London Police covered up for Islamic terrorists is after a man who murmured a slur about Islam

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. kafir somali says:

    I hope bro ali sina ,and others will read Somalia the ignorant mullahs lied to us about everything.herse,s funny stuff that people might enjoy reading.please post this bro sina

    *that SHAKA ZULU,the warrior chief of the Zulu,s was actually a muslim and that his reall name was SHAIKH zula, amuslim hero and an arab

    *that sheakspeare,the enghlish playright and author was actually “SHAIKH SUBEYR.hA,HA,ha
    *that MOSES was “black”,because his hand turned white when tested by pharaoh
    *that the island of “hawai was discovered by muslims ofcourse and the name itself “hawai meant hawa meaning “air or life.
    that it was ok to fondle mermaids, if fishermen ever cought any,it was ok to fondle with thebreats, upper part(that made her a woman)and only to eat the lower part(the fish part) .
    that MJ,micheal Jordan was actually a secret muslim,but the kafirs didn’t want him to expose his new faith(islam)
    *that micheal Jackson was burning in hell,and the rest like Madonna,iman and all would burn in hellfire.
    yes am laughing hard too,no wonder my Somalis turned out all crazy and messed up

  2. kafir somali says:

    you think is BAd.ha,aha the crazy Somali mullahs tought us that incase a mermaid,yes a mermaid was cought ,you could fondle the breasts(the upper human part),and only eat the fish part.i swear am not lying.i was going to write bro ali sina about that

  3. Julie Letterman says:

    I can’t believe the police let these young girls become victims of sexual violence, why is something not done about this ?

  4. ishkabibbul says:

    The image of the well respected English- “Bobby ” is no more after seeing them -retreating in front of a muslim mob on video-this man -murmured ? what? immigration has ruined England and all the countries that has opened it’s borders to this scourge on humanity .

  5. Craig Stubbs says:

    This country is Fucked, and I will Not be told different by Anyone!
    We are an absolute laughing stock.

  6. skid says:

    Let me know when he’s found, I’ll buy him a beer

  7. stanely21 says:

    So people in Europe are required by law not to say anything bad about a religion? Really?

  8. Ali Sina says:

    Jon MC, Do you have a link to that article?

  9. Ali Sina says:

    Sorry for that keithellerby. It is now fixed.

  10. Sorry is your second link in this article broken as when clicking on it you end up back at this article.

  11. Jon MC says:

    The father of one of the Rotherham rape victims was arrested by the Police on a “public order offence” when he went to the house where his daughter was being raped to try to get her away from the Muslim rapists.
    He wrote an article about the whole affair with the recurring theme

    “but you mustn’t upset the Muslims”.

    Which says it all.