The Dilemma of Islamic Terrorism

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. deathcult says:

    Haroon – Your comment just confirms what Ali Sina says about Islam. It’s a religion of intolerance and violence and splits people between believers and non-believers. You are so brainwashed your own morality code has been extinguished. We don’t want hateful people like you in the West.

  2. deathcult says:

    “Muslims should be given some concessions, like not requiring them to wash their hands before performing operation on patients,” …. I’m shocked!!!!!

  3. Haroon says:

    Ali Sina is a jew, whose father was made a barbieque by his Uncle Adolf Hilter.

  4. don says:

    best article about the real islam i have seen!! but why havent you set it up for email. i am so damn tired of people trying to force me to twitter or facebook or whatever!!! i idont want to F with that

  5. Shiva says:

    Don’t have words, reading it made me more enlighten by danger of Islam as well as worried, worried for my kids, family, friends, beloved for this world is full of such monster…

  6. kshatriya says:

    2nd and 3rd option

  7. SANJAY says:

    As a Hindu I will go for 2nd and 3rd option since they can’t understand peace.

  8. Tim. says:

    WOW, very refreshing to read and written by a very brave man !
    Good luck to you sir, for unfortunately the aforementioned good, bad and ugly will now be looking in your direction.

  9. Elizabeth Jane says:

    This is a very clear summation of the very dangerous situation the World is in. Civilization could well disappear forever! I like the idea of a biopic. Muslims would go ballistic about it, but it is something that needs to happen. Warts and all, murders in Mohammed’s name and by him, paedophilia, misogyny and war – he is no Jesus or Moses so if truthful it wouldn’t be flattering, unless it was a glorification of evil … that would appeal even to the Islamic State, despite it presenting a forbidden representation of Mohammed. Is that what you meant by “beautiful”? If truthful and not a glorification of evil it would, however, be an expose of a misogynist megalomaniac. It has to happen – who would dare do it?

  10. Jim J Fox says:

    The immediate future is bleak. We see the rise of ISIS, which will be followed by even more savagery as it is wound back; so much delusion and hatred, an endless conveyor of brainwashed fanatics doing the bidding of muhammad and his evil sidekick allah. The islamic ‘faith’ is a ridiculous parody of human nature, obsessed with obliterating all that is good, joyful and ennobling, to be replaced with the miserable violent slavery of the koran.

    Nothing could be more rewarding than that muslims apostatise ‘en masse’ but I ask- is this at all feasible? Ignorance and superstition rule in all islamic countries, even those so-called ‘moderate’ ones such as Indonesia and Malaysia; hate and racism are promoted and theocracy gains ground.

    WW3 is imminent and may well result in thermonuclear retaliation by a West desperate to repel the invader and expel the enemy within. Muslims will be by far the greatest casualties of the West’s military superiority. Even China and Japan will be forced to react to muslim delusions of supremacy and their belief in the protection of the non-existent allah…

  11. Dor says:

    Wow a fascinating article! Good luck with the movey, and take care.. litrally

  12. Battman. says:

    So true.

  13. mary says:

    Enjoyed your article even though it scared me.

  14. Berh says:

    I wish every American would read this. We need to start gathering our allies while we still have allies left and start dropping bombs.

  15. dave says:

    Fantastic article!

  16. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Mansour. But you and I made it, didn’t we? How did we do it? We did it when truth became clear to us. Are we do only smart and intelligent people? The only difference is that we had the chance to see the truth. That did it. In my case i was so fanatic that refused reading anything written against Islam. I gave a piece of my mind to a friend who expressed her curiosity to see what is in Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. It was the Quran that opened my eyes. Other Muslims are not less intelligent than us. When they learn the truth they will leave Islam. I receive emails from people who leave Islam every day.

    The movie is our salvation. Option two and three are not needed. They become necessary only if we fail to do the first. These three options are mutually exclusive. If we do the first, we will rescue hundreds of millions of Muslims, It will send a shock-wave throughout the Muslims world. The discussion will shift from the silly and nonexistent “radical Islam” to Muhammad. Once people see with their own eyes what Muhammad did, they will leave Islam en masse.

  17. Mansour says:

    As an ex-muslim I can’t see muslims leaving their religion in masses any time soon. I certainly hope that point 1 will be the solution but there is many obstacles as you yourself said. How is any ex-muslim ever going to survive in an islamic country? These people are imperative to wake up their fellow neighbours and fellow countryman speeding up the deislamation of their countries and helping muslims see the light. They are going go be shot as soon they open their mouth, they are without any chance. I must say I am very pessimistic about the future. Allthough being from a secular home it took me some time to realise what evil islam is, how long time will it not take for the rest who are far more brainwashed than I ever was. I would like to thank you for doing a great job to illuminate the muslim and non muslim world. I also wish you and your like-minded friends good luck in your endeavour to fight this devilish religion.

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