Islam Is Idolatry

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Compassionate Soul says:

    My Logic is very simple (Also as explained by Ali Sina)

    First…How can people assume something that God doesn’t have and we the humans have. As per the definition of God He has everything (Fame, Wealth, Knowledge, Beauty, Strength and Renunciation) then how he can not have form? How stupid it is to assume that God doesn’t have form. Only difference is we are soul inside and five elements outside and God is soul inside and outside. He is form is pure and our form is impure. His form is eternal and our form is temporary.

    Second..When in this world Human are found everywhere then how God can not be found everywhere? We see God everywhere, in everything and in everyone. irrespective of Be it man, woman, children, a black, a white, a brown, American, Indian, European, Israeli, fish, chicken, cow, goat, monkey, sun, moon etc because everything is the manifestation of God…every living being has the same spark same soul..anyone who discriminate on the basis of type of body one has received from God, is in deep ignorance. The worshiping means showing respect to the God’s manifestation in everything.That is the solution for world harmony.

    The above two are just the common sense no need to read so many religions we just need to have a open mind.

    The problem with islam is they try to generate a false sense of pride in their followers where they think that they are superior and more evolved then others, so even if they kill the lower beings there is no sin. This is the same mentality of the men which let us believe that animals are inferior and less evolved so they can be mercilessly killed and eaten. The real religion teaches us the equality, love and compassion.

    One more thing how is it possible that just after calling out the shahada everything becomes fine? The same inferior person becomes evolved? This is really funny. Muslims really are sycophants. Foolish logics of muslims are just not sufficient.

    Please don’t limit God with your limited imagination he is beyond Imagination.

  2. A.H. says:

    Sammy wrote”

    “Islam is a militant faith; it is commanded by its god and prophets example to use warfare to expand its religious rule, it therefore does not bring with it enlightenment and advancement, but academic stagnation, and hatred of anyone and anything unislamic”.

    Yes, In the early ages Islam was spread by aggressive expansion. In A.D. 732 the muslims were defeated in Tours (France) by Charles Martel (the Hammer) and were chased away over the Pyrenees into Spain. After eight centuries muslims were expelled from Europe. I could happen again, because Europeans love their freedom.

    In the 16th century, muslims tried to invade Europe but were defeated at Leptano and Vienna.

    A muslim has a religious obligation to figth Holy War, they have to fight even if the do not want to, to spread their riduculous belief system, to bring the world under Islam.

  3. sammy says:


    What you are saying is not in accordance with Islamic history.

    The rulers preceding Mohammed brought the Islamic world into constant civil war, with its leaders being systematically assassinated. The resultant split between the warring factions can still be seen and felt today with Sunnis and Shia’s at each other’s throats on a daily basis.

    Whatever “development” Muslims happened to glean was on the back of the already developed countries they invaded; they just used all of the existing civilisations inventions and cultural advancement and claimed it as their own.
    Islam is a militant faith; it is commanded by its god and prophets example to use warfare to expand its religious rule, it therefore does not bring with it enlightenment and advancement, but academic stagnation, and hatred of anyone and anything unislamic.

  4. Ra says:

    @Muslim, I agree with You, my friend. Muhammad was more successful than Al Capone.

  5. Muslim says:

    After following Islam, Arabs reached their peek. They were united. They developed financially, politically and became very disciplined.
    They achieved more success than any other civilization can achieve at that time. They were able to rule over two powerful civilizations of that time Persians and Romans.

  6. This is why, without killing even a single person, the kaaba at Mecca and Medina should be destroyed – bulldozed to rubble – just to prove to all the followers of this cult that it is a cult. If their allah does not stop the destruction then .. their allah does not exist. (The few that remain muslim will have no direction to pray toward and will quickly become exhausted turning around in a circle.)

  7. Ra says:

    The Arabs before Islam were a beautiful people. True, they were very poor desert dwellers struggling for existence and fighting over few resources but they designated four months a year not to fight at all. They were very tolerant and respected all religions. Pagans, Jews and heretic Christians, who were persecuted under the Byzantines, found refuge in Arabia.
    The Kaaba in Mecca was the house of God and of all gods, a Pantheon of sort. Everybody was allowed and welcomed to participate in the yearly pilgrimage to the house of “The Most Merciful”. That picture changed forever when Muhammad declared: “There is no room for two religions in Arabia” and gave the choice for everybody to either accept His religion or die.

  8. sammy says:

    “I think you have been misled in to believing that Allah is pagan God.”

    It is not I that have been misled, it is those who refuse to accept Islam’s own history who are.

    Islamic sources prove beyond doubt, the origins of the Islamic faith are pagan. Refusing to accept this fact puts you on the wrong side of truth, it is your own decision whether you wish to remain there, or break free from this deception and become free of it.

  9. Sakat says:

    Idols in the Hindu temples are not toys or statues. They are physical bodies which have been energized to vibrate in a certain way such that they impact everything around them. The entire concept and the science behind the idols and their handling is given under Agama Shastra, a tantric scientific methodology that has been perfected over many millenia. The idol as indeed the entire temple becomes a vibrating body that can impact any person that is in the vicinity of the temple. This practice of energizing idols was traditionally known as “Prana Prathishta“, literally meaning Establishment of the Life force in the idol. In English, although not completely consistent, we could use the word consecration for it.

    Is it even possible to energize a physical substance, one may ask, in such a way that it can impact physical reality, using meditational techniques? Can something which is apparently being done via mental and intentional ways, impact physical reality?

  10. Ron says:

    The Websters dictionary says idol is
    1) a picture or object that is worshipped as a god

    2) a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly : a false god
    So by definition any statue is an idol whether it is worshiped by any religion or represents anything.

  11. Sakat says:

    A Hindu’s idol is his God or not?

    The answer needs to be properly understood. In the Hindu tradition, God has been largely absent in traditional sense. For example, two of the major Hindu philosophies – Samkhya and Advaita – are primarily atheistic! Samkhya calls this existence to be a play between Purush and Prakriti. Which essentially means “Masculine” and “Feminine” energies. Or “Yin-Yang” as they are known in Far East. There is no Parmatama or God. In Advaita on the other hand, which is a non-dualistic school, there is no two. Only one indivisible existence in terms of Universal Consciousness!

    In such a tradition, what is God then? The concept of God as described by Krishna in Bhagwad Gita’s 9th and 10th chapters is central to the Hindu tradition per the scriptures as well. When asked by Arjun “Who are you?”, Krishna points to discrete things – from mountains to Vedas to music, to emotions, the good things and bad, and equates himself with all of them. Once he has discussed a fairly vast expanse of discrete things, he declares “I am All”!

    In mathematical terms, Krishna was describing Himself as the “Infinite curve” with several discrete points, such that every discrete point describes the curve completely! In Spiritual terms, if everything is ONE Universal Consciousness, then how can one distinguish between point A and point B? In that state, there is no distinction of Space and Time. If that is so, then at the gross level, no matter what you look at, it describes the Divine completely.

    Again, this concept of the Hindus has been proven to be in alignment to the distinction between Quantum world and the Physical world. Even though every molecule is distinct with its own properties, at the sub atomic level, it is one wave! Somewhere, the wave gives way to the material reality as one goes from subtle to the gross.

    In this vast expanse of One Indivisible Universal Consciousness, everything conceivable is a manifestation of that same One showing up at the gross level as matter. That is why, even though Sanskrit term for Creation is Kriti, the Hindus never used it to describe this Existence. Instead they used the term Srishti! Srishti comes from the word Srijan. Srijan is the growing of a tree from a seed. Tree is the manifest form and seed the unmanifest.

    So, to a Hindu devotee, it doesn’t matter whether it is a tree, a rock, a piece of metal or a cow – everything is but a manifestation of the One Universal Consciousness – or his Divine! On the infinite curve of the Divine, every discrete point describes and manifests the Divine completely.

    Is a Hindu’s idol God? Scientifically and Spiritually it is a resounding YES! At a more mundane level, that idol has been consecrated or energized to bring well being to him. It is therefore a complete system of Spiritual and Social growth, something that those who denounce Idol Worship have never been able to comprehend. Both Spiritually and Scientifically they have made a fool of themselves!

  12. Muslim says:

    I think you have been misled in to believing that Allah is pagan God. Allah is supreme God. It is your time to decide if you wish to pray Allah or human being.
    If you really think deeply then all your misconception about prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will also vanish.
    Islam is peaceful religion because it calls every one to supreme God.
    Earlier there used to be fighting between the followers of different idols. Imagine if every one prays to supreme God, will there be any fight or any blood shed !!!!

    If you think Christianity is peaceful religion then why there was two world wars in christian Europe ?
    Just think of it.

  13. sammy says:

    Mohammed also belonged to an idol worshipping tribe, the Quraish,whose “greatest god” was Hubal, a pagan idol dedicated to the moon, known as Allah.

    This Allah had intercessing “daughters “the goddesses Al lat, Al Uzza and Al Manet mentioned in the Quran, but interestingly not in the Bible. Mohammed just elevated his already familiar god, and said it was the only god, aligning himself as prophet of this god.
    This is the god, that Mohammed worshipped up to the age of 40 years old, when he allegedly was visited by an angel calling itself Jibrel,, the alleged same one that visited Mary that gave her the news she was to become the mother of Jesus, God Incarnate.

    But, whatever “spirit “allegedly visited Mohammed could not have been from the God of the Bible, as it made Mohammed suicidal, which Bible angels do not do, and gave him a message which diametrically opposes all what previous Bible prophets told their listeners, which was to repent from sin, and live according to the Bible Gods Commandments, which broken down command to love God, with all your heart mind and soul, and to your neighbour as yourself.Jibrel on the other hand told Mohammed to live by the Sharia,and keep all his familiar pagan religious rituals, said to be from the “pre Islamic period of ignorance”, which begs the question, why keep pagan rituals if Islam is the truth, and even tells its adherents not to associate with other gods?

    Muhammad’s pagan tribe, the Quraish, fasted on the 10th of Muharram. Though optional, Muhammad retained this pagan practice too.
    Narrated ‘Aisha: ‘Ashura’ (i.e. the tenth of Muharram) was a day on which the tribe of Quraish used to fast in the pre-lslamic period of ignorance. The Prophet also used to fast on this day. So when he migrated to Medina, he fasted on it and ordered (the Muslims) to fast on it. When the fasting of Ramadan was enjoined, it became optional for the people to fast or not to fast on the day of Ashura.
    Sahih Bukhari 5:58:172

    The origins of Islam are clearly pagan, they do not have their source from the God of the Bible.

  14. Ra says:

    @Sammy, Muhammad’s family was Hanif, who worshipped the god of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, but Muhammad was also influenced by the Sabe’is who also worshipped Menat,Ellat and Uzza before deciding to declare himself “The Messenger of God”.

  15. sammy says:

    Fair enough, so who did Mohammed worship before Islam?

  16. Ra says:

    @Sammy, I have the Arabic/English dictionary “Al-Mawrid” in front of me that translates “La Ilaha Illa Allah” with “There is no god but God”, and “Wikipedia” translates it : “There is no deity but God”.That means You are impressive. You know better than the whole world.

  17. sammy says:

    If you are a Christian you must view Mohammed as a false prophet, and false prophets as Jesus tells us “deceive many.”
    The god of the Quran is the god of Mohammed, which was given the title Allah, contrived from the contraction of two words,Al Ilah meaning “the god”. Mohammed worshipped his tribal god which was taken as a “creator god”, its title was Allah,it was a pagan idol, it was therefore not the Bible God, whose title is Yahweh who instructs his followers not to worship idols.
    Because Mohammed was a false prophet, it follows the Quran is a book of deception, its instructions diametrically opposes all what the Bible God teaches, it therefore cannot come from the same origins which inspired the writings held in the Bible.

  18. Ra says:

    @Sammy, Again, ‘Ilah’ means god (with a small g). ‘Allah’ means God (with a capital G). You mean You know better than all the Christians who pray to Allah in the Arabic churches “assuming” wrongly as You say that they pray to God? You mean that the Christian Arabs plagiarized from the Quran the word Allah? and that they didn’t know what word to use before?

  19. sammy says:

    It has always been assumed Allah means god in Arabic, and all Bibles will have the word Allah used to denote god in them, because of this. But,the Shahada belies an important fact,it gives the Islamic god a name, which is Allah, it does not say there is no god but god,it says “there is no god except Allah” because Allah is the name of a god,Mohammed’s god, it is not the name for god in Arabic, the word for god in Arabic is Ilah not Allah.

    Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah

    “I bear witness that there is no god except Allah”

    Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

    “And I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

    However, one thing is for sure,the god of Islam is not the God of the Bible, the natures, attributes and commands of each diametrically oppose each other. The god of the Quran is the god most familiar to Mohammed, it was the pagan idol Hubal,the “greatest “of the 360 gods, it was not the God of the Bible whose title is given as Yahweh.

  20. Ra says:

    @Ron, In Arabia, before Muhammad, there was the Sabe’is who believed in many gods (aleha in Arabic) and the Hanifs who believed in one God (Allah in Arabic). The shahada says “No god but God (with a capital G). In the Arabic Bible You can read “Yasu elMasih ebn Allah”, which means “Jesus Christ is the son of God”. Allah the Father is Yahweh. Allah the Son is Yasu.

  21. Ron says:

    The Shahada says “there is no god but god (Allah) and Mohd is Allah’s prophet.
    So if Mohamed was believing/worshipping/pointing to the moon god or Satan then Allah according to Islamic shahada becomes that moon god or satan.
    Mohamed could not do any miracle, killed people, married multiple times. His true followers did not die for Mohamed’s cause but infact killed others (mainly among themselves).
    Allah is a generic word for god and not the name of God.
    Yahweh, Jehovah, El Shaddai, etc are names of God.
    The God of the BIble is a one triune Godhead (God the Father, His Holy Spirit and His Son(ship) in Jesus).
    That is why Jesus had the attributes of God and could create life, give back life, cure, do miracles and had power over nature and creation (walking on water, calming of storms, raising the dead, curing the sick/crippled/blind, multiplication of food etc.)
    Jesus true follower’s were persecuted and died without killing others. They continued to do life saving and even (raising the dead) miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit because of faith in Jesus.
    Dear Muslim try and accept Jesus, you will find a change in your life.

  22. Ra says:

    @Sammy, You are right to say that only the Bible translations are revised, not the Bible itself. But Muslim is right to say that “Allah” means God, with a capital G. I am an Egyptian Christian and I read both the Bible and the Quran in Arabic.”Allah” is the word used to mean God in both books.

  23. sammy says:

    “If bible is word of God then why it is revised with new testaments every year.”


    The N.T cannot not revised every year, but it can,(and is) be re translated into a more up to date language so that people can understand it better, in the language used present day.

  24. sammy says:

    Allah,is made from two words Al Ilah meaning “the god”it is the god most familiar to Mohammed and his tribe, it was the chief or greatest of the 360 pagan god held on top of the Kaaba,Muslims today still use Mohammed’s battle cry Alluha Akbar,Allah is the greatest(god)indicating its status amongst the other pagan gods.

    Mohammed worshipped Allah before Islam, and he worshipped Allah after Islam, keeping all his already practiced pre Islamic pagan religious rituals known as Ramadan, the same as all Muslims perform today.

    By claiming Mohammed worshipped the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus you are essentially saying they also worshipped this same Allah, with its associating pagan rituals, which cannot be the case, as the Bible prophets worshiped the Bible God named as Yahweh not Allah.
    They did not pray to Allah, they did not perform Ramadan, they did not go on Hajj to Mecca, they did not venerate a black stone, and they did not follow the Sharia, therefore they were not Muslims. If Mohammed was in the same lineage as all Bible prophets, he would have given the same message to humanity, but he didn’t. His message was primarily to worship the one god called Allah, and accept himself as its prophet, and live by Allah’s rules.

    The Bible prophets on the other hand preached repentance from sin, and to follow the Commandments of God given to Moses, which, when broken down tell mankind to love God with all their heart, soul and mind, and to love their neighbour’s as themselves i.e. all humanity with no discrimination.

    Conversely, a Muslim is bound to discriminate who he can, and cannot love and have fellowship with, as his god Allah does not “love” those who do not believe in him, or accept Mohammed as its prophet, meaning a Muslim can only have love and fellowship with his co religionists, no one else. Quran 3.32 5.51 These are very different messages, meaning they must come from two very different sources.

    God is a word that can be translated into a different language i.e.Got=German Dieu=French Dio= Italian Hungarian=Isten Ilah=Arabic

    The word Allah cannot be translated into the word meaning god in Arabic, as it originates from two words meaning “the god” Al Ilah.The word for god in Arabic is Ilah not Allah.

  25. Truth Seeker says:

    All Muslims are not Islamists, thereby some peace is found even in few areas where Muslim population is majority, but in most of the cases, if Kafirs are not there, the Muslims will form into 2 or different Groups and fight in between.
    No God but Allah is the One of the Pillars. Islamic propagandists blabber, Allah and God are same, is nothing but Taqiyaah.
    For God nothing is impossible, thereby God can appear as Animal too.
    Besides God can understand any Language, but Allah understands only one Language.
    Allah was to approve the activity of Muhammad. Mohammad married daughter in law, then Allah approved it.
    Action first, approval later.
    In the case of other religions, Directives from Goes to Prophets or Teachers and then they Act. Rather Directive first, Action later.
    Islam is the Only Religion imposed on humans, other Religions go with Convictions.
    Propagandists blabber, there is No Compulsion in Religion. Then why don’t they give Religious Freedom?
    Black Stone is Considered as god making Rounds around it will give positive result is the Belief, but so far No testimony on that.
    Black Stone is not Worshipped is another Taqiyaah.

  26. Muslim says:

    I think people fighting over religion is not appropriate. Lots of people has lost there life.
    If you really are good person then create a website that unites people but don’t divide them. You should not target any religion and encourage others to target them.
    Nazi did the similar propaganda against Jews like you people are doing currently against Muslim. Did it really help them ?
    Check this website

    Nearly 23% of world population is Muslims. 99% of Muslim population is living in peace with every one. Terrorism and ISIS is formed due to lack of governance and war.

  27. jewdog says:

    The obsession over Mohammad is idolatrous. It seems as though Muslims worship that thug as a sort of god.

  28. Muslim says:


    If bible is word of God then why it is revised with new testaments every year.

  29. Muslim says:

    Why do christian and Jews of Arabia in pre islamic period called god as Allah.
    Allah means “The God”. The supreme God. It is not pagan God. It is the God of Abraham. Moses, Jesus and prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    Prophet Abraham created Kaba in order for the people to pray Allah. Allah was known to people of Arabia since time of prophet Abraham. Prophet Muhammad is decedent of Abraham. He reverted people of Arabia and whole world to Allah.

    What is definition of God according to you ?

  30. A.H. says:

    Sammy wrote;

    “A Muslim worships the same god as his prophet, its name was Allah.
    Mohammed’s Allah was the chief of all the 360 gods held in the Kaaba,it was a pagan god, dedicated to the moon”

    IOW, a Muslim worships a Luna-tic.

    “Mohammed was born into a pagan tribe who worshipped this pagan god, when Mohammed was 40 years old he claimed to have revelations which was assumed to come from the God of previous Bible prophets, but they diametrically oppose all of what the Bible God had previously revealed, thereby confirming these revelations could not have come from this same God”

    Muslims explain this assuming that the People of the Book have altered their Holy Scriptures in the course of the ages. How arrogant.

  31. Ali Sina says:


    Hitler was no Christian. He was inspired by Islam. He did not even believe in God. He however found Muhammad as a role model. Muhammad’s notion of a super religion with undisputed authority was the inspiration for Hitler’s super race. Albert Speer, Hitler’s wartime Minister of Armaments and Munitions, records in his memoirs that Hitler regretted the fact that Muslims failed to penetrate beyond France into Central Europe, during the eighth century:

    Had the Arabs won the battle the world would have been Mohammedan today, for theirs was a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and subjugating all nations to that faith. The Germanic peoples would have become heirs to that religion. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament. Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate and conditions of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.

    Hitler usually concluded this historical speculation by remarking, ‘You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?

    There is no doubt that Hitler admired Muhammad and found Islam appealing. He was attracted by the penchant for violence through which Islam expanded. There was also a common connection of Jew-hatred.
    In 1940 the Nazi Germany produced a movie in the form of documentary called “The Eternal Jew” that served to dehumanize the Jews and prepare for Hitler’s “Final Solution.” The film compared the Jewish people to rats. Why rats? “Abu Huraira reported that Allah’s Messenger said: A group of Bani Isra’il was lost. I do not know what happened to it, but I think (that it ‘underwent a process of metamorphosis) and assumed the shape of rats.”
    The movie characterized the Jews as wandering cultural parasites and depicted them as finding pleasure in money and a hedonist lifestyle. This too was based on the Quran 2:96 that says Jews are the greediest of all humankind, who like to live 1000 years.
    Carl Jung, in an interview conducted in 1930s, referring to the rise of Nazism in Germany said, “We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. He is already on the way; he is like Muhammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with a wild god. That can be the historic future.”
    Elements of Islamic militarism found their way into Hitler’s ideology. Like the prophet of Islam, Hitler believed that might is right. He regarded the Arian race to be the master race who would “create mastery and avoid comforting lies.” This is eerily similar to Muhammad’s concept of Islam being the master religion, and that it would dominate the world, replacing and subduing all religions.

  32. Ron says:

    Jesus mentioned in the Bible that after He(Jesus) goes, false prophets will come and lead you astray. It is also mentioned that many (I think it means Muslims) will think that are following the truth but they are not and will kill and destroy.
    A lady (prostitute)was caught red-handed committing adultery and with eye-witnesses against her and she was on the verge of being stoned to death. But Jesus arrives on the scene and saves her and forgives her. He tells the crowd if anyone who has not sinned to caste the first stone. They all left and Jesus saved her life, forgave her sins and gave her another chance.
    In contrast a lady (not a prostitute) who confessed to adultery (must have been once or could have been more it’s not clear) on her own and did not have any witnesses but asked Mohamed for advice and forgiveness/condoning for her actions as she felt guilty and wanted to repent, moreover she was pregnant but Mohamed disregarded her plea and sentenced her to death by the sword.
    How can they both be preaching the same God. It is obvious Jesus was divine and preached love, forgiveness and truth. He never killed anyone. He gave life to the dead.
    Mohamed on the other hand did the opposite, he claimed to follow his god (Allah) but did not preach or practise love in this incident, did not practise forgiveness at least in this incident. He killed people and took life from the dead.
    Many other scholars can give you various examples.
    Pray for the true God to come into your lives and He will come and you will realise it’s Jesus.

  33. sammy says:

    “What’s wrong if Muslim call God as “The God”. What’s wrong with you man ?”

    because saying “the god” is not the same as saying just god, they imply two different things.

    A Muslim worships the same god as his prophet, its name was Allah.
    Mohammed’s Allah was the chief of all the 360 gods held in the Kaaba,it was a pagan god, dedicated to the moon.

    Mohammed was born into a pagan tribe who worshipped this pagan god, when Mohammed was 40 years old he claimed to have revelations which was assumed to come from the God of previous Bible prophets, but they diametrically oppose all of what the Bible God had previously revealed, thereby confirming these revelations could not have come from this same God.

  34. sammy says:

    @ Muslim
    The prophet of Islam was not just a religious leader; he was a political one too, which as a Muslim you must agree, as your faith is not just religious, it encompasses all aspects of your life including the political. This is the objective of Islam to bring all people into submission to Allahs laws. This means that whatever Mohammed did is justified, and Islamically binding upon all Muslims, for all time.

    Mohammed used physical combat to bring people into submission to Islam, the hadiths tell you what he said, and the Quran justifies his actions. Anyone who does not believe in Allah or accept Mohamed as its prophet is automatically designated an enemy of Islam, who should be fought against to bring them into submission.

    All Muslims are not terrorists, but the Muslims who are, feel they are justified in their actions because of what they read in their holy books which are said to be eternally binding upon them, not just an historical record of events in their Islamic history.

    Quran 4.101
    When ye travel through the earth, there is no blame on you if ye shorten your prayers, for fear the Unbelievers May attack you: For the Unbelievers are unto you open enemies

    Quran 9.29
    Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    Quran 9.111
    God hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur ‘an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than God? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme.

    Sahih Al Bukhari
    Vol 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 065.
    Narated By Abu Musa : A man came to the Prophet and asked, “A man fights for war booty; another fights for fame and a third fights for showing off; which of them fights in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet said, “He who fights that Allah’s Word (i.e. Islam) should be superior, fights in Allah’s Cause.”

    Sahih Al Bukhari
    Volumn 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 196.
    Narated By Abu Huraira : Allah ‘s Apostle said, ” I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ and whoever says, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ his life and property will be saved by me except for Islamic law, and his accounts will be with Allah, (either to punish him or to forgive him.)”

  35. Sakat says:

    Who will prove that there is God, and he is only one ?. Buddha said don’t believe anything blindly even my words, unless put to practical test .Don’t believe the things plainly ,because it is written in your scriptures ,don’t believe because your prophet say’s so or the society as whole believes in it ,verify the authenticity of such belief ,said Buddha .Further he said,if such beliefs are beneficial to the whole of humanity follow it ,or else just get rid of it .How profound were his thoughts, said some 2700 years back.No prophet has born to the stature of Buddha till this date.The countries follow Buddhism are peaceful and prosperous,this is enough to show the quality of his preachings.

  36. Muslim says:


    I understood your point. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wars were in self defense. He wants to freedom for all human being to pray to Supreme God.

    Terrorists like IS,Boko Haram,Al Shabaab,the Taliban are not example of Islam. Muslims don’t support them. There are 1.57 billion Muslims in world almost 23% of total world population. Only couple of thousands of Muslim population is attracted to terrorism.

    Terrorism starts when there is no proper governance. Afghanistan was a buffer zone between Britishers and Russians. There was no proper law and order. There was no education and development.

    Even ISIS is formed due to collapse of governance in Iraq and Syria.

    If you are thinking all 1.57 billion Muslim population as terrorists. Then you are being irrational.

  37. Ra says:

    ‘Allah’ in English means ‘God’, with a capital ‘G’
    ‘Elah’ means ‘god’, with a small ‘g’
    ‘Aleha’, the plural of ‘Elah’, means ‘gods’
    ‘Rasul’ means ‘messenger’
    ‘Nabi’ means ‘prophet’

  38. sammy says:

    “This verses were revealed at the time of War. You have to understand the context or time when these verses were revealed. Then you can understand about the verse.”

    We are not talking about the Quran here, The Reliance of the Traveller is one of the most trusted books Muslims can read to understand their faith better. But you already know that as a Muslim don’t you?

    Mohammed is the man who defines how your faith should be put into practice,and he used physical combat to bring people into submission to his faith, which is mirrored throughout the Quran, and Mohammed did just as the Quran commanded.

    Mohammed said he had been commanded to fight people until they say the Shahada and that is what he did, he fought to establish Islam,and this is what is expected from all Muslims,

    Consequently, Islam expanded by military means out from the Arabian Peninsular to lands as far away as Spain, Persia India and North Africa, through violent conquest, collecting booty, and slaves along the way as the reward.
    This is what IS,Boko Haram,Al Shabaab,the Taliban,etc are all doing,they are “fighting in Allah’s cause” to establish Islamic rule, they are following Mohammed’s example.

  39. Muslim says:

    o9.0 JIHAD
    (O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion…
    The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus is such Koranic verses as:
    (1) “Fighting is prescribed for you” (Koran 2:216);
    (2) “Slay them wherever you find them” (Koran 4:89);
    (3) “Fight the idolators utterly” (Koran 9:36);

    This verses were revealed at the time of War. You have to understand the context or time when these verses were revealed. Then you can understand about the verse.

  40. Muslim says:

    What’s wrong if Muslim call God as “The God”. What’s wrong with you man ?

  41. sammy says:

    “Allah means “The God” in Arabic. Check this Wikipedia man
    Do you think I am still misguided ?”

    Look more closely, Allah means “the god” in Arabic, it does not mean god.

    Allah is a contraction of two words Al Ilah “the god” = Ilah means god.

    “I have been praying to Allah since I am kid. Most of my prayers are answered. Some of my desperate prayers were answered instantly.”

    I only have your word for that.

  42. sammy says:

    “war were happening since time immemorial.”

    Agreed, but only Muslims are commanded by their god and prophet’s example to be eternally at war with Non Muslims, to bring them into submission to Allah’s laws.

    Only Islam commands its followers to make eternal war on those who do not share their faith, to bring them into submission to it.

    Islam after all means submission, or surrender.

    Islamic sources themselves prove this to be the case.

    The Reliance of the Traveller

    o9.0 JIHAD
    (O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion…
    The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus is such Koranic verses as:
    (1) “Fighting is prescribed for you” (Koran 2:216);
    (2) “Slay them wherever you find them” (Koran 4:89);
    (3) “Fight the idolators utterly” (Koran 9:36);
    and such hadiths as the one related by Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
    “I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer, and pay zakat. If they say it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah”;
    and the hadith reported by Muslim,

    Sahih Muslim Volume 4, Book 52, Number 50:
    “To go forth in the morning or evening to fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it.”

  43. Muslim says:

    I have been praying to Allah since I am kid. Most of my prayers are answered. Some of my desperate prayers were answered instantly.

  44. Muslim says:

    Allah means “The God” in Arabic. Check this Wikipedia man
    Do you think I am still misguided ?

  45. sammy says:

    You are wrong, Allah does not mean god in Arabic,ilah is the word for god in Arabic.

    You are trying to force words conform to your Islamic upbringing,but you cannot deny fact, Allah does not mean god in Arabic. Do some research for yourself, to prove it.

    You say: “Arabs used to elevate Hubal as Allah”, correct, these Arabs were Mohammed’s own tribe the Quraish,their Allah was Mohammed’s Allah, which was Hubal a pagan idol, nothing changed, Mohammed even kept all his familiar religious customs found in Ramadan, which you as a Muslim also practice today.

    You have been led to believe you are worshipping the one true God of the Bible, you are not, you are worshipping the god most familiar to Mohammed, called Allah.

    If you are sincere in your worship of the true God, then ask for His guidance, Allah will not answer you, but the True God . Try it, many of your co religionists have, and found out the Truth.

  46. allah says:

    This insanity has to stop. idiot humans fighting over stupid religions.

  47. Muslim says:

    @Ali Sina
    People from different religions do fight with each other. Following are some example.
    1) Hitler christian Vs innocent Jews
    2) Jews killing Vs Jesus christ
    3) Buddhist Vs Hindus
    4) Catholic Vs protestants
    5) Vishnavs Vs Shivaks

    In every country minority religion is always suppressed. This is normal even in progressive society. For example Jews were persecuted in Europe for years.

    Don’t try to attribute it to Muslims. Of course Muslims also fight. This is normal human tendency. War are happening since time immemorial even before the advent of prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

    If you want to understand why war happens then this

    You talk like a small kid. You don’t have maturity to understand that war were happening since time immemorial.

  48. Muslim says:


    Allah means God in arabic. Arabs used to elevate Hubal as Allah. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) has shown the straight path by calling people to Allah instead of elevating Hubal to Allah. I think you have read this before commenting further.
    Please note that Muslim prays only to Supreme God (Allah).

  49. sammy says:


    Mohammed was born into a pagan worshipping family, he and his tribe the Quraish worshipped the “supreme “god of the Kaaba.Its name was Hubal,it was a moon god, its title was given as Allah from two words Al lah meaning “the god”.
    Christians and Jews did/do not worship a God named Allah, they worshipped the God of the Bible named as Yahweh, a word made from the letters YHWH. Allah does not translate to the word god in English, the word for god in Arabic is Ilah.

    Mohammed was 40 years old when he said he had revelations from what you as a Muslim is led to believe must be the God of the Bible, as Mohammed said he was continuing the message from all previous prophets, which would be the Bible prophets. But, from the time he was born to the time of the first revelations Mohammed was worshipping a different god, this god was Allah, which he just elevated to be the one and only god, which you still worship today as a Muslim.

    The Quraysh had several idols in and around the Kaʿbah. The greatest of them was Hubal. Its cornelian or agate statue stood inside the Kaʿbah. The statue of Hubal was of a male figure with a golden arm – a replacement of a broken-off stone arm when Hubal came into possession of the Quraysh. ʿAmr ibn-Luhayy imported Hubal and it was first set up by Khuzaymah ibn Mudrikah ibn al-Ya’s ibn Mudar. Consequently, it used to be called Khuzaymah’s Hubal.[1] In front of Hubal there were seven divination arrows. A custodian guarded the statue, received the offerings and sacrifices and conducted future-forecasting to pilgrims. The cult associated with him involved divination and forecasting of future events such as marriage, death, apology, lineage, etc.[2] ʿAbd al-Muttalib, grandfather of the Prophet Muḥammad, shuffled the divination arrows in order to find out which of his ten children he should sacrifice in fulfilment of a vow. The arrow pointed to his son ʿAbdullah, father of Muḥammad. The Quraysh deterred the Prophet’s grandfather, arguing that his act would establish an example that other Arabs might follow.

  50. Former Muslim says:

    @Ali Sina

    Had Muhammad chanted “Shahada” in his entire life? As per Islam by Chanting “Shahada” one becomes Muslim. Shahada is testimony of one’s faith in Islam. If Muhammad did not chant Shahada how can he be called Muslim?

  51. Ali Sina says:

    Why do you think people should fight with each other over belief? That is only an Islamic thing. Some idiots of other faiths also do it. They are influenced by Islam.

  52. Ali Sina says:

    I don’t think they had something like shihada. They recited the following verses

    By Allat and al-‘Uzza,
    And Manah, the third idol besides.
    Verily they are the most exalted females,
    Whose intercession is to be sought.”

  53. Ali Sina says:

    al lah means the God. It i a title like the president, the king, the boss, etc. The name of the god of the Quraysh was Hubaal (Ha Baal)m The name of the god of Jews was Jehovah. Confusing the two is like confusing the president of USA with the president of Mexico because both are called president.

  54. Muslim says:

    “Allah” word is equivalent to “God” word in English. Arabs use to pray to Allah since days of Ibrahim (PBUH). But later started come Idols as Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) converted them by removing and bringing back to praying of Allah like they use to do it at the time of Ibrahim (PBUH).
    Please don’t confused with the word Allah. Allah means supreme God literally.

  55. Muslim says:

    This website is very funny. Here atheist, Hindu, ex-Muslim & Christian has come together against Islam. They don’t fight between each other but they fight against Islam.

  56. Sakat says:

    “Bees are attracted to flowers and flies to dung. Each follows his own nature.”.ROF….

  57. Former Muslim says:

    @Ali Sina

    What was the “Shahada” Arabs used to chant before advent of Muhammad?

  58. Sakat says:

    There are enough reasons why a Hindu worships idols. There is no doubt that idol worship is superior form of divine worship, a very simple way of uninhibited declaration of man’s faith in God. If we put aside the empty ritualism and the pompous display that are generally found associated with it. A few insights into why a devout Hindu worship his idols so dearly while the rest of the world looks at him with scorn, amusement and disbelief.
    1. It is easiest way to install faith and devotion in man .As an abstract concept god may be appealing to the intellectual minds, but to the ordinary individual who is busy with his own household responsibilities and not well versed in the scriptural knowledge, scholarship or the path of knowledge may not be appealing .On the contrary an image can appeal to him instantly and draw him into religious life. The idol becomes to him all that god represent s to others: the compassionate giver of boons and blessings, who would pay attention to their woes and help them in time of distress.
    2. It is the way of acknowledging the omniscience and omnipresent of God .If the god is omnipresent, then everything in the universe, including the idol one worships, is filled with His energy and presence .Everything in the universe becomes equally sacred and worth worshiping.
    3. Idol worship gives immense freedom to an individual to worship the god in his own way. This is in line with true tradition of Hinduism which gives unlimited choice to its followers to approach the God in whatever way he choose to worship him .
    4. The idols helps the devotee to become deeply religious .A devout Hindu goes to a temple and worship his favorite deity to charge himself with religious current and keep himself going for days together amidst busy worldly activity. It reinforces his faith in God and his confidence to face the difficulties in life. Once installed in the house or puja mandir (place of worship in the house), the very house becomes place of god’s residence, a very sacred place, and a temple by itself. The image that stands there reminds the devout member of the house hold to become constantly aware of the divine presence amidst them and their religious duties and responsibilities .It inspires the devout men to keep their houses pure and clean and not to indulge in sacrilegious acts.
    5. Aid to concentration: More than any abstract concept, an image or a symbol (Yantra) is the best aid to concentrate and control one’s mind and attention. By keeping the mind concentrated on a particular image, the mind can be stabilized .Modern science is slowly unraveling the secrets of the mind and its capacity to manifest reality .It is now widely accepted facts that mental images and forms one entertains in the mind greatly shapes one’s life and destiny and that the mind (especially the subconscious part )has the capacity to realize whatever form or symbol it concentrate upon .The ancient Hindus were aware of the potentiality of the mind and therefore they did not object to the worships of idols. They knew that it was one of the best ways to lead otherwise fickle human mind towards God.
    6. In idol worship the “true” worshipers becomes God! The statue stands symbolically for the whole process of creation .According to Hinduism the worlds and the being came into existence when Purusha (Divine will and consciousness)entered Prakriti (nature ,energy or matter)The forms and idea’s are already exist in Hiranyagurbha (the world soul ,the first creative golden germ) and He brings them to life by pouring into them His essence .The world (viraj)was an idea until the life breath entered into it and brought it to life. The word “Jagat” (the world) means that which is bright, awake or conscious .When an idol is worshiped with intense love and devotion, almost similar process takes place in the minds of the worshiper .The statue is no doubt inert and inactive piece of matter at the physical level, but in his mind, the devotee can pour his devotion and thought energies into it and bring it to life and derive inspiration and guidance from it. This is exactly what happens when someone worships a deity deeply and devotedly .The idol ,which is physical inert and unmoving ,becomes alive and active at least in his thoughts and dreams .In doing so the worshiper is but repeating the act of creation .With the help of his mental energies ,he is trying to bring to life in his mind an image that is outwardly inactive .Thus ,deep in his inner world ,he becomes a creator ,the very Hiranyagurbha,God himself.
    7. The Statue reminds one of the ephemeral natures of our existence. The statue reminds a devotee of his /her own body. The gross body, which is outer aspects of one’s existence, is not much deferent from a statue as long as it is not suffused with divine light and divine consciousness .A person is as good or as alive as mere matter so long as he does not discover his true nature and come into contact with his true self.
    8. It is best means of silent communication .Idol worship more effective than a prayer .Prayer is part of Idol worship but not effective as the latter .Idol worship helps us to concentrate the energies that emanate from the prayer into one strong flow of current in one particular direction .Besides, the supposed physical proximity to God intensifies the emotional fervor and makes the prayer charged with ones devotion and faith.
    9. It is the acknowledgement of one’s ignorance and helplessness .God is far and above, vastly unknown or known only through glimpses and symbols .The ordinary person who is slave to his senses and desires can never come face to face with Him. How can He known by him who is beyond the senses, the mind, the word s and even one’s own intelligence?The ego can never understand Him. No amount of logic can help us to unravel His secrets .So the devotee creates an image of Him in his mental world and worships him expressing his gratitude and his deep devotion.
    10. Worship of God is worship of self .It is also not known to many that when a devotee worships an idol in the most traditional manner, first he transfers part of his prana (life energy) into the deity (some time variously to water in a pot, a yantra, or a lump of sandal paste etc…) and thereafter worships as if it is a living and breathing deity, giving to it all the respect due to God as per the scriptures and laid down procedures .According to Hinduism, a man is verily divine .He is microcosm, the very Brahman in his aspect as Atman. All the divinities exist in him. All the power too .Actually when he is worshiping the idols, praying in front of them, he is invoking the divinity within himself to wake up and liberate him. When a devout Hindus folds his hands in front a deity, and prays ,his hands point to both the deity in front of him and that resides in his heart, thus symbolically representing the fact that worship of deity is also worship of the divinity that exists in oneself.
    There are many reasons why a devout Hindus worships idols. These reasons may not satisfy the intellectual curiosity of an erudite scholar. But for a deeply religious Hindus, it is the best way of communicating with his Gods and seeking their blessings .Religion is a matter of faith. No religion can abrogate to itself the ownership of God or the status of true religion condemning others .The paths to god are many and many are the ways one can reach him. No one can doubt it or question it.
    The advice from the Isha Upnishad is very appropriate as a conclusion to this subject, “Into the blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance and into still greater darkness are those worship knowledge alone …He who knows both knowledge and ignorance together, crosses death through ignorance and attains immortal life through Knowledge.

  59. sammy says:


    What was the name of the god worshipped by Mohammed before the advent of Islam?

  60. Muslim says:

    @Ali Sina

    You have nothing to argue. You are talking very boring.

  61. Muslim says:

    Read this It will clear all your misunderstanding

  62. Ra says:

    ‘Yasu El-Massih Ebn Allah’ (Jesus Christ Son of God). ‘Allah’ is the first word used to mean God since the start of civilization in Mesopotamia, 6000 years ago. It is the word used in the Arabic Bible just as the word God is used in the English Bible and the word Dieu is used in the French Bible. If you use the word Allah to mean the Islamic God then you play in the hands of Satan who is disguised as Allah to deceive and confuse the world.

  63. sammy says:


    “Of course Qurish has created Idol of Allah. But Muslims don’t pray to that idol.”

    You have not addressed one simple fact. The god of the Quraish was the same god Mohammed worshipped, its title was given as Allah, Al Ilah “the(creator) god”,

    Mohammed’s tribal god was Hubal,known as Allah,the “greatest” of the 360 gods held on top of the Kaaba,he worshipped this god before he invented Islam, and he worshipped this god after the invention of Islam, nothing changed.

    If you still want to argue, then answer a simple question, which god did Mohammed worship before Islam?

    The answer stares you in the face, it was Allah, the “greatest” god of the Kaaba.Mohammed just elevated his tribal god to be the only god, and aligned it with the God of the Bible, to give his invented faith more authenticity as a religion, and himself a prophet of this religion.

    You as a Muslim are still worshipping this same god, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the God of the Bible whose title is given in letters as YHWH,known as Yahweh,whose teachings diametrically oppose all what Allah commands.

    The word meaning god in Arabic is Ilah,but this is not the word used in the Quran to denote god, Allah is the word used because this is the name most familiar to Mohammed. The god of the Quran is the god of Mohammed, who was a false prophet, and false prophets deceive many.

    if you want to be on the right side of truth, you must renounce this deception, which leads you away from the Truth, in the form of the person Jesus the Messiah, who brings you into a full, loving relationship with the God of the Bible.

    It is your decision, remain part of a deception, or become free of it.

  64. Ali Sina says:

    If facing a stone, kissing it and going around it is not idolatry because your intention is to worship one God why would you do such thing? Your actions belie your intention. It is like going to a prostitute and then saying to the wife when I am with her I only think about you. What a stupid argument is that! Only Muslims can fool themselves to this extent. No when you worship a stone you worship a stone. When you face a stone when praying you worship a stone. God is everywhere. If you really believed in God, the real God, you would not limit him to a black house. And why should the house of God be black? Shouldn’t it be at least white to represent his light and splendor? Black represents darkness, often associated with Satan.

    You cannot disprove a negative. It is not up to me to prove Adam did not exist. This is a silly proposition. It is like saying can you prove unicorn does not exist? It is up to the person who makes a positive claim to prove it. You claim Adam was real. It is up to you to prove it. We have evidence for evolution and it is overwhelming. No sane scientist questions evolution. The question yet not answered is the mechanism by which evolution happens. The selection by survival of the fittest is a very good and proven explanation. Yet there seems to be other factors involved as well that are not yet explained and understood. That is how science works.

  65. Muslim says:

    @Ali Sina
    I know in my heart I pray only to Supreme God. Not to a black stone attached to one corner of Kaba. I pray the way by the way taught by prophet Muhammad (PBUH). My intentions are clear while praying that I am praying to supreme God.

    I just want to know If you have any scientific proof that Adam and Eve didn’t exists. I think evolution theory is false. Please see this link,

    If you think otherwise please let me know.

  66. Muslim says:

    @Sammy – My Friend… Please see my replies inline
    Rocks do not have a place in the worship of a true god, their place is within pagan worship, as pagans venerate inanimate objects like stones.
    I agree with you that rocks do not have special place in worship. Muslims don’t pray to the black rock. It is just attached to the wall of Kaba in one corner. People kisses it at the time of haj while doing Tawaf. Muslims intention in heart is always to pray to supreme God but not block rock or Kaba. In their heart while praying they are praying to supreme God. They don’t even think about the black rock.

    Mohammed worshipped a pagan god named as Allah before Islam, and he worshipped this same pagan god after Islam, nothing changed. He even kept all his familiar pagan customs Muslims still perform today on Hajj.
    Muslims call the supreme God with the name of Allah. Even jews call the supreme God with the name of Allah. Please see this link Of course Qurish has created Idol of Allah. But Muslims don’t pray to that idol.

    Muslims are wasting their lives worshipping a pagan idol, the same pagan idol their false role model prophet did, and false prophets deceive many.
    We are not worshiping idols. We are worshiping supreme God. In fact we love supreme God. When we pray in our heart we are thinking about the formless supreme God, not the idol. The way of prophet Muhammad is best. The way he taught to pray, eat, do business is best. Every sunnah of prophet Muhammad is the best.

    I invite you people to come back to Islam. We Muslims are suffering from lot of problems like terrorism, backwardness, lack of education, etc.. You can’t solve it from outside by becoming non muslim. If you really want to make change you do it from inside by becoming Muslim and work for betterment of community and all people on earth.

  67. Ali Sina says:

    Muslim, for whom I wrote the above article and who wrote a few comments here wrote to me the following email.
    >>>>>After talking to you I got more information about Islam and I became more closer to Allah.
    You know idols are normally kept inside the building. They have some kind of story associated with it. It has some kind of form. But black stone is just a stone attached to wall of Kaba. People some times kisses for each tawaf of Kaba. I didn’t knew about this earlier. But after talking to you I came to know about this. My trust of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has increased. Islam is only religion on earth which prays one supreme God. I don’t have to bend or pray before animals, trees, human beings, etc… but only before my supreme God who has created all living being on earth. The way of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the best. When ever I do prayer or zikr I feel peace with my self. When ever I hear any hadees it increase my peace in my heart. I have learn to respect my parents, family and friends (irrespective of religion) from what I have learned from Quran and Hadees. The way you interpret Quran or Hadees is not taught in Mosque near my house. I have gone to many mosques but I have never heard any Imam talking anything violent for other religious people. I don’t know what is taught in your country.

    Look I respect you as human being. You can follow your path. You have complete right to criticize wrong doing of any Muslim. I request you to please don’t create any article in your website based on our discussion. I am discussing as friend with you. I am not Alim or Mufti. I am just normal Muslim.

    So you mean to say that Adam and Eve doesn’t exist !!!
    I think evolution and big bang as theory. It doesn’t have any scientific proof. There is no scientific evidence where you can deny that Adam and Eve doesn’t exists.<<<< End of email The fact that your faith in Islam increased after learning how despicable Muhammad was and how much he lied, only proves one thing that you are attracted to evil and your soul belongs to Satan. It is otherwise impossible for a good human who love truth and the real God to feel any attraction to a lying murderous pedophile prophet. Bees are attracted to flowers and flies to dung. Each follows his own nature. Islamic stone worshiping is idolatry. You can call black white and night day, but you can't change the truth. If you are still stuck in the fable of Adam and Eve, I am afraid there is nothing we can talk about. You obviously are not evolved intellectually for me to have a rational discussion with. Go to youtube and educate yourself a bit on how life emerged on Earth. You don't even understand the meaning of scientific theory and confuse it with assumption. Furthermore, I have no time for individuals. Whatever i write is for the public. You can comment in the forum if you like and I will reply you there. I don't hold private debates via email.

  68. sammy says:

    Rocks do not have a place in the worship of a true god, their place is within pagan worship, as pagans venerate inanimate objects like stones.

    Mohammed worshipped a pagan god named as Allah before Islam, and he worshipped this same pagan god after Islam, nothing changed. He even kept all his familiar pagan customs Muslims still perform today on Hajj.

    Muslims are wasting their lives worshipping a pagan idol, the same pagan idol their false role model prophet did, and false prophets deceive many.

  69. Ali Sina says:

    “After the completion of the kaaba sharif Jibrael (A.S) taught Adam (A.S) the rites of hajj and tawaaf. Then Jibrael (A.S) took him to the mountain in arafaat and made him perform the hajj. When Adam (A.S) was performing the hajj rites, Hawwaa (A.S) in her wandering; happened to come to that place and participated in the hajj rites. As Adam (A.S) and Hawwaa (A.S) recognized each other on this mountain, it became known as the mount of arafaat. From arafaat, Adam (A.S) and Hawwaa (A.S) proceeded to Muzdalifah and passed the night over there. After that they came to Minaa, and from there to Mecca where they performed tawaaf of kaaba. This practice is followed by hajj pilgrims upto this time.”

    Isn’t it embarrassing for a man living in the 21st century to believe in these fairy tales? Don’t you people go to school? Don’t you read books of science? Why not watch a few videos on Youtue about how life evolved on the planet?

  70. jewdog says:

    It may be that the Kaba was originally a meteorite and therefore was considered a manifestation of a heavenly being.
    As a monotheist, I agree with the concept of a unitary, unknowable creator, but I’m very uncomfortable with the seeming idolization of a stone and even more uncomfortable with the idolization of an immoral criminal named Mohammad.

  71. munmun says:

    Thank you for writing this on behalf of many who can’t.

  72. Ron says:

    Is it true that Islam actually breaks all the Ten Commandments? Can anyone elaborate and show how?

  73. A.H. says:

    Genesis 1 verse 26: Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. This applies also to Mohammed, yet Mohammed and his followers are notorius iconoclasts.

    However, the difference is that according to Islam a man (Mohammed) became a god, whilst in according to Christianity, God became flesh. A latter is a deep thruth.

    John 1:1-15King James Version (KJV)

    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    2 The same was in the beginning with God.

    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

    7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

    8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

    9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

    10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

    11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

    12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

    13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

    14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

  74. Ra says:

    Muslims ‘think’ they bear witness that there is ‘no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God’ when in reality they bear witness that there is ‘no god but Satan-disguised-as-God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Satan-disguised-as-God’.