accused of racism. But if I stand on the side of the street and tell everyone that many Arabs are lazy that would definitely make me a racist. It is the CONTEXT. You of all people should know that you don’t need to say “I hate you” to really say it.

    I feel really ridiculous to have to explain this to you.
    And please, there is no need to belittle my character. You hated it when Muslims do that in your debates, so do I. You and I both know this is not about me. This is about our fight against Islam being hijacked and redirected to the fight against immigration and humanity, thus damaging our cause.

  26. madfijian says:

    Passive observer. Its not that i am keen to go to the US God knows their are far better countries to go to. I travel their because i buy the products that Americans make and contribute to American exports which in turn keeps Americans employed. Their is one thing i will say. America has a very large and very fast growing liberal and non religious population. At last count this number is about 45million. This is one of the many reasons why the Democrats will win again in the US and if it is Bernie Sanders running against the Trumps and Cruz’s than the ass whooping is going to be huge as the recent polls suggest. Thank God for liberal secular thinkers who are growing and taking over from the dinosaurs of the past.

  27. Sima says:

    Dear Dr. Sina,
    Firstly about the racism of Trump. Have you tried Google? One of the first thing that came out when I Googled is his comments that generalize the black community with violent crimes and hispanics with other crimes. You can even read and hear his comments directly from his twitter or YouTube and they sound just the same, so I don’t think the mainstream media played too much role there. Certainly you can always defend him and find truth in what he said, just like Muslims with Muhammad, and you know the debate will never end, but any sincere person would see the truth.

    Secondly, I am sorry if you feel insulted, it is never meant to be an insult, simply pointing out that you are being stupidly stubborn out if your hatred and emotion towards Muslims that you become blinded and reject the support of influential people.
    Our war against islam has always been the war of influence, it should never be the war of physical violence. This is the very thing that we differentiates us from Islam. We are fighting ideology, not people. And fighting ideology means gaining support and influence, the more influential people we can convince the better. Being hot headed and arrogant by calling them morons do not make us advance. If they are not yet convinced it is because our message is now blurred and mixed with racism.

    My message to you is clear. It is you who is now acting like a Muslim in his hatred, anger and bigotry. I seriously doubt you are the same Ali Sina that inspired me in the past. If it’s still you, please wake up.

  28. Ali Sina says:

    @ madfijian

    I am glad you agree that Trump is not a racist. You said,
    “He is very careful not to tread that line.”
    No he is really not racist. It is not politics but the way he is and this is clear from his treatment of people of other races even before he tried to run as president. He once retweeted a tweet that showed per capita the blacks commit more crime on white than the other way round. He was attacked and he claimed he did not know the facts. The fact is that there is an epidemic of crimes by blacks. It is not politically correct to say it but it is a statistical fact. I don’t think we disagree on this but if you want proof I can dig it out. I say this and I am not a racist.

    He also said Mexicans send their criminals. Is this racism or a fact? First of all if you go to another country illegally you are breaking the law. So, all those 11 million illegal immigrants have committed a crime by merely coming in illegally. Also if you were a Mexican criminal hunted by the police would you rather not come to USA and be safe? So what Trump says is commonsense. This does not mean Mexicans are criminal. It means criminals find coming to America illegally much more attractive than going to jail in Mexico. And if you were the government of Mexico would you not rather want the criminals leave your country than spend money capturing them prosecuting them and keeping them in prison?

    “He is using bigotry and the fears of the evangelical bible belt to his benefit.”
    Bigotry? Bigotry is strong and complete intolerance of ideas and opinions that are contrary to one’s belief often informed by ignorance and fear. Can you give me an example of Trump’s bigotry?

    He says illegals bring crime. Is that not true? He says we have to stop Muslims entering the country until we learn what the hell is going on and why these people hate us so much. Is that illogical? What can be more rational than this? Give me an example of his bigotry and please quote him directly and not what other haters write about him.

    “Imitating a cripple?”
    No he did not imitate that cripple. That cripple was a liar who wrote something and then as he saw his statement was benefiting Trump tried to backpedal and deny what he had written. Trump is very expressive in his speech, which is one of the reasons he is so entertaining. The deceitful manipulative media took the picture of the precise fraction of second when Trump’s hand resembled the hand of the cripple. Did you watch the speech itself? It does not appear he is mimicking a crippled. It only appears so in the still picture. This is how the media has been controlling the minds of the gullible for 100 plus years.

    “Insulting women?”
    Trump insults all and sundry not just women. It is dishonest to make that into women’s issue. When he said Carly Fiorina is not pretty, many of us men agree even though we don’t say it. But Trump is Trump and he says what others dare not to say. Why should this be in insult to women in general? He says terrible things about men too. No one accuses him of being a man hater. He said nasty thing about Rosy O’Donnell because she attacked him first. As the result of who he is and how he comes after his foes no one dares to insult him. Is that a bad thing? That is one of the traits of successful people. Don’t allow anyone to walk over you. I have been practicing the same. If someone insults me I put that person in my black list and ignore him or her totally or if it happens on Twitter I block them. I don’t like people who insult me. I consider them to be very low people unworthy of my time and attention. If you love yourself you cannot allow others walk over you.

    And then that mediocre Journalist accused Trump saying to one Apprentice contestant” I would like to see you on your knee.” But the woman concerned came forth and showed the video of the occasion proving the story was completely different than how Meygn Kelly presented it. At that time I was no fan of Trump but it was the dishonesty of Kelly that made me angry. I don’t like journalists who try to control my thinking with lies. Before that I thought Kelly was pretty. Now I cannot stand her.

    “Preying on the fear of some Americans?”
    Trump talks about illegal immigrants, Muslim terrorists, the crippled economy and the bankruptcy of the country. Are these fears unfounded? These are very legitimate fears. Only a fool can afford to ignore them. Look what is going on in Germany. That stupid woman destroyed the country. Watch the speech this Muslim is making. Shouldn’t we be afraid?


  29. The latest Time issue (18/1/16), with the picture of Trump, addressing a rally, on the front cover, with the caption” How Trump won” has some negative and positive comments.
    “Trump is a wild card, a flame thrower, a man with no known party loyalties, and no coherent political principles, a thrice-married casino mogul and reality-TV star. On the other hand: Biloxi.
    Trump is drawing the biggest crowds by far. He has the largest social-media footprint – again by far- and lodges the sharpest attacks on Hillary Clinton while attracting the greatest number of potential recruits to Republican ranks. He is attracting a new class of voters.
    The man is moving people, and politics does not get more basic than that. Trump is a bonfire in a field of damp kindling.

  30. //If Ali Sina was not a US resident what would he have to do to prove himself an apostate? This is a very important question. Any answers from Trump lovers.”//

    A possible solution is to advise your friends to take your books along with them. When you print your book next time, please put your photo on the back cover. Poor writers who do not have enough bank balance to show to the Embassy officials, show their books, with photos on the back cover.
    Another solution is to ask your agnostic friends, if they are really keen to go to USA, to obtain baptism certificate along with a letter from the clergy.

  31. madfijian says:

    Hello Ali,

    I never said that Trump is racist. He is very careful not to tread that line. I do like Trump as a business person and i have a copy of all his books. I do not however like the politics his playing. He is using bigotry and the fears of the evangelical bible belt to his benefit. My worry about you is your support for someone who has made a political name for himself by imitating a cripple, insulting women and by preying on the fear of some Americans. You of course have a right to support who you want and that is fine with me. On a personal note as someone i consider my intellectual savior i just thought yours views would be more liberal as it is on most other articles you have written. As former Muslims we both know what is wrong with Islam and that the sooner we get rid of it the better for humanity. We differ in how we think this should be done and i also think that the sooner all organized stupidity i.e. religion is cleared of the planet the better.

  32. Ali Sina says:

    @ madfijian

    Muslims are dangerous to the extent that they follow their prophet. Can you say this about Christians or about any other people? The above statement is true only in regards to Muslims.

    Donald Trump has made no racist remarks. I have followed virtually all his speeches. At first I followed him because I was impressed by his self-confidence. This is a quality of every successful person and even though I was no fan of him I wanted to study him. (I was no fan of him mostly because of all the negative reviews I read about him, which now I believe are false) The way he talks, walks, never backs down but rather doubles up even when he is wrong. All that is what makes him a winner. For example he said Obama schlonged Hillary. I had never heard this word. It turns out that it is a Yiddish word and it means penis and never used as verb. He then went on attacking everyone saying they don’t understand the word because it means defeated badly. So it appears that he misspoke. He wanted to say shellacked, which means defeated badly and somewhat sounds the same. And it is also a word rarely used. But he never backed down and convinced the woman in the show Morning Joe that schlong means defeat and she repeated him and even thanked him for teaching her something new.

    Now that is quite funny, but to a psychologist he is a really great subject to study. I believe if anyone studies Trump and emulates the subliminal messages that exude in how he walks, talks, stands, and what he says one can become successful. Many people have to read dozens of books and practice to master the art of success. This guy is natural.

    While I was studying his demeanor, from purely psychological point of view I also had to listen to what he says and it turns out that he is saying the very things I have been saying for years. There are of course points that I disagree with him but I agree with most important things.

    The guy is not xenophobic or racist at all. In fact to study him better I watched an entire season of his TV show Apprentice on Youtube. There was a Kenyan woman whom everyone picked on her, but you could see Trump played favoritism towards and kept her in the show to the end and in the last episode he invited her to play golf with him. There was also an Iranian girl. He was also particularly good to her. Trump is not racist.

    I asked Sima to give me an example of Trump’s racism. She directed me to Google it. Of course millions of haters accuse Trump of racism. That may be proof for someone like Sima who revealed her real character by insulting me when she failed in proof. But that is hardly enough for rational people. Now I ask you the same. Can you show me any evidence of Trump’s racism?

    I believe Trump is, psychologically speaking, the very personification of emotional health. He says he is running because he wants to make America great again. Well that may be true, but he also has a hidden agenda. He wants to leave a legacy. He has a colossal ego, not in a perverse way but in a very healthy way. To succeed we need to have a healthy self-esteem and he has plenty of it. Trump does not have narcissistic personality disorder like Obama, but he is a narcissist. Healthy narcissism is essential to our wellbeing and success.

    Trump wants to be remembered as great. That is his motivation. And to do that he has to deliver what he promises, i.e., make America great again. This is good news for Americans. I am not an American but I want a strong America. When America is weakened the world becomes chaotic as it is now. A strong America is good for everyone.

  33. madfijian says:

    Religion race and all of those contentious issues aside. Lets look at immigration in general. Aside from the Red Indians who are the original inhabitants of the Americas all of you white, black, pink, yellow, whatever you call your self is either an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant. The New world is built on Immigration.

    I would have thought at least this fact would be obvious to the bigoted mind. I understand the argument that a large number of Muslims coming to a country will bring problems of its own but vilifying immigration in general while one is mostly likely not indigenous to a country is quite hypocritical.

    Walter i agree that the sexual crimes of the few humans who happen to be Muslims is bad very bad. What i have a problem with is people like you bringing religion into the mix all the freaking time. Its like saying that all the Christians of this world are bad people because most of their so called celibate priests like the flesh of young boys and girls. Come on men sometimes a crime is a crime and human beings commit them no matter what their warped beliefs are.

    I kinda agree with Sima that Ali’s comments just don’t seem like the same person anymore. Its almost like you have become inadvertently what you hate so much i.e. the extremism in Islam.

    You cannot fight hate with hate Bro. It has never worked in any time of history in our species.

  34. Phoenix says:

    Sima says: A quick search on Google would give you plenty of proof, which fit into my definition: associating certain behaviour with certain race by generalizing, particularly in negative way//

    Sima, this may come as a surprise to you but muslims are NOT a race. What is their race? Arab? As a matter of fact, it is you who are being racist by denying muslim Albanians, muslim Africans, muslim Indonesians,etc the right to celebrate their own distinct physical characteristics.

  35. Ron says:

    I believe Trump is not xenophobic. He employs more Hispanics and other non-whites than most people who are against him. The MSM (main stream media) needs TRP ratings which feeds on sensationalism and blowing things out of proportion to serve their agenda and vested interests.

  36. Sima says:

    You don’t want the support of Angela Merkel and Pope Francis? Then I’m sorry, but I think you are the one who is stupid then.

  37. Sima says:

    I find it difficult to believe that someone as enlightened and bright as you are can be so stubborn about this. Are you even the same person who wrote extensively about love and humanity several years back?

    What makes Trump xenophobic? Clearly you and I have very different definitions about xenophobia. A quick search on Google would give you plenty of proof, which fit into my definition: associating certain behaviour with certain race by generalizing, particularly in negative way.

    About immigration, I cannot watch the video as I am on restricted internet access. But I am sure we have very different views also, especially because I am viewing as an immigrant who benefits from immigration and who also contributes to the country I migrate to.

    Wake up quickly, Dr.Sina. Your stubbornness is costing us the war against Islam. Fight Islam, but don’t fight humanity

  38. Ali Sina says:

    @ Sima.

    What makes Trump xenophobic? He is against illegals entering USA. Does any country in the world allow illegals? Name one! This happens only in the US and now also in Germany under the demented Angele Merkel. And both countries are in the verge of chaos as the result.

    I am against immigration in general because it does not solve anything. It is not good for anyone. Here is why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE

    However, Trump is not against immigration. He says he wants it to be legal. Tell me why you think he is wrong and also convince me that immigration is a good thing. These are two questions. First watch the video please.

    Obviously you and I have a very different understanding of “good people.” I don’t want the support of those whom you think are “good people.” These people are ignorant and even stupid. Do you think Angela Merkel and Pope Francis are good people? I think they are morons.

  39. Sima says:

    Once again, you are showing your support to racist. Islamophobic is not the same as xenophobic. Islamophobia is justified, xenophobia is not. Trump is xenophobic. We should not stand on the side of racists, it is costing us the support of the good people. Wake up, Dr. Sina.

  40. Walter Sieruk says:

    To answer the question “Does Donald Trump have valid idea or not in his proposal of not allowing any more Muslim immigration into the Untied States until the US officials in charge of protecting the safety of the America people ?” To answer that question all a person needs to do is to look at the outcome policy of folly of the French government of allowing so many Muslims to enter the nation of France. As ,for example ,early last year on January 7 there was the jihad jihad shooting and murders in Paris that led to further deadly shooting outside that city in France. Then on November 13 2015 there were those brutal and murderous Islamic terror attacks in different place of Paris. Just a few years ago in other city in France there was a Muslim who was also a jihadist who was shooting and killing people and he even murdered a little girl. There have also been Muslim riots in Paris along with much vandalism and car burning. Also in Paris there have been vehicle assaults against the French or Muslim drivers and Islamic gang rapes of girls and women. Likewise there also have been other actions against females because of the misogyny that is so much part of the essence of Islam. So France serves as an example that Donald Trump does ,indeed, have a valid idea.

  41. Walter Sieruk says:

    Just from recent news of the heinous sexual assaults against those girls and women of the Muslim immigrates in the German city of Cologne as well other cities in Germany along with other current Muslim male sex assaults against females cities of other countries .Such a Austria and Finland, among others. So it may only be a matter of time before such vile and hideous Islamic evils happened to the girls and woman of the United States because of Unlimited Muslim immigration.In other words, those Muslim thugs by their brutal sexual and violent assaults have proven the case of Donald Trump of putting a stop of allowing more Muslims to enter into America until the American officials get a better handle on this subject and and great improve the vetting process. For US governments job is to protect the safety of the American citizens..

  42. Good article, I always enjoy reading your site. You are right when you say “Sometimes cure can be painful”, I have always believed that sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. For instance witholding chocolate from a child who is overweight and is on a diet is cruel but in the end it will be kinder.
    Some years ago I remember a friend who had banned their daughters from having an ice cream when the van came round. When the van arrived I met him at the van and queried why he was buying ice cream. His answer – It is not a punishment for them if we don’t have an ice cream either they will learn more by seeing us eating what they want to have but have been too naughty do deserve.
    I could not have put it better. Same goes for the followers of Islam cut them off from the good things that the rest of the world has to offer without subjecting us all to their hatred and violence.