Please help me – A girl from Cyprus

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Smoke pot, sell drugs. Muslim or not – red flag. Dont marry him or have children with him, a father who dells drugs. He sounds like bad news and classic of all the interfaith marriage i see that fails. A guy smoking pot and selling drugs is no husband material and definitiely not father material, no kod deserves to grow up in that. It is only you now yes, but of course he is gonna want kods soon.

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Hamburg, Germany, is a place where world’s faithful Muslims congregate!

    “34-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker — Sohail A. — allegedly murdered his two-year-old daughter by slashing her throat, a German court heard today.

    The German court heard that the attack with a kitchen knife was so violent the toddler was ‘practically beheaded.’

    …the prosecutor alleged that Sohail A. ‘killed her in a rage to punish his wife, Lubna A.’

    Sohail A. fled Germany after the killing, and was caught by Spanish police in San Sebastian a week later and extradited back to Germany.”


  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    There’s a saying that, before marriage, love is a mystery and, after marriage, love is a history!

    Muslims marry non-Muslim women and girls for Islamic religious doctrine called “Jihad” which says that, the entire world belongs to fictitious Islamic Allah and, thereby, the followers of fictitious Islamic Allah have the “divine” rights to either subjugate non-believers or drive out non-believers not only from non-believers’ ancestral lands, but also — if necessary — from worldly existence by Islamic virtues of murder, rape, and or financial servitude with Jizyah.

    In one instance 1400 years ago, Islam’s founder — Muhammad the Arabian Bastard — first orchestrated and supervised the brutal beheadings and disposal of the bodies of the Jewish father and the Jewish husband of an attractive Jewish woman and, after committing the gruesome crimes, asked the beautiful Jewish woman to marry him!

    The beautiful Jewish woman refused to marry Islam’s founder — Muhammad the Arabian Bastard — after knowing the brutal beheadings of her Jewish father and Jewish husband.

    So, Islam’s founder raped that helpless Jewish woman and made her his sex-slave until her last days on earth.

    Dear readers, what I’ve just described above is from the honored Islamic history recorded by faithful Muslims from 1400 years ago.

    World’s Muslims say that, al’Quran is the “Asmani Kitab”, which literally means “Book from Sky”, because whatever is written or printed in al’Quran — world’s Muslims believe — came directly from fictitious Islamic Allah to the diabolical head of Muhammad the Arabian Bastard.

    Marrying or raping non-Muslim females helps increase Muslim population(s) in non-believers’ lands and that important Islamic nation-building principle comes directly from none other than Islam’s founder himself.

    Non-believer Korean-American girl, Hae Min Lee, fell in “Love” with Muslim young-man Adnan Masud Syed and, after a year-long “loving” relation, Hae Min Lee broke up with Adnan Masud Syed.

    Non-believer Hae Min Lee’s dead-body was found weeks later in a local park as the victim of strangulation.


  4. Face_The_Truth says:


    “A shocking case of ‘Islamic revenge rape’ involving 12 members of two Muslim families has been unearthed by police in Punjab Province, Pakistan.

    A Muslim man had been accused of raping a Muslim woman in Pir Mahal in the Toba Tek Singh District on March 20.

    Local news reports that, the Muslim suspect’s family had approached the Muslim victim’s family for ‘pardon and reconciliation’.

    The Muslim victim’s family agreed to pardon the Muslim rapist on the Islamic condition that, ‘her Muslim brother would commit the same Islamic act with the suspect’s Muslim sister’, reports.”

  5. milad says:

    Great reply Ali Sina – enjoyed reading it.

  6. Face_The_Truth says:


    ‘A German Christian teenager was found dead this week and her Afghan — failed asylum seeker — Muslim boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her; her friends claim the Muslim boyfriend became angry when she would not convert to Islam.

    A police spokesman described the events of the murder saying:

    “Police and rescue workers were called into an apartment around 6:35 pm on Monday. There was a severely injured 17-year-old girl with multiple stab-wounds.”

    According to a friend of the victim’s family, the Muslim boyfriend, Ahmad G., had been angry with Christian girl, Mireille B., over her refusal to convert to Islam.’

  7. Ali Sina says:

    I don’t think he will respond with rage. Not at this stage of the relationship. At this stage he will come with all apologies, acting meekly, docile, vulnerable and accommodating. “Yes my dear, i now see clearly I was wrong and you were right all along, please give me another chance and help me recover from these bad traditions. I want to break away and I need your help. bla bla bla bla.” That is all ruse. Muslims are like open book to me. I know their mindset because it is detailed in psychological textbooks. He knows that he has no power over her. So acting violently will take him nowhere. At this time he will act sweet and helpless needing her support.

    Violence and rage come into play when he has control over her, like for example when she is married to him, they live in an Islamic country or when they have a child. At this time she is not vulnerable and can easily slip away. So violence will take him nowhere. Muslims will act violently only when you are vulnerable. This is true not just in their marital relationship, but also in their social conduct towards non-Muslims in their communities.

    When Muslims are small in number and weak they talk about interfaith and peaceful co-existence. As they grow in number and become more powerful they gradually become more demanding special privileges and want to shape the speech and thoughts of others in their own mold. Everyone must change to meet their demands. Schools must serve halal meet, women, even non-Muslim women, must cover their bodies when going into their quarters. laws must change so no one should be able to criticize Islam and transgressors should be punished by law. And the stupid liberals are more than eager to comply to get Muslims’ votes. Eventually, comes persecution, burning of synagogues and churches. Killing the Jews and Christian priests, destroying naked statutes and symbols of arts that characterize the western culture and rewriting the history to portray Islam as an vanguard of science and technology.

  8. ps If you want to understand the culture that formed your boyfriend I suggest reading this by the Syrian ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan:

  9. Amanda – Much wisdom here from Ali Sina. He is only confirming what you already suspect, and I might go so far as to say what you already know deep down.

    Here is an experiment. Break up with him. If, as I expect, he responds with rage and possibly even violence you will have your answer and will have escaped before children are also involved. If he responds with sadness and respect for your right to make such a decision…well he won’t will he?