The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ways to Stop Islam

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. paul says:

    Europe will cry for having done nothing when there was time.
    This religion forbids others from just practicing their religions Christians are becoming extinct in the middle east few actually know that Egypt Lebanon Syria were majority Christian countries now the few of those ancient Christians that remain are in danger of extermination the people that are doing that demand rights in countries they seek refuge and whose foundation is the very religion they hate.

  2. paul says:

    My God bless u Dr Sina

  3. PH says:

    You’ve pretty much summed it up Titian.

    What frustrates me is Western tolerance of the Islamic intolerance.. More must continue to rise up from their fears and not be afraid to speak up & against this evil darkness.

  4. Titian says:

    What I have learned about Islam:

    Taqqiya is allowed to advance the faith
    Many women are forbidden education, to work, to drive, to have their genitals left intact, no reproductive freedom they and have to dress in tents
    There is no freedom of association with non-muslims, no right to free speech or leaving the religion
    World domination is the goal – there will never be a dawn of the age of reason – this is a dark age religion in terms of science, technology, gender equality and free speech
    Christopher Hitchens and Geert Wilders speak the truth about Islam.
    Western tolerance of the Islamic intolerance will mean the end to the free world and all people will be driven back to the dark ages.

  5. Alisha says:

    Can I act in your movie ? 😀

  6. You say… “If Islam wins, humanity will enter a dark age from which it can never emerge.” … and yet you quote Ecclesiastes, so you must know that we will emerge, and we will emerge victorious in Christ. Nothing happens that God does not allow to happen. The scourge of islam began thousands of years ago and has been leading to just such a time as this, as we were told would come… darkness would rise up against light. We were told in the scriptures thousands of years ago that Ishmael through his descendants, would become a mighty people, and as a wild donkey, and against the world.

  7. allah moon god says:

    The movie Mr.Sina want to make about Mohammed would be horror movie and only the Devil could act the part of Mohammed. Mohammed and his lies and insanity and the chopping off heads and infidel women being raped would make people leave movie theaters screaming.

  8. PH says:

    The 1st choice must be continued. I think the 3rd choice will have to happen before any govt would take on the 2nd choice. The 1st choice will need aggressive education before we ‘react’ to their violence by taking on the 3rd choice. And sadly, so many people have their hands over their ears that this will be the reaction. So many people will be standing with their mouths open watching jihad & sharia come into play saying “Wow! Never saw that coming”. Well, it is. And people have to be woken up.
    Didn’t Nostradamus say WW3 will start in the Middle East?
    & there won’t be a WW4…. I pray it’s because the people of world will finally have peace. And not be wiped out by the cause of & reaction to this evil.

  9. Dear Ali Sina,

    The kafir democracies of the world can stop terrorism within the country by declaring Islam illegal. See a short article at below link.

    jai sri Krishna!

  10. GBell says:

    I doubt governments will deport Muslims. So I am afraid the third choice is becoming increasingly more likely.