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Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Indian says:

    Physicist Scientist Futurist Nikola Tesla believed in Vedic Philosophies

  2. Indian says:

    Mr. Sina
    You believe that Quantum Physics proves that the whole universe is manifestation of God. Nobel prize winner Quantum Physicists were ardent believer in Hindu scriptures.

  3. Ron says:

    Again this is a Hindu priest well versed in the Vedas, Gita and Upanishads and he found Christ

  4. Ron says:

    It is the reading and understanding of the Vedas which brought this man to Christ as he found Christ clearly referenced in the Vedas.
    See here

  5. Indian says:

    Quantum Physics proves that the universe is holographic. Hindus call it as Maya ( illusion).


  6. Indian says:

    Everything is energy. Matter does not exist.

  7. Indian says:

    Thanks Mr. Sina for accepting Hindu scriptures like Bhagawad Gita and Upanishad.

  8. Ron says:

    Mathematically 0= zero and has no value. It is different from null. Nothing comes from 0 and all the bs which you hear from Chopra and like are not empirical and nothing to do with meta-physical at all.
    I don’t know whether any one of you have travelled to South Africa or any part of Africa where the witch-doctor or shamans has powerful position in rural societies. Many of the rural folk fear them including some of the educated and Westerners( non-Christians) who reside there fear them. Some of them do mind boggling feats and evoke fear, control and respect for themselves. But surprisingly these witch-doctors and shamans do not fear Muslim Imams, Hindu Priests, other rival shamans and Atheists but they fear, tremble and avoid Holy Spirit filled Christian Pastors/missionaries (local or not local).
    So I believe there is power in the name of Jesus. Listen to this and it will surprise you.

  9. Indian says:

    You are the cosmic being. The whole universe is within you. Aham Bramasmi ( I am God) Ayam Atma Brahma ( I am soul and the soul is God)

  10. Indian says:

    Eric Allen Bell
    Sir, You are right. All that exist between 0 and 1 is illusion. V. Susan Ferguson ( American Hindu) says

  11. Indian says:

    Hindu Spiritual leader talks about karma and reincarnation

    Every object in this universe is endowed with four characteristics. They are Dharma, Karma, Prema, and Gyana. Dharma means nature. Everything has a definite nature; animate or inanimate objects. They’ve a nature. Monkeys have their nature; human beings have their nature. In the same way, metals have their nature; aluminum has its nature, copper has its nature. Nature is called Dharma.

    There is certain activity, definite activity, that is attributed; or that comes out of each object. It’s easy to say object, it can include also living beings. It is Karma.

    Then, the third is Prema, means love. There is love in every particle of this creation. Love is attraction, love means absorbing, the viscosity bring together. So many atoms come together, so molecule is made up to an
    object. A type of molecules and atoms get in to a shape, so we called this metal, this is copper etc. there is something that holds things together and disfrock of bringing together. Holding things together is called love or Prema. Love is present in the entire creation, in every particle of this creation. There is love and that is how there is reproduction happening. There is love, that’s how the planets are moving around orbits. There is love, so sun is shining, stars are shining. There is love in every atom, that’s why the electron is moving around the charged particle. The charge of attraction or in the entire creation is power or love.

    And Gyana. A body, which is listening and knows what is happening in the surrounding, is the consciousness. The knowingness present in our body also present in every particle of creation. How do we know? Only through the head? Only through the senses? No, our entire body has ability to know. The mind is not just in the head, it is all over the body. Suppose, when your name was called in a dormitory, you wake up, not the other person. But even in sleep, we have an ability to know. And this ability to know is permitting in our entire consciousness. And consciousness is present in all over the body and beyond the body; this is called Gyana. The knowingness of intelligence or the intelligence in the existence. You might have seen the touch-me-not plant; when you go near it, even if you’ve not touched it, it gets closed. The plants can feel as they know; similarly animals have their own degree of knowingness. The dog can sense, birds can sense something that is going to happen. If there is an earthquake, you can hear the birds behave few hours’ earlier making noises. Dogs can feel much earlier than you could feel it. So, there is a degree of knowingness present in the entire creation. It varies, like the level of love also varies. Say, how much love a dog expresses? Suppose you’re out even for few hours and comes back home and the dogs get crazy; jumps all over the place, jumps on sofa and jumps on you; it doesn’t know what to do. It wants to pour out all its love on you. It tries to express; it doesn’t say – I love you very much. It doesn’t say – I can’t live without you; but that moment it just flirts you with their moments. In the same way, the plants and trees in your garden do emit love, they express love towards you.

    What is Karma? Most used and often misunderstood word is karma. Karma is action. The action could be letting, could be in the form of tendency, and could be a future happening. So, there are three types of karma. Prarabdha, means the action which is manifested now; Sanchita Karma, means the future action which is proposed to do later; the collected karma, the present karma which is running in action and then the future karma that would happen. After listening to whatever we are discussion here now, and you’ll go back home and you might remember or you may totally forget it, this is Agami Karma; the future karma. So the impression in the mind is latent action; it is still action, but it is latent. Just like the memory; a memory functional now, other memories are latent within us. You know the mathematical table; but right now you’re not memorizing it. You no need to memorize every time; when you need it just pops up. So certain impressions, strong impressions in the mind remain and they form the future karma. Every habit is a sort of karma. Suppose you’ve been drinking coffee every morning; and one day you don’t drink, you get head ache. This is coffee karma. So, how to eliminate coffee karma? Either by drinking it or observing it. Being aware of a tendency in us will help us to overcome the tendency or experiencing the tendency will overcome the tendency. Here is the clay of Gyana, knowledge, awareness. Knowledge means the informative knowledge; here knowledge means awareness, the sense of knowingness. When you increase the sense of knowingness, your karma gets reduced. All the animals have got only the Prarabdha Karma; means the karma on which they do not have any controls. The nature runs them so they don’t accumulate a future karma. If you’re like an animal totally you don’t get any karma. But as a human being this is impossible; because our mind gets in to that impression.

    Reincarnation means coming again in to a body. Our mind is energy and by the third law of thermodynamics – energy can’t be destroyed. If mind is energy, what happens to this energy when someone dies? Now when someone dies, what is happening? Death is almost like a sleep. What happens to you, when you sleep? Every night you go on to your bed and sleep and you never met you a sleep. If you meet your sleep; if you happen to understand your sleep, you can understand your death also. While sleeping, all consciousness, attempts of your mind shrinks and shrinks and then one by one you’re shut off from the outer experiences and moving inward, into a wide space. And then how you wake up in the morning; that’s the same energy, same consciousness which was shrunk now starts expanding and opens up and you wake up. When you carefully observe the mechanism the last thought that you get just before falling asleep, becomes the first thought when you wake up. This gives you a clue of your reincarnation. The mind which is full of different impressions leaves this body but the impressions remains with the mind like a balloon; and waits for a proper situation for the same mind to come down. And when there is copulation, when there is a proper room formation, then it just draws, pulls that mind into that room. And then a child is born. A body is gain. So, it is a last thought is more important. Whatever you do throughout in your life, at least in your last moment your mind should be free and happy. If you’re happy with the last moment before your leave the body, then you get a better body next time. It is almost impossible to get animal body after a human birth. It’s very rare; but still it is possible. Someone in the last moment keeps thinking about the chicken, and then he’ll born in the poultry firm. Because the last impression will be the strongest impression and that impression in that mind will produce such a circumstance, situation for the mind to come to the body.

    Karma is that which propels reincarnation. Stronger the impression, the nature of next life could be like that. The one thing that can erase the karma is awareness, self awareness. If you’re in total love then you’re free from karma. When you’re in total knowledge, total awareness that is what coming out of the circle of birth and death. You’re not bound by any impression; you’re free. What gives you the freedom is your awareness. Addictions are nothing but very very strong impressions in the consciousness. Whether it is alcohol, sex or drugs or anything; any addiction is like a compulsion or compulsive behavior is all is a part of karma. The karma is infinite. Creation is a not a linear function, it multi-dimensional. Truth is not linear, it is multi-dimensional. It’s like a spherical; in sphere every point is connected with so many other points; if it just a straight line one point is connected with only two points, one back and one front. But in a sphere, point is connected 3600 sides.

    There are many types of Karma; individual Karma, immediate family Karma, the societal Karma and time has Karma of its own too. When a plane accident happens, people of same karmas will be there. And different people of different karmas will escape from the plane as their life has not finished yet. It is almost impossible to pin down which karma brings effect what effect at deep level. Of the three different karmas, Sanchita, the karma which we’ve brought with us; Prarabdha, the karma which is yielding fruits right now; and Agami, the karma which we may incur in the future. Our Sanchita Karma, the karma which we have stored tendency can be burnt out; we can remove that, eliminate that with all this spiritual practices, prayers, service, loving people around us in the nature, meditation; all this erasing the karma which we’ve acquired. The Prarabdha karma, which is already yielding results, will have to be experienced. The third karma is Agami karma which we might meet in the future. Suppose you violate some loss of nature today and in future you’ve to experience. That is consequence.

    Every karma has a limited span of its results. Mainly five things come to us in our life from the Sanchita Karma. Five aspects in life came; birth and the place of birth, the parents from the past karma; your education and line of education, degree of education, how much you acquire knowledge; the wealth, the source wealth; your longevity and mode of death, how you’ll die. These five things come from Sanchita Karma, the karma we’ve acquired.

    Now, how rich we became, how much we can grow in awareness; our marriage, children, and our social work, all these is Agami Karma, the future karmas. And the future karma you can associate now; what you gain now becomes your future karma. So you’ve certain degrees of freedom to act now and acquire more karma. And you’ve certain fate or we call it certain destiny that you’re provided with, that you cannot change.

    Love is the common factor of entire creation. If you see birds, there is love in the birds. Your connectedness with that love takes beyond birth and beyond death.

    Love is not an emotion; it is your very existence.
    Here are the signs of love. When you love someone, you see nothing wrong with them.
    When you love someone, you want to see them always happy and you want them to have the best.
    Love is the highest strength, yet it makes you absolutely weak
    Love cannot tolerate distance, and hatred cannot tolerate nearness.
    You can experience love, but you cannot describe it or express it totally.
    Love is beyond sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.
    When there is Love, there is no ego; ego dissolves like the dew drops with the sun.
    In the company of one who is living Love, you also can’t but spring into that Love.
    Love is that phenomenon of dissolving, disappearing, merging, becoming one with.
    Love is that phenomenon of total letting go.
    The seers, the seen, and the process of seeing all merge. The knowledge, the knower, and the known, they all merge, become one & that is Divine Love.

  12. Indian says:

    Mr. Sina You accepted that the universe ( all living and non living things ) is the manifestation of God. There is no distinction between God/Creator and universe/creation.

  13. Ali Sina says:

    “this can only mean that the Infinite (God) is a finite being, much like a person. ”

    Yes that is also what I came to understand. God is only infinite in relation to us, but not in the absolute sense of the word. In fact infinity does not have any real existence. it is a concept nothing more.

    The experiences of NDE are diverse. Millions of people visit UK each year but no two of them have the same experience. To have a better understanding of Britain, short of going there personally, is to read numerous stories of those who had visited that country. One person may reach the coasts of Britain and find no cities. He then would return saying there are no towns and houses in Britain. I read many contradictory stories about the other world. All I can conclude is that these people had different experiences and to get a full picture, one has to read many stories.

  14. Ali Sina says:


    Yes everything is consciousness including inanimate objects.The difference is in degree. Consciousness in an atom is so primitive that we generally do not call it by that name. In a very dark night you still can see because there is some light. But all you see are shadows. The visibility in the dark is so limited that we generally ignore it. Likewise atoms and electrons are conscious, but at such an elemental level that for all practical purposes we can ignore it. Consciousness increases through organic growth of matter. For example the structure in crystals is more organic than in a rock, therefore we can say crystals are more conscious. There must be some degree of intelligence for molecules in a crystal to create such intricate and geometrical shapes. A more structured matter are viruses. Viruses are somewhere between life and not life. As the structure of matter becomes more complex it starts showing signs of life, such as in amoeba. Bacteria is a lot more complex That is when we see real signs of life. However life exists even in atom. It is so primitive that it is undetectable and negligible. The essence of matter is consciousness. Yet it becomes the receiver of bigger consciousness with it is organically structured. Everything is a receiver of consciousness. Humans are the most advanced receivers.

  15. Indian says:

    Mr. Sina
    I expect answers from you.

  16. India says:

    Eric Allen Bell
    I agree with your views sir. I too believe in Advaita Vedanta. Swami Sarvapriyanada ( IIT graduate) has explained Who am I and Who am I not here

    Om !

  17. Indian says:

    I agree with you when you said God is a person. I would say that God is you. Only you exist ( as per Advaita or Non duality)
    You said – Go created living beings in his own image.
    What about non-living things like air water fire etc. Did He not create non living things in his own image ? Are they not consciousness like us ?

  18. Indian says:

    You said- ” We create our own reality with our thoughts.”
    I am saying the same. Some NDErs saw Jesus because their thoughts in sub conscious mind manifested into a person called Jesus or Yam raj.
    You said you believe in Jesus because people saw him in the heaven.

  19. Eric Allen Bell says:

    I’m aware of the numerous recorded Near Death Experiences. But I’m also aware that not everyone has the same “interpretation” of their experience. Remember, the brain is essentially dead and yet the revived person has a memory. When I dream, my experience of the dream is not the same as my memory of the dream. Some of the people who went to the other side say it was a being, some say it was Jesus, some say the Virgin marry, some say Krishna and some say they don’t know but they were met by a loving being who seemed familiar. From that I cannot be certain this can only mean that the Infinite (God) is a finite being, much like a person. What I can take away from that is that we survive our death and that consciousness pre-dates our birth. Clearly the body is just a vehicle and consciousness is more than just neurological activity, as Sam Harris insists it is. Sam Harris has dogmatically placed his FAITH in what the human sense organs can perceive and is therefore a dogmatic, cynical and close-minded fundamentalist. I’m not an Atheist in the usual sense. But that “God” is a knowable deity, to me, is a stretch.

  20. Ali Sina says:

    The test of validity of all suppositions is experience. Human imagination is limitless and we can speculate the nature of God through our imagination. Things that to us sound logical may not be true at all. Logic is a tool of measurement. It is valid only to the extent that our facts are accurate.

    I rely on the reports of those who went to the other side and returned. Since there are tens of thousands of such reports accessible online, it is possible to make a fairly approximate estimation of truth.

    Overwhelmingly these people say they met God and God is a person. This contradicted everything I believed. In numerous articles I said God is not a being, but a principle, a non-being that gives birth to all beings. This is very much the same a zero giving birth to one as you put it. So it was hard for me to accept that God is not zero but a real being, much like us.

    If you equate the material world as one and the non-material world as zero, I have no problem with that. That is only the question of semantics. I would word it the other way round as I believe it is the spiritual world that is real and the material world is only a virtual reality, a holographic universe.

    God is indeed a person, very much like us. In fact we are made in the image of God. We are His fractals. I am not talking about our body, which is a vehicle we operate while in this world and is the product of a billion years of evolution. I am talking about our essence, the one that thinks.

    God is real. He is a person like you and I, only bigger. There is no secret about the nature of God. Look into your own soul and there you will find a piece of God. When each person, indeed each living organism carries a piece of God in them, how can we say the essense of God cannot be known? All life forms have consciousness, starting from ameba, therefor they have God in them. In fact there is consciousness even in atoms and electrons. It is however, so elemental that we do not classify it as such.
    On Earth, humans are potentially the biggest manifestations of God. Why I say potentially because some animals can represent God a lot more than some humans.

  21. Everything comes from Zero and returns to Zero. What happens in between is illusion (Maya). But as Pablo PIcasso pointed out, whatever you can imagine is real. Seal Realization is know that part of you that existing before your birth and survives your physical death. In other words, it is not simply conceptualizing Zero, but truly know that to be your true nature.

  22. Sakat says:

    Dear Ali
    Absolute is god or ‘primordial energy ‘. Zero symbolizes the absolute,every thing is merged in this absolute before the manifestation.The source for 1 is 0 ,so the 1 will always arises from 0 and finally merges into 0. The matter is 1 ,to say all the matter represent 1. The heaven and hell may be some where exist away from 0 may be 2 and 3 .The actions of 1 will elevate him to either 2 or 3 and after some time again revert back to 1 .This is what dear Ali opines and i am not out raged by his feelings .Some five thousand years back the same dilemma might have under gone in the fertile minds of many pious men of Indian subcontinent.After giving many kind of exercises to their mind (rational analyses and logical thinking’s) ultimately they settle down to explore and unravel the mystery of the unknown through self contemplations ( by Yoga and Tantra). Their experiences were well preserved by their disciples and today we are reading them and try to understand them in the form of Veda’s and Upanishads.
    Ali ,in my previous comments I asked you to explain the characteristics of heaven ,but you have cleverly avoided .In reply to some one’s comment you said heaven is peaceful and beautiful ,further you said man is bored with heaven so he repeatedly returning back to the earth to do actions (adventures of good and bad ).
    Mohammed might be some time back in the heaven and he was bored with peace and beauty of heaven so he came back to earth to do the bad actions .And Jesus might be in the hell for doing bad things in his previous life so he came back to do good things on the earth .But none of them never tried to cross the whirl pool of earth heaven hell triangle and merge again into the absolute (0) The Buddha was clever and found the way to dissolve himself into the absolute and relieved himself permanently from suffering.

    The basic difference between the Eastern religions and Semitic religions are that ,the eastern philosophy takes us beyond hell and heaven state of existence and shows the path for true liberation .Whereas the Semitic religions are entangled in God ,hell , heaven,prophet and their holy books and the bogy of rituals all the time and are really deprived from the test of real spirituality.

  23. Ali Sina says:

    God is spirit. Spirits don’t have gender. We humans are also spirit and without a gender. When we come to this world we pick a gender and sometimes we choose male and some times female. However, some people who see God say they could not detect gender while others say he had distinctively male characteristics.

    Spirit is essentially formless, and some near death experiencers look at themselves and don’t see their body. while others say they had a body and even clothing and all other things they were familiar with in this world. For example some say in Paradise there are houses, streets and buildings just as we have them here. I suppose we create reality with our own thought.

    One person said he met angels and thought he had always imagined angels have wings. As he thought that the angels said to him if he prefered they would appear to him winged. He said, no they are fine without them. Another woman said she regularly visits her father and he always appears to her as an old man. But he told her that in the spirit word no one is old. He just appears to her that way because that is how she remembers him.

    If what I have learned so far is correct, in the spirit world there are no forms, therefore no gender. Yet newcomers are given the privilege of experiencing that world in the way they are familiar with. I imagine the reason God is often seen as male is because this is how we generally expect Him to be. One woman who met God in person said, I am sorry that this offends some women, but God is definitely a male. That is how God manifested himself to her. I bet elephants see God as elephant and Gorillas see Him as Gorilla.

  24. Ra says:

    Together, God the Yang and Goddess the Yin created the Univers.

  25. Eric Allen Bell says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the idea, that the creator of the Universe is male, is a bit Bronze Age?

  26. Ra says:

    God is a male because Goddess is a female.

  27. Ali Sina – Why do you keep referring to God as a male? I understand the Bronze Age men of the Bible thinking that God has to be a male, but I am confused as to why you are assigning a gender to the Infinite.

  28. Phoenix says:

    Ali Sina:But I am curious and you are not. I look into almost everything even when I think they are false. I am blessed for this and it is only this curiosity that has allowed me to attain the truth that most people can never attain//.

    You’ve touched on an interesting topic.Atheists will always claim it is skepticism which produces knowledge as opposed to faith.But they are posing a false dillemma.It is in actual fact man’s insatiable curiosity that led him to discoveries.
    Professional skepticism is much like the art or music critic – his sole purpose is to take a dump on everyone elses ideas,while unable himself to produce anything of value.

  29. Ali Sina says:

    I received the following questions/opinions in my email. I reply to them here

    Hello Dr Ali Sina,
    These days I am seeing on your blog http://www.alisina.org articles showing your current belief in God and afterlife. Here I have a few important comments/ observations. I am an agnostic, which I became from a staunch atheist (yet proud Hindu).

    I would like to tell you that my mother (A devout Hindu) also had perhaps a near-death experience when I was born. She told me since many years ago about it, how she could see her own body and others concerned near it when her pain became unbearable. She did not see Jesus, or Heaven or Hell or any such thing, nor God. When I saw you giving videos of people who had NDEs, I did not disbelieve it, as I knew it is possible. However, that thus not prove the existence of God, nor of Heaven and Hell, nor of Jesus (or Pure Love) as the Savoir. It merely shows that we can have an Out-of-Body experience when we are close to death. There is also the concept of re-birth (which is there in Hinduism and Buddhism). There are testimonies (as you yourself may have seen) of people describing their past births, and very accurately. A 3 year old telling his past birth of the times of World War 2 with a colleague who was still alive, who corroborated the 3 year old’s saying, and other such stories must be known to you. How are these consistent with claims of Heaven and Hell, when such people seem to have rebirth?

    As a third observer (neither Muslim nor Christian) I must say that your current belief and the way you describe it gives some credibility to many false beliefs, which are the core of Islam (and also Christianity). God, Heaven, Hell, Jesus as The Savior etc all make the task of ending Islam more difficult. Though you mentioned clearly that your belief in Jesus as the Savior is not like what other Christians believe it makes it sound a bit like you are a Christian (though I know you are not).

    The way to defeat Islam is REASON and RATIONALISM. There are so many facts about this and the other world and God which are unknown to us. As a former atheist (like me) you yourself know many of them- like if God exists, Who created God? How did God come into existence? Why doesn’t He simply show Himself? Why is the world created in a manner whereby many living beings become snacks of others? Most importantly, either one of Islam and Christianity has to be false, if not both (actually, they are both false). Islam claims Jesus was just a human Prophet who escaped crucification while Muhammad was the best and last Prophet, while Christianity claims that Jesus was not just a human Prophet but the SON OF GOD and Muhammad was nobody but a hoax. How can both be true? And yet, the history of mankind is filled with blood for the last 2000 years by these two religions in the name of God. If God exists, why did He allow such insane killings in His name? He would have guided mankind and shown them the truth. If Christianity was true, he would have shown the Muslims that Islam is false and the way is Christianity or both these religions not to kill in His name. Same for some Hindus, who in the past killed humans as sacrifice to God.

    But as we know, there is so much unknown. God may exist, with His reasons for the world’s ways beyond human comprehension. This is one major thing which made me an agnostic from an atheist. I pray to God that if He exists, he guide me and mankind. This does not make either Islam or Christianity true of course.

    Mankind has to be liberated of its hate ideologies. We have to defeat Islam. I humbly feel that even if you believe in God, Heaven and Hell, anyone as a Savior, it needn’t be mentioned so prominently on your blog. It will reverse the trend of rational thinking in Islam (and also Christianity) and encourage blind faith and hinder our goal. The emphasis now should be on exposing Islam, what the mankind faces in future (slavery, if the likes of ISIS succeed). ISIS and company are correct representatives, they also tell how Islam spread in the past, through force and terror. If ISIS and Boko Haram can kidnap, torture, forcibly convert girls in this 21st century, we can imagine what the history of Islam must be, in the past, medieval times. Muslims need to be liberated from Islam. Please focus on exposing Islam and its falsehood, not on things like NDEs, Heaven and Hell.

    Wishing you total success in your mission,

    Rajesh, India (Pseudonym)

    Here is my reply

    Each person’s NDE is different. Your mother’s was not very extensive. Some people only go out of their body and roam around in this world. They don’t go to another dimension nor meet other spirits.

    The belief in God and NDE is rational. The denial of them is irrational. One who rejects observable fact only because it does not fit his views is not a rational person.

    Heaven and hell are temporary places. Eventually we are all reborn. Heaven despite its peace and beauty is a boring place. That is why we keep coming back because here is where adventure takes place and where we can experience relationships, friendship, fear, challenges, etc. No one makes us come here. We come by our own choice to experience life. So enjoy it while you can because the bliss of heaven will soon be worn out and you’ll want to come back again. As for hell it seems to be a real place and obviously needed for our repentance. Watch a few videos on youtube under Cops Gone Wild to see why hell is necessary and without it justice would be absent. Those videos convinced me that hell is just. What you see on those videos is just the tip of the iceberg, what has been captured on film. There is a lot more evil that is gone unreported.

    I don’t think my belief gives credibility to false belief because I don’t hold any false belief. I could say the same about your belief because as far as I know, atheism and materialism are false beliefs, refuted by evidence.

    I believe in Jesus. You can call me Christian if you like. I generally don’t call myself that because no Christian accepts me as a real Christian. Jesus is my friend, brother, guide and savior.

    The way to defeat Islam is truth. Reason and rationalism are valid as long as they are supported by truth. The moment they deviate from it they are reduced into fanaticism. Reason is a process. The result can be true or false depending on the information available. If you ignore facts you can prove any fallacy through reason.

    The other world and God is not unknown to us. It is unknown to you because you refuse to look into the abundant evidence. You refuse to see because you have already made your mind that there is no truth there so why waste your time. The difference between you and I is not that I am smarter. I am sure you must be much smarter than me. But I am curious and you are not. I look into almost everything even when I think they are false. I am blessed for this and it is only this curiosity that has allowed me to attain the truth that most people can never attain. If only you spend a few hours looking at the videos I provided here you will see the truth. http://alisina.org/?p=3869 But you won’t. You can live 100 years and do every imaginable thing during these 100 years but you don’t want to “waste” one hour looking into something that may shatter your conviction. You will never look at those videos, because you are not a seeker of truth. You are convinced that you have found all the truth and hence why bother looking for something you already possess. I always doubt, not other people’s beliefs. That is what everyone does. I doubt and question my own beliefs. That is the quality of the real skeptic. Those materialists who love to call themselves skeptic are not real skeptic. They are believers. Do they ever question the validity of their materialistic belief? No! So they are not skeptic. There is a fascist group in UK that calls itself antifascist. Does that make them antifascist just because they love to call themselves that way?

    As for “who created God” is a mute question. Time does not exist outside the matter. No one created God just as no one created us. Our consciousness is fractal of God and is eternal like God. It is our body that is being “created”. It actually has evolved from lower life forms. As you see you can rationally prove anything as long as you ignore certain facts. Your question sounds logical if there were nothing but matter. The nature of God is consciousness, the same nature of that all of us have. Consciousness does not have a beginning or an end and it is not the product of brain activity.

    Islam and Christianity cannot be both true. However, the truth of Christianity does not depend on the truth of Islam while such a thing cannot be said the other way round. Islam accepts Christianity. If Christianity is false Islam is automatically false.

    “I pray to God that if He exists, he guide me”
    If you continue praying God will guide you. I never made such prayer but others did pray for me and I was guided thanks to other people’s prayer. I did not find God. God went out of his way to find me. He left his flock of sheep to find this lost one. He will do that for everyone. If we are sincere God will find us even when we are not searching for Him.

    It is funny that you are so convinced of your belief that you think any other belief is irrationality. You can’t be further from truth. I was an atheist and I know perfectly the flaws in atheistic reasoning, just as I know the flaws in Islamic thinking. Reason is a tool of measurement. It is only accurate as your facts. If your facts are flawed so is the outcome of your reasoning. You can be very rational and wrong.

  30. Kundalini is quite natural, not supernatural. Why do we require special effects to know that spirituality exists? It’s it miracle enough that we draw breath? Isn’t the greatest mystery realizing what it is that looks out through your eyes?

  31. Indian says:

    You may like to read experience meeting of German lady Maria Wirth with Devraha baba

    Again I would say I am not devotee of miracle performing Siddhas. I believe in Advait.

  32. Indian says:

    I don’t intend to create blockbuster religion. I gave proofs to support the claim of Sakat. Western world believes in Jesus’ miracles and rejects Indian Yogis’ miracles.
    I am not devotee of these Siddhas and don’t go after them but I do believe in their miracles. These Siddhas have awakened their Kundalini shakti ( power).
    If you want to know what Kundalini Shakti is, read the article below

  33. The problem with these claims of miracle working Indians, at the Kumba Mela and in these videos, is that nothing has been independently verified. Doubtful it ever will be. Just like Jesus walking on the water, you just have to have faith. I have no problem believing in a Higher Power, as it’s self evident, but all of these special effects, an essential ingredient in creating a blockbuster religion, are a bunch of smoke and mirrors, sensationalism to sell tickets to the big show.

  34. Indian says:

    See for more information

  35. Indian says:

    A Yogi in India has not eaten for 70 years. See videoclips

  36. Sakat says:

    I have not seen people levitating from my eyes personally ,so i can’t say about its authenticity .I have seen many miracles in-front of my eyes,so i am not denying either levitating .Simply it is a kind of Yogic practice . Just go through this following link.

  37. Phoenix says:

    then that means when Paul wrote to the church and said women should keep their mouths shut in church that “god” is sort of an asshole.//

    Did God say this or Paul?If memory serves me correctly,I do believe Paul admitted these were his own words.I agree,Paul was an asshole.Like I said before,the New testament could also use some tweaking.But Paul is still a breath of fresh air compared to the mass murdering psycho prophets.

  38. Phoenix says:

    Correcting Typo:

    There’s an abundance of intellectually stimulating philosophical material (which Christians could have incorporated into their ideology) that was written by some of the most brilliant minds to have walked this planet like Descartes,Kant,Galileo,Pascal,Newton,William of Ockham,et al.

  39. Eric Allen Bell says:

    Phoenix – If the Bible is the perfect word of “god” and everything these Bronze age men said is really a supernatural deity speaking through them, named Jehovah, or Yahweh or something – then that means when Paul wrote to the church and said women should keep their mouths shut in church that “god” is sort of an asshole.

  40. Eric Allen Bell says:

    Sakat – Really? So people levitating happens, but only in India and never when there is a camera around or where it can be independently verified scientifically? That’s convenience. And you are just sure this happens? Interesting.

  41. Phoenix says:

    Eric says:The Bible is even more open to interpretation… Much violence has come as the result of that convoluted book and it would be nice to see the world grow out of it//.

    That’s true.Much unneccessary and avoidable violence erupted from the Bible (specifically from the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible).Christians have carried too much dead weight for far too long.There’s an abundance of intellectually stimulating philosophical material that was written by some of the most brilliant minds to have walked this planet like Descartes,Kant,Galileo,Pascal,Newton,William of Ockham,et al. Sadly,christians had to schlep this evil hebrew bible along for 2000 years.I admit the New Testament could also use some modifications but let’s be honest,if those christian characters (jewish heretics) from the bible were alive today and lived exactly as they did then,they’d still be roaming our streets freely.Unlike the old testament prophets who’d most likely be on death row or serving life sentences.

  42. Sakat says:

    Parmahansa Yoganand was the great Yogi from India who settled and lived in US during first part of 20th century.His anecdotes in the book -An autobiography of a yogi’ are true facts.One may not find substance in them,but as an Indian i can say such things do happens .Though i enjoyed reading this book ,but i have dearly cherished the chronicles of swami Rama in his book ,’Living with the Himalayan’ masters.These are true facts ,since westerners have not come across such things in their life so it is quite natural in doubting these chronicles.These things do occur in Himalayan ranges where those highly evolved adapts reside’s.

  43. Eric Allen Bell says:

    I personally believe that Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” is a bunch of made up tall tales. However, I understand what he represents, what he symbolizes in the minds and hearts of those who are attracted to him and his teachings.

    As for the Gita, I feel it is metaphor and not a literal historical story. That said, it’s very much open to interpretation. I have personally found the Gita to be the most illuminating book I have ever read and I have read it over and over, throughout the decades.

    The Bible is even more open to interpretation. One can make it mean almost anything you need it to mean. But mostly I feel it is the superstitions of Bronze Age ignorant old men who fear an angry god in the sky. Much violence has come as the result of that convoluted book and it would be nice to see the world grow out of it.

  44. Kedia says:

    In 1996, Yoga International hailed Paramahansa Yogananda as “the father of the yoga in the west.” In 1999, his acclaimed autobiography was selected one of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century. Since it was first published, the spiritual classic has introduced millions of readers to the science and philosophy of yoga meditation.
    With engaging candour, eloquence, and wit, Paramahansa Yogananda narrates the inspiring chronicle of his life – the experiences of his remarkable childhood, encounters with many saints and sages during his youthful search throughout India for an illumined teacher, ten years of training in the ashram of his God-realized Guru, and of the many years that he lived and taught as spiritual preceptor to truth- seekers all over the world. Also recorded are his meetings with Ramana Maharshi, Ananda Moyi Ma, Master Mahasaya (the saintly disciple of Ramkrishna Paramahansa), Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Jagdish Chandra Bose.

    Considered a modern spiritual classic, the book has been translated into twenty-four languages and is widely used as a text and reference work in colleges and universities. Thousands of readers have declared Autobiography of a Yogi the most fascinating reading of a lifetime.

    Autobiography of a Yogi is at once a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation. The author clearly explains the subtle but definite laws behind both ordinary events of everyday life and the extraordinary events commonly termed miracles. His absorbing life story thus becomes the background for a penetrating and unforgettable look at the ultimate mysteries of human existence.

    This complete and unabridged edition included the chapter “the Years 1940-1951” written by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda during the last years of his life.

    “Autobiography of a Yogi is regarded as an Upanishad of the new age… Is has satisfied the spiritual thirst of hundreds of thousands of truth-seekers throughout the world…The immortal nectar of India’s Sanatana Dharma, the eternal laws of truth, has been stored in the golden chalice of Autobiography of a Yogi.” – Professor Ashutosh Das

    “As and eyewitness recountal of the extraordinary lives and powers of modern Hindu saints, the book has importance both timely and timeless.” – Dr. W. Y. Evans-Wentz

    “Pages that will enthrall the reader, because they appeal to the aspiration and longings that slumber in the heart of every man.” – I1 Tempo del Lunedi, Rome

    “Autobiography of a Yogi of this sage makes captivating reading.” — The Times of India

  45. Kedia says:

    Named one of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century, Paramahansa Yogananda’s remarkable life story takes you on an unforgettable exploration of the world of saints and yogis, science and miracles, death and resurrection.

    With soul-satisfying wisdom and endearing wit, he illuminates the deepest secrets of life and the universe — opening our hearts and minds to the joy, beauty, and unlimited spiritual potentials that exist in the lives of every human being.


  46. shameer says:

    we people understand abt mother.but other people hating mother in the name religion,i hate those people ,this article is nice anyway

  47. Sakat says:

    Bhagvad Gita says Dat everything is God . It’s God only which creates and divides him self by his powers .The Bible says dat creation and God r different thing .Bhagvad Gita says dat service to humanity n controling mind by meditation on God n performing ur prescribed duties without being attached to its fruit is path of salvation .Whereas Bible says dat only Jesus Christ could lead up to salvation . Gita says dat any God u r worshiping .You r worshiping only one God Because God is creator n object of,all religions .Whereas Bible says dat whoever doesn’t worship there God is a Satanist .Bhagvad Gita says dat divine n demoniac r omnipresent n r present in everybody.It’s a soul determination which can defeat demoniac quality within a body .Whereas Bible says dat Demons r one who lives in hell n who ever doesn’t follow Christianity is possessed by a demon .Bhagvad Gita promotes all religion n says dat like all rivers come from one ocean like all religion comes from God n is leading to God only .Bible says dat follow Jesus Christ ,rest all other religions r fake . Bhagvad Gita was said by supreme Lord Krishna to his friend Arjuna who was not willing to fight his evil cousin brothers who committed unspeakable crime against him,his brothers n his wife .

  48. I have been revisiting some of the documentaries about NDE since the posting of this open letter to me. People in South America often think the figure they encountered was the Virgin Mary. People in India are sure it has to have been Krishna and naturally, people who grew up around Christianity are sure it is Jesus. Just like our minds interpret dreams, in memory people try to interpret their Near Death Experiences.

    That consciousness exists independent of the body seems to be arguably well established. But this does not serve as evidence of any particular deity. And it certainly does not mean that a historical person is a messiah.

  49. jewdog says:

    Maybe when Muslims start having doubts about their faith they should treat apostasy like divorce. First ask yourself: “Do I want to remain married to this person, or this faith?” Too many people jump into divorce because they meet someone new, without first considering whether they want to simply ditch the present marriage.
    I feel sorry for Muslim apostates. So many of them feel pressured or physically threatened if they apostacize, then they jump to Christianity, probably feeling that they have to be something, and are taken in by the all the talk about Christian “love”. Yet, in its own way, Christianity is just as bad as Islam. It worships a person as a god, and its scripture demonizes Jews as evil victimizers. Why go from one creed of hatred to another? Christianity is just another load of crap.

  50. Phoenix says:


    Here are some fun facts you should know about Christianity and the Bible.Even though I don’t believe in any religious scripture,I do think it’s only fair to expose lies.

    – The Christian Bible?You must be refering to the new testament because the Old testament is a verbatim copy of the Hebrew Bible.

    -There are no verses in the New Testament advocating the murder of jews.

    -In fact,there’s not one Christian character in the bible who has murdered,raped,enslaved or plundered.

    -Did you know that all the mass murderers,rapists,pedophiles,slavemasters and looters in the bible are from the Old Testament.

    -Did you know that prior to Christianity,Palestine was occupied by pagan Roman invaders.That’s correct,invading countries,stealing lands and subjugating its natives is in fact an ancient European pastime,with its roots in pagan Rome and in the infamous Viking lands of Scandinavia.

    -Hitler’s beliefs was an amalgamation of many beliefs including religious,occultic and atheistic philosophies.

    -Did you know that Hitler hated jews primarily because of their looks.

    Jewdog,I strongly recommend you read The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity by proffessor Benjamin Isaac of Tel Aviv University.The historian professor traces anti-semitism and racism back to ancient Rome..

  51. It is self evident that everything is part of everything else. Therefore everyone you meet is also part of yourself. Even nothing is part of everything. Everything and nothing are the same thing, but called by different names. Lao Tzu may have been the first one to write this down, but the study of subatomic particles confirms this.

    So then “god” must therefore be infinite – everything and nothing. This is more than the software our minds run on (a sort of binary code, right-wrong, good-bad, yours-mine, beginning-end, etc.) can fully comprehend. But why restrict reality to what the sense organs and the brain can perceive and process?

    “God” as such is not separate, is not incapable of anything (including the things we do not like) and is not located in or limited to only time and space. God as a deity is too small to be God.

    God is everything. This is what “OM” means. The realization that you are a part of that everything is called “Self Realization” and is the goal of certain mystical paths, such as Advaita Vedanta. However, a sincere and burning desire to awaken is often enough.

  52. mo says:

    @ jewdog

    “I hate Christianity.”

    That’s clear from the list of lies you’ve got here.

    ” The Christian Bible is a blood libel against Jews.”


    “In the Christian Bible, Jews are depicted as evil heretics who persecute the man-god, Jesus, and are called the spawn of Satan in the Gospel John.”

    LOL! Liar.

    ” Jews have suffered thousand of 9/11s at the hands of Christians.”


    “Adolph Hitler was a Catholic.”


    What a load of garbage. There’s zero evidence for any of this. And you know it.

    The one true thing you said here is that you hate followers of Christ. Your lies and filthy slander here is evidence of that.

  53. jewdog says:

    I hate Christianity. The Christian Bible is a blood libel against Jews. It was written by Jew-hating Romans who hated Jews because they refused to worship the Roman gods and because they fought – bitterly and in vain – to secede from the Roman Empire. The belief in Jesus as a god is merely a reprise of the Roman Dionysus/Osiris myth. It is idolatry. In the Christian Bible, Jews are depicted as evil heretics who persecute the man-god, Jesus, and are called the spawn of Satan in the Gospel John. Jews have suffered thousand of 9/11s at the hands of Christians. Adolph Hitler was a Catholic.

  54. Indian says:

    Research on rebirth was carried out by experts.

  55. Indian says:

    Hindus believe that the universe is nothing but manifestation of God. Everything is consciousness. Modern Science approves this.

  56. mo says:

    This article was perplexing.

    “Don’t pay attention to the Bible.”

    Then why mention Jesus at all? That is where the account of Jesus is written. In fact, the entire Bible is about Jesus from beginning to end.

    “Yes Jesus is real and he is the king of the heaven. But he does not give a damn what people believe. The Christians got this all wrong. Storm says he asked what religion is better, and Jesus said the one that brings you closer to God. Obviously he does not care about what we believe.”

    Of course Jesus cares what we believe. He’s the one who said, ” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    (John 14:6)

  57. Ra says:

    Dear Eric, ..I have researched OM and I have found that it doesn’t conflict with logic. You win.

  58. Agniputra says:

    You said -”The Indian yogis have found some truth because they found a way to travel out of their body.”
    No. They got revelations through intuitions.
    Please read here http://www.projectglobalawakening.com/2014/04/17/the-seven-sages/

  59. Agniputra says:

    You said -”Good and evil exists as separate entities”
    As per my understanding love hate goodness evil-mentality compassion humility etc are emotions of human being and they are not separate entities. A human being kills or curse others because his mentality is evil and wicked

    Quantum Physics says that everything is waveform. Human being is conscious waveform, his thoughts are conscious waveform. A man having wicked thoughts ( conscious waves) tends to choose or do evil.

    The law of Karma states- A person ( conscious waveform) attracts the same kind of vibrations which are emitted by him. This means if a person hurts others, he will be hurt later. He attrcts the same kind of emotions from others.

    You said- If a person repents, God forgives him.

    I don’t believe this. Because the law of Karma ( universal law which governs the whole universe) does not work here. If X kills Y and then X says sorry. As per your logic God forgives him.
    If X is suffering from incurable disease and then he repents. As per your logic God saves him from the implications of the disease.

    I don’t think this God is just. We have to pay for what we have done in the past.

  60. Ali Sina says:

    Yes, yes. Love is the ticket to the Kingdom of God. God does not lie. He can’t lie. That is something we can do and God can’t.

  61. Ali Sina says:

    Yes many also go to hell. The knowledge that hell is real was a hard pill for me to swallow. Since I no longer could deny the reality of NDE, and since many people had come reporting they saw hell, I prayed a lot to understand why a good God would send some souls to hell. It was then that I saw the videos of cop brutality. They boiled my blood. I wanted to cry. I cried out in my heart, God where is your justice? How can you let this go on? Then suddenly I remembered I had been praying for understanding hell. After seeing how evil some people can be with my own eyes, I realized hell is needed. Without hell there is no justice. Hell is not for criminals as many criminals repent and they often know what they do is wrong. Hell is for cops. These people do evil, savagely maul other humans and as they brag they don’t lose any sleep over it. On Sundays they put on their best clothes on and take their family to church. They even volunteer for charity work. How little they know their destination is hell! They can fool the world and even themselves. But they can’t fool divine justice.

  62. Ali Sina says:

    Not at all. Good and evil exists as separate entities. But no one is possessed by either. At every moment in our life we choose evil or good. No one is inherently good or evil. We can choose evil in one case and good in the other.

    In theses videos you can see evil in its most ugly manifestation. Don’t watch them if you have heart problem, are sensitive, suffer from depression or have any emotional issue. They are troubling for me even though I m fairly healthy emotionally and psychologically. Although I can watch videos on NDE endlessly and they uplift my soul, filling me with joy, I can’t watch the videos of cop brutality. They make me see hell and I don’t like it.


    These cops do devil’s work. They do this for no other reason that they can and know they are above the law. They will never be investigated and if they were their buddies have their back. Cops stand behind cop brutality even if it results in death, because they know one day it will be their turn.

    These cops are regular people who go to church, do charity work, help the needy, raise a family are caring parents. Yet, when their unlimited authority is challenged they become sadist beasts.

    This is not about cops. Cops are regular folk. It is about all of us. In every moment of our life we can choose good or evil. Let us say you buy something and the change that the cashier gives you is more than what you paid her. You have the choice to tell her she paid you extra or thank her and walk away. Let us say someone abused you. Some times later you get the opportunity to take your sweet revenge. Will you act on it or forgive? In every interaction we have with others we can choose doing evil or good. We are not possessed by either force. We are free to choose.

    These cops in these videos, have chosen the path to hell. Little these miserable souls know that everything they do to others will come back to haunt them. Nothing is erased or forgotten.

    if you are not a strong person, unable of self restraint don’t tempt yourself. Don’t join police force. Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the hole of a needle than a rich person enter paradise. I tell you it is easier for a rich person to enter paradise than a cop enter paradise. Cops are the very embodiment of betrayal, brutality and evil.

    I watched dozens of videos on cops’ brutality. I never saw ever, a cop stopping his or her abusing colleague. On the contrary, they all jump on the hapless victim and join the orgy of violence. Violence is their drug. Women cops are just as evil or sometimes more evil than male cops. And cop brutality has nothing to do with racism, as the leftists claim. Black cops are equally savage and sometimes more. It has nothing to do with country either. Cops are the same everywhere.

    If you want to understand how ordinary people are capable of so much evil, read Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment.

  63. Sakat says:

    Dear Ali
    I wonder ,why all the people who have gone through the NDE ,only found God ,Jesus and Heaven ? I mean if there is hell then why none had gone there in his/her NDE and met Mohammed and demons?. Another most important thing i would like to ask you ,what is the characteristics of heaven ?. Here in this materialistic world ,the persons actions are motivated for earning wealth ,for good sex ,healthy youthful body ,fame power etc and that gives happy or fulfillment of life for the person .However if you tell a person to sit idle,his life become as good as hell. So how a man/woman will find ‘peace and happiness’ in heaven without any desires and corresponding actions to fulfill those desires.Do you subscribe the descriptions of heaven given else where in Bible,Qur’an and Talmud etc or do you have a different idea altogether .

  64. Ra says:

    Ali, ..You better believe it that God loves them. That is why He sends armies of angels to fight with them in their conquests. Both God and Satan love them. Try to beat them then. (I am just teasing you). I love you man and wish you will have one day a nice trip to the “Kingdom of Heaven” and meet Jesus, if Love is the ticket for that trip.

  65. Agniputra says:

    You said- Both Evil and God exist and both are two different entities. Was Muhammad possessed by evil ? If so, then real culprit is Evil and not Muhammad.

  66. Ali Sina says:

    We have to understand that God is just. There are things God cannot do. In fact there are thing that we humans can do and God cannot. For example God cannot lie. God cannot deceive. God cannot disown his own, i.e., He cannot be unforgiving. He will forgive anyone who turns to Him irrespective of the amount of sins he has committed. That includes Hitler and Muhammad. If these monsters of history had repented and asked God for his forgiveness before dying, God could not have disowned them. And God cannot be unjust. These thing would created contradiction in God and that is not possible.

    A God who would send non-Christians to hell merely because they have not heard of Jesus or did not know much about him is not a just God and that is not possible.

    Yes all humans will go to heaven as long as they have love in their heart. This is not my opinion but what I learned from NDE. In fact it is often Jesus who comes to receive the unbelievers in him. When you love others, including animals, ease their pains and bring joy to their lives, you do that to God. God loves anyone who loves Him. The only way we can exercise our love for God is by loving His creatures.

    The Tibetan Book of Death describes the passage of the soul from the time he leaves his body until he chooses a new set of parents and is reborn. This story is confirmed by many ND experiencers.

  67. Abhishek says:

    Ali what’s your opinion of scientific approach of after life in Tibetan Buddhism?
    Since you reject other religious notions, none of Tibetan Buddhist met Jesus but never denied Jesus like you do deny other gods

  68. Phoenix says:

    This axiomatic or a priori knowledge in itself is evidence that materialism is false. It is shown that babies have a clear sense of morality, justice and beauty.//

    Yes,John Locke’s blank slate theory (tabula rasa) has been adequately debunked.It is now known that it’s the infants memory that’s blank and not the mind.

  69. Ali Sina says:

    This axiomatic or a priori knowledge in itself is evidence that materialism is false. It is shown that babies have a clear sense of morality, justice and beauty. According to materialist theory, children must be born with a clean slate. Not just humans, even animals have a priori knowledge. Monarch butterflies use the very same trees each and every year when they migrate, which seems odd because they aren’t the same butterflies that were there last year. These are the new fourth generation of monarch butterflies, so how do they know which trees are the right ones to hibernate in. And how do they find their way when they have never taken that trip before and have no guide? They migrate from Canada to Mexico without a guide and know exactly where to go and on which trees to land.

  70. Ali Sina says:

    I did not say they don’t help the needy. I said they think they are the only ones saved. Fundamentalist is one who thinks God’s love is exclusive and salvation is in belief. God’s love is universal. It embraces even the sinners and those who reject him including Muslims who are Devil worshipers.

  71. Phoenix says:

    Ali Sina said:It seems the only knowledge that we can attain and of which we can be sure is ignorance.But I am a pathological optimist, I believe there is another way of acquiring knowledge, unknown to humans, and that is through our collective consciousness//.

    Perhaps I can offer you another view. As you know by now Kant claims all knowledge stems from a priori postulates,which cannot be reduced any further nor proven empirically and are therefore intuitively known.Aristotle called these postulates and axioms First Principles on which all logic,rational thought and knowledge are based.The 3 laws of logic are based on these intuitive First Principles.

    See this link: friesian.com/arch.htm

    The irony is that Materialists reject intuition as delusional and unreliable,yet they deny their own basis for rationality in the process.Here’s my sound deduction for intuition proving Materialism is irrational.Students of logic and philosophy will appreciate my efforts.

    Think of the hypothetical/chain syllogism thus:
    P1.All knowledge,logic and rational thought are axiomatic and therefore intuitively known.
    P2.If All logic and knowledge are fundamentally intuitively known then they fall outside the Materialist’s epistemology which claims all knowledge can only be known empirically.
    P3. if Materialism rejects intuition as empirically unreliable then they reject the first principles of logic.
    C.Since Materialism rejects the First Principles of Logic it is therefore an irrational worldview.

    Formal Format:

  72. Ra says:

    Ali, But why do you assume that fundamental Christians don’t help the needy? And what is fundamental Christianity anyway? Mother Theresa was a Roman Catholic nun who beleived in the virgin birth of Jesus and his resurrection from death, does that make her a fundamental Christian?

  73. Ra says:

    Fundamentalist Christian?! How did you get to that conclusion about me?! You must have thought when I said that “I think you won’t meet Jesus” that I meant “you won’t meet Jesus but I will”, thinking that I am a fundamentalist Christian. No,no. I believe that God is Nature and that one day I shall return to Nature. This is how we all, and the animals, will go. There is no a higher level than Nature. Everything else is fantasy. I, too, “wish” there is a hell for bad people but I don’t thing there is one. As for Jesus and all the gurus I don’t care of meeting them. I rather meet the pets I have loved, if ever possible.

  74. Ali Sina says:

    That is because you have a very limited understanding of the other world. It is not like you fundamentalist Christians think. It is in regards to you that Jesus spoke the verses of Matthew 7:22-23

  75. Ra says:

    Hi Ali, I don’t know how to explain it but I think you won’t meet Jesus.

  76. Ali Sina says:

    Hi Eric,

    Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are believers. You can’t expect objectivity from believers. Believers are selective in choosing their facts. By being selective in the choice of their facts they can make very rational arguments, look good, while being wrong.

    The argument I tried to make in the deceptiveness of reason is that since truth should only be based on facts and since in matters of metaphysics the totality of facts will forever be unknown, any pursuit of truth will lead to dead end. In matters of metaphysics we will never know the truth because we will never know the whole facts.

    Is reason the way to arrive at the truth? As Kant argued people make grandiose claims based on pure reason and prove their arguments rationally, when their conclusions are different.

    Is perception a good method? Each person’s perception is different. Are then there different truths tailored for each person?

    For thousands of years people relied on revelation as the source of truth. But as we can see not only the books regarded as revelations are often contrary to science and logic they are also contradict each other. If the belief should be based on blind faith, as Paul of Tarsus suggested, then how can we know Christianity is true and Islam is not?

    So if facts are not known, reason without facts is unreliable, perception is subjective and variable, and revelations are untrustworthy, what else is left?

    I am now of the opinion that we will never know the truth as long as we are trapped in this physical world. The only way to know the truth is to go to the other world. But that is not very practical and even helpful. It only helps the person who makes the transition but it is of little help to mankind and our repertoire of knowledge.

    NDE is better than other methods but it too has its limitations. Not only we cannot have firsthand experience with NDE and will have to rely on the third parties, there is also the language deficiency. Those who make the two way trip say words are inappropriate to describe their experience. They make the example of trying to describe color to a born blind. I share their view since I too had a sort of out of this worldly experience and I can’t describe it. How can you describe a world that is not subject to time and space yet events have some sequence and there is far and near.

    Another way is by intentionally traveling out of our body. This can be done through meditation. However that is not easy. I have been trying off and on and have had little success. The best I got were a few lucid dreams.

    It seems the only knowledge that we can attain and of which we can be sure is ignorance. But I am a pathological optimist, I believe there is another way of acquiring knowledge, unknown to humans, and that is through our collective consciousness. This requires a saltation in human evolution the result of a major shift in human consciousness. To attain this we have to abandon all wars, recognize the oneness of humanity, eliminate selfishness and become One People. Maybe I am a dreamer, but I feel we are not far from that day. Perhaps in a century from now the world will be a different place. When humanity attains its organic unity we can collectively tune into spiritual sources and gain so much knowledge that is inconceivable for us to fathom at this moment. This is only a belief. I have no way to prove it and no one should believe it.

  77. Ali –

    I’ve been reading your article, “The Deceptiveness of Pure Reason”

    I must say that it has me thinking on an interesting level. When I went to hear Sam Harris speak, I stood up to ask a question. And the way he addressed me was sort of a bummer. It was clear that he was not only pompous, but unfortunately a very linear thinker. He thought that consciousness was only the product of neurological activity.

    I appreciate some of the voices in the Atheist world, especially Hitchens. And I really liked Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith”. But it bothers me that these people, including Dawkins, but so much FAITH in what can be perceived by the sense organs.

    Clearly there is more to reality than what the human sense organs can perceive. But there is a dangerous fine line between Metaphysics and magical thinking. And one cannot really use reason to know where that line is drawn. I don’t rely on faith for this either, but rather direct perception.

    When it comes to knowing who and what you are, there is no substitute for direct perception.

  78. Ali Sina says:

    “RA – I’m all ears. Please, explain for me how OM and reason are at odds.”

    He can’t. But prejudice blinds. He has no understanding of OM and I bet has not read a single page about it.

  79. Ali Sina says:

    “About bible gold mine analogy, wouldn’t it be applied to Koran too?”

    No! The Quran claims to be the verbatim word of God. One single error invalidates the entire claim.

    There is no gold in the Quran. There is no truth in that book. A few good teachings plagiarized from here and there don’t make a book divine. But there is not even a few good teachings in that book. The few good teachings such as don’t bury your daughters alive, is plagiarized from the poems of Zayd ibn Amr who converted to Hanifi religion and taught Muhammad the stories of the Bible in the cave Hira. The evidence is in the poems of Zayd that have survived.

    The Quran contains either evil teachings or nonsensical and asinine statements. Show me the gold in the Quran.

    Every book has some good things in it. That is not what I call gold. Gold is something rare. Many of the teachings of Jesus rare gems. You can’t find the like of that in other books. Show me something NEW in the Quran that is not evil. It is hard to find banal good teachings in the Quran let alone gems.

  80. Ra says:

    Eric, All religions are based on superstition and faith not only the Abrahamic ones but also Hinduism with all its gods. You feel at ease in ridiculing only the Abrahamic ones as if the Vedic is somehow superior and scientific

  81. Ra says:


  82. RA – I’m all ears. Please, explain for me how OM and reason are at odds.

  83. Sina Spencer says:

    Dear Mr. Ali,

    About bible gold mine analogy, wouldn’t it be applied to Koran too?

  84. GOD says:

    The virgin birth of Jesus is bogus. Josef married Mary (a pre-marriage). If Mary wouldn’t or couldn’t give birth to a son or daughter Josef could have refused a second and final marriage. He didn’t and married his wife again for eternity. This was a custom civil law in ancient Judea. Unfortunately Josef died young and Mary married her brother-in-law and had more children (half-brothers of Jesus and a few were his apostles). This also was custom civil law there and then so young widows would not have to live a life in poverty.

  85. Phoenix says:

    Ra says:The funny thing about Eric is that he claims to be in the age of reason yet he believes in the Vedic and OM.//

    By the looks of it,I’d say you are projecting your inability to reason on others who don’t share your exact worldview.If you’re so logical,then give us a syllogistic argument to discuss.Why is your worldview true?

  86. Ali Sina says:

    In my opinion the story of Jesus contains a lot of myths. For example I don’t believe in the virgin birth or Jesus rising from his death and ascending to heaven with his physical body. These are the core beliefs of Christians, without which they think Christianity cannot be true.

    I don’t want to change the views of Christians, even though I feel sorry for them to base their faith on myths rather than on the spirit of Jesus. On the other hand no Christian will tolerate my version of Christianity.

    However, I found so many truths in the teachings of Jesus that I can easily ignore all the myths. And the more I learn about spiritual truth the more I realize the greatness of what he taught.

    I always liked Jesus, even when I did not believe in God. When Christians asked, “if you have so much respect for Jesus why don’t you convert?” I used to tell them, “do you accept an atheist Christian?”

    Since I discovered God, I gained a new understanding of Jesus and his teachings. I no longer see them as good but as keys to profound spiritual secrets. I don’t think it is possible for an enlightened man, especially one who had not read any book and was not a scholar of anything but a simple carpenter to come up with such profound spiritual teachings, expressed in such a simple words unless he was connected to the Source. The very fact that he could explain these truths in such a simple language is proof that he understood them perfectly.

    Jesus is indeed the Messiah. At least he is for me. I learned so much from him that I have not learned from any philosopher, master or guru.

  87. The literal Jesus story is a good myth for illustrating certain truths. However, where I begin to have a problem with it is when anyone asks me to take it literally. As metaphor, sure I’m down with Jesus. As historical person, not so much.

  88. Ali Sina says:

    I knew you grew up as a Christian. I did not know you were a born again Christian. In that case I don’t blame you for being repulsed by Christianity. I don’t think these people have any understanding of the essence of Jesus.

    After becoming disillusioned with Islam I studied other faiths, in particular Christianity. I rejected them all for the same reason. It took me testimonies of NDE to discover the real Jesus.

    The Indian yogis have found some truth because they found a way to travel out of their body. I read several books of people traveling out of their body and experiencing the spiritual world. Not all of that is good. There are levels and the lower levels seem to be filled with not so pleasant souls. You may also encounter other people who are still alive with a body and like you, roaming the streets.

    The only reliable source of truth, in my opinion, is NDE. People who die don’t enter the lower levels but go straight to heaven where they can experience the whole truth.

    As for Krishanmurti, I am a fan of him and my views coincide with his. Truth is a pathless land. Those who try to organize it destroy it. This is what has happened to Christianity. That is why I never joined any church. My faith in Jesus is personal. I walk with him alone.

    Jesus entered the temple court and drove out those who had converted that temple into a market, overturned the tables of money changers and the benches of dove vendors. He told them that it is written, “’My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a den of robbers.” What is so wrong in this? He did not hurt anyone. He made is very clear that the house of God is for prayer and not for business. No one was harmed or lost his property. They just packed and went outside the court to set their shop.

    You ignore all the wonderful teachings and examples of Jesus such as when he told the accusers of a prostitute that whoever of them is sinless let him throw the first stone. Or, “you have heard that it was said, ‘you shall not commit adultery’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. “ Or, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” And countless other teachings that if followed would transform this world into heaven and are indeed keys to our spiritual growth and salvation. But you focus on what in your opinion was harsh on a bunch of unscrupulous money exchangers and dove sellers. Doves were used for game and gambling. Even though you think what Jesus did in the temple was wrong, I don’t see it that way. He showed authority and courage and the rabbis knew. That is why they did not protest. He did what they failed to do and maybe they rented that court for that purpose.

    Interestingly, right after overthrowing the tables of money exchanges, the blind and the lame came to him at the temple, and he healed them. That part of the scriptures, however, does not seem to be of much importance to note.

    A person who knows the truth can recognize it no matter where he finds it. Truth can be found in many places just as gold can be found in many rocks. Yes there is truth in Vedas and there is truth in the Bible. If one fails to see one or the other, it is evidence that he has no understanding of truth. Good wine can be stored in different bottles. Those who are real connoisseurs don’t look at the bottle and don’t care about the labels. Those who can only recognize the good wine by its labels are not connoisseurs.

  89. Ali – I grew up in Christianity and when I was 14 became a born again Christian for 2 years. I have read the Bible and read the gospels many times. It seems to me that Jesus is something of an ink blot, whomever one needs him to be. The historical Jesus who threw a temper tantrum in the temple and declared himself to be the only way to god, to me he was the Rajneesh of the moment. I get the Jesus archetype, the one that existed before the historical Jesus. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I can see where it is useful to some people on the journey. But I do come back to evidence. I find no compelling reason to believe that the Jesus of the Bible has anything special that I need. There are teachers such as Swami Vivekanada and J. Krishanmurti, who I find to be more clear in their teachings while not declaring themselves to be the only way to god.

  90. Ali Sina says:

    Eric, I don’t find anything major in your views to disagree with. You may use different words to express yourself, but in essence you seem to say the same. My only concern is that you seem to reject Jesus only because of how he is packaged by Christians. Who said the Christians understand Jesus? My hope is that you ignore the packaging and discover the essence of Jesus. Imagine you are given a chocolate bar. You dislike the packaging and reject it. But only if you can overcome that aversion, throw away the packaging and take a bite you will be hooked forever.

  91. Ali – The author of one of the leading text books on Physics, Dr. Amit Goswami, is where I had first encountered the idea that non-local consciousness is the ground of all being. Chopra merely reminded me in a context I had not considered.

    I feel that so-called “reality” has dimensions to it and the physical dimension is one but not all. Therefore the material world is part of the spiritual world. But ultimately it’s all spiritual.

    So, where do things reside before they take material form? I have no problem using your term, Collective Consciousness or Universal Consciousness. I say non-local consciousness only because that feels right to me. It takes into account that the life forms on this planet may not be at the center or the Universe.

    Every single possibility and potentiality is located in OM. It’s just a symbol. But it means everything and nothing. It’s an essence and not a deity. Deities are clearly the product of the human imagination. And although I would consider deity worship a valid spiritual pursuit, it does have its limits. It becomes too easy to forget that what you seek is what you are.

  92. Ali Sina says:

    “I asked, “Does the mind exist in time or does time exist in the mind?” To which he answered, “Neither. They both exist in non-local consciousness.”

    What that is supposed to mean? It appears to me Deepak Chopra is using fancy words without saying anything.
    Time and space are faculties of matter. They cease to exist where matter ceases to exist. Consciousness is immaterial, therefore eternal and timeless. Consciousness exists independent of time and matter. So the “neither” part of his response is the only correct part. What does non-local consciousness mean? Consciousness is non-local. Do we also have a local variety of consciousness?

    “Non-local consciousness is the ground of all being. As soon as we assign motive to it, or a gender or a set of likes and dislikes, we make it too small in our mind’s eye and we cheat ourselves.”

    Perhaps you mean universal consciousness. In that case I agree. However, we are consciousness too but we have a personality. We have motives, and even present ourselves as male and female. It must be stated that we may change gender in each reincarnation.

    One woman who said she was small and felt intimidated and often bullied by bigger men remembered her past lives in her NDE and found out that in her previous life she had been a big guy, very abusive of women. She had to come back this time as a woman to experience how it feels to be the recipient of abuse and bullying.

  93. Ali – I’ve been looking into the NDE phenomenon for many, many years. The only books and documentaries I have found, which claim that people meet Jesus, were authored by Christians. And there is plenty of science out there which offers a more broad interpretation of the data.

  94. Ali Sina says:

    Although God is a person He actually does not care what we believe. That part is the figment of the imagination of religionists and is only created to divide and to control the gullible masses.

    I read stories of people of all faiths and no faith who died and were received by Jesus and greeted by God. I have yet to read a testimony where one was questioned about his or her belief. You are rejecting the false beliefs of religionists. That belief has nothing to do with God or Jesus.

    The reason I accept Jesus is not because if I don’t he will bar me from entering paradise. As long as I have love in my heart for other humans Jesus will accept me even if I reject him. I just think it is wise to accept him so when he embraces me I don’t feel too ashamed and embarrassed. But I know that my belief in him is no ticket to paradise and will not earn me any point by itself. All that counts is love. That is what Jesus meant when he said no one will go to my Father except through me. And that seems to be the fact as witnessed by many near death experiencers.

  95. I had the opposite discussion with Sam Harris. He claims that consciousness is only neurological activity, period. I disagree and find his whole approach to this rather pompous, which is unfortunate, because he is an influential voice in standing up to the barbarism of Islam.

    Many years ago I spoke to Deepak Chopra. I have mixed feelings about him, but the conversation was interesting. I asked, “Does the mind exist in time or does time exist in the mind?” To which he answered, “Neither. They both exist in non-local consciousness”.

    Non-local consciousness is the ground of all being. As soon as we assign motive to it, or a gender or a set of likes and dislikes, we make it too small in our mind’s eye and we cheat ourselves. Consciousness is the only thing we have and the only true wealth. As consciousness expands we have more because we are aware of more.

    The man in the sky with the son whom you must accept or be sent to a lake of hell fire, for all eternity, this is God 1.0

    But to recognize that non-local consciousness is the ground of all being – here is the merger between reason and mysticism. This is essentially what the OM symbol means and if one meditates on this it simply becomes self evident.

  96. Ali – I agree with you that everything is conscious and everything is consciousness. I also feel that the separation between the individual and “all that is” or “god” is an illusion, a trick of the mind.

    If you are going to put forward that there is something called “Hell” which is supposedly “separation from God” then I would like to see more compelling evidence. The part is not separate from the whole. Or as Ernest Holmes put it, “God in me, as me, is me”.

    The individual is a wave, a temporary movement that is also part of an endless sea. The sea (not literally, but infinite consciousness) is eternal, the wave is momentary.

    To assign a gender and personality traits to “all that is” this is the stuff of an ancient time, a time before we could look at subatomic particles, a time when many humans thought the constellations in the sky were gods. “Our Father who art in Heaven” is a mental construct. That god is too small. The illusion of a Father in Heaven may be a valid stepping stone toward deeper spiritual understanding, but we do ourselves a disservice if we drop anchor there.

  97. Ali Sina says:

    “Says neuroscientist Dean Mobbs.”

    Let us establish one fact first. Neuroscientists are as much an authority on NDE as are architects and mechanics. Neuroscientists cannot write the first sentence on consciousness. Therefore, for them to come and pontificate about a subject of which they know nothing is sheer arrogance. They simply take advantage of people’s ignorance of this phenomenon to establish themselves as authority. This is very important to keep in mind.

    Secondly, all these arguments are hot air. Yes people do hallucinate and many diseases and drugs also can induce hallucination. But the ones who have such experiences tell us their experience were not like hallucination. They were more real than what they so far had known as real.

    It is true one does not have to die to have NDE. One person said he fell from the horse and he had his life review before hitting the ground. Natalie Sudman a civil contractor in Iraq whose car was hit by a roadside bomb in which her driver was killed, had an amazing and long NDE that took him a book to explain. Her experience in reality lasted three seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WZ75H-nB2o Time ceases to apply where there is no matter. In the next world eternity and one minute are all the same. It is difficult to comprehend this but we know for a fact that time is only a product of matter.

    I too had a sort of otherworldly experience. I did not see anything but was informed, like remembering a great wealth of knowledge. I was taking shower and was in good health. I never lost awareness of this world. I experienced bilocation or maybe become bifocal. I was both in this world, conscious of where I was standing and what I was doing and also in another world downloading incredible knowledge at an amazing speed, almost like remembering as if I knew everything already. At that moment I knew that anything I wanted to know I could and all I had to do is turn my focus to it.

    You can do that also through meditation and Indians have been doing it for thousands of years. That is why the Upanishads is so scientific.

    “Traveling outside your own body is as easy as a video illusion,”

    Yes there are many techniques to disconnect body and consciousness. I have read several books on this topic and tried several techniques but so far with no real result.

    There are several techniques to induce OBE. The gadget in this article seems to work well. I would love to buy it and try it.

    Anyway, the important point that is never addressed in all the “scientific” explanation of NDE is that many of these people gain a mundane knowledge that is not possible to explain in any other way other than that they were actually out of their body. This piece of the information is never addressed. The deniers limit themselves explaining how it is possible for the brain to created super realistic images even when it is clinically dead. But they never address the piece that they can’t address, which is how these people could see and hear things without the help of their body.

  98. Ra – There is no conflict between OM and reason. However, I may be using the word different from how you are understanding. Think of OM as simply all that is. Where I differ in my perception from Ali on this is that I do not perceive “all that is” as a person, with likes and dislikes. To call “all that is” God and say “he” wants you to believe this but doesn’t want you to believe that – to me this is counter intuitive.

  99. Mark Munro says:

    Very interesting point of view Ali. Thank you for this.

    Although this does suggest the possibility of consciousness being external, it might also be that making the leap to God is a bit of a stretch without further investigation.

    Here is an interesting prospective. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/peace-of-mind-near-death/

    This article offers another view that suggests that consciousness is internal to the brain, and it creates the self, and the body as a result of its development.


  100. Ali Sina says:

    “There is no solid evidence of a Hell and there is no solid evidence of a Messiah.”

    What do you mean by solid evidence? You believe in God and in the independence of consciousness. What sort of evidence you have for these beliefs and why the same does not apply as evidence of heaven and hell and Messiah?

    Everything has its own measure. The measure of temperature is thermometer. The measure of weight is scale, and the measure of length is meter, etc. Just as you can’t gauge the temperature of something with a measuring tape, you should not expect to measure spiritual realities with material tools of measurement.

    The only way we can know about the other word is through those who have been there. For thousands of years this did not happen. People just did not come back, except in very rare cases, such as the one reported by Plato in his Republic. Since such stories were extremely rare, it was reasonable to dismiss them as anecdote. With the advancement of medicine, now millions of people who die are resuscitated and many of them report what they say when they had been clinically dead. We can no longer ignore all these millions of reports as anecdote. That would be sheer stupidity, especially when many of them wake up reporting what they saw and heard when they could not and even telling us what they say in other rooms where their body was not.

    It is these people that tell us God is a person, heaven and hell are real and Jesus is the king in heaven.

    We can either keep hiding our heads in the sand and make all sorts of excuses or pay heed. At the end it is our own salvation that is at stake.

    There are only three probable theories. The stories of NDE are all lies, they are hallucinations, or they are true. When you eliminate the first two as impossible the last becomes true by default, no matter how strange and improbable.

  101. Ali Sina says:

    Ra – And why would that be unreasonable? Have you read anything from Vedas? When you become a connoisseur of gold you can find it in any rock it is placed and in any river bank it is found. There is truth in Vedas as there is in the Bible. Anyone who rejects the truth of either one of these sources indeed does not know the truth.

  102. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Eric

    The essence of man is consciousness. That is also the essence of animals and all living beings. In fact the essence of every atom is consciousness. What is the origin of consciousness? That source is God. Just as all molecules of water on Earth, whether in the sky, in the mountains, under the earth, in the rivers, inside the living organism, whether in the form of gas, liquid or solid come from the ocean so all consciousness in the universe come from God. And just as the essence of all waters is the same, so is the essence of consciousness in all its manifestation.

    All sentient beings are created in the image of God, because God’s consciousness is present in all life forms. If we are made in the semblance of God, it follows that God is like us. There is no difference between God and his creation. We are all fractals of God, made of the same essence, with the same faculties and powers.

    Those who say the essence of God is unknowable speak of themselves. It is they who don’t know God. What is unknowable is the size of God, but its essence is known, because it is in all of us. It is like saying the essence of the ocean is unknowable. That is an absurd statement. The essence of ocean is water and that essence is in us. We all know what water is. It is what gives us life. What we can say is that we don’t know the size and the depth of the ocean. It is not difficult to know God. God is in all of us. We just can’t know how big is He.

    God is a person. I don’t mean a human. Humans are a species of animal. I am talking about our core identity. This identity is the same identity of God. It is also same as in other animals.

    Of course God transcends space and time. But we also transcend space and time. Space and time are faculties of atoms and anything larger. Particles transcend space and time. Our consciousness is of different substance. It is of the same substance of God. We are eternal beings, like God. Time and space does not apply to our consciousness.

    Many Christians are confused about Jesus and what he was about. Don’t let their confusion hinder you from seeing his truth. These people call me heretic. I never subscribed to their dogma in the first place. I never agreed with how they interpret Christianity. So that title does not apply to me. God does not want us to believe in absurdities, irrational dogmas and superstitions. Any Christian who has based his faith in these has no understanding of Christ. God is the maker of reason. God can’t do irrational things. Therefor we should not put our faith on irrational things.

    God is indeed someone. You can have a relationship with Him on a very personal level.

    What I say is based on the stories of NDE. Many of whom actually met God, talked with Him and felt His love penetrating their being. Some say they merged into God. How can that be possible if God were of a different essence? Some say God embraced them, hugged them like a loving father. He is a real being.

    For many years i kept writing God is a non-being. You can find my old articles still online. http://alisina.org/?p=1359
    I no longer hold such beliefs.

  103. Ra says:

    The funny thing about Eric is that he claims to be in the age of reason yet he believes in the Vedic and OM.

  104. The funny thing about religious ideas, such as Hell or a Messiah, is that they are perfectly designed to fit into our emotional sense of justice. These ideas are custom-tailored. But just because they are comforting does not make them real. There is no solid evidence of a Hell and there is no solid evidence of a Messiah.

    Just like Muhammad retrofitted his new religion, 1,400 years ago, to be appealing to young Arab men, so too has Christianity been concocted to support the power structure of it’s time. In the age of reason, fewer people are believing in a literal Jesus. But as the Islamic world lacks the supervision of civilized people – whether within their own ranks or from the outside, an invading force who can provide some adult supervision – the largely illiterate people who are born into Islam will sometimes even die for it, with entirely understanding what it is.

    If religion is to have a future, it must be re-conceived to align with facts and science and reason. The Abrahamic religions today are just a big blockbuster movie, where the protagonist is only as good as the antagonist (this is how we write commercial movies) and there are lots of cliffhangers and special effects.

    The Abrahamic religions are designed to sell and designed to survive. They are a sort of Algorithm which feeds into and supports and draws from everything we want or need to believe. But just because a Big Mac tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for you. The death toll of the Abrahamic religions is obscene and we must include the Crusades and the Holocaust in that figure. We can do better.

    The era of superstition and brainwash must end to bring in an era where science and reason are not at odds with mysticism. Then we will take a quantum leap forward in our understanding of who and what we are and where we fit into the Universe.

  105. I think the mistake in thinking here is to make god into a conscious singular being who rules over “his” Universe. If we are talking about the Highest Power, it must therefore be transcendent. It must transcend space and time, not be stuck in it, stuck in some religious story filled with explanations, comforting ideas and far fetched stories. The idea of “god” as a deity, as someone, is in my view faulty. If there is a “god” it is by nature beyond space and time and a mystery so great it is also beyond human comprehension.

    Those of us who grew up in the Abrahamic religions have a hard time conceiving of a god that is anything other than a character in a story, preferably male, limited in scope and judging us. That is the result of conditioning and NOT the result of deep and serious inquiry.

  106. Ali Sina says:

    A god that is infinite must also have infinite power. There should be nothing that he could not do. But the absurdity of this claim is known even to children. I was in the fourth grade when kids in my class started posing the question, can God create a stone as big that He can’t lift. You can’t answer this question either way.
    Now let me put it in another way. 2 +2 is equal 4. Can God change the outcome to 5 or to any other number? Of course not! That would be illogical and God cannot do illogical things. There lies the proof that even God has limitations. God can’t do illogical things, just as He can’t do evil. But evil exists. If evil exists then God is not infinite.

  107. Ali Sina says:

    “If god is not infinite then god is not god.”

    Why not? Is there any empirical, logical or any kind of evidence to definitely prove this claim? This is only a thought, for which there is no proof.

    Evil is not in our mind. It is not absence of good but as real as good. If I see a person in need and don’t extend a helping hand, I lack goodness. But if I torture him and enjoy watching his pain and suffering I am evil.

    One thing I had difficulty with was the concept of hell. How a loving could God send humans to hell and burn them and how such a God could be even called good?

    This question really troubled me for a long time until about three or four months ago I began watching some videos on Youtube under the title “Cops gone wild.” There are a dozen or more such videos documenting hundreds of police savagery. You can see cops beating people and doing to others, what no animal does to another animal. This is not the case of one or two bad apples. In none of these videos you see another cop stopping his abusing colleague. On the contrary, they join the party and all of them fall on the hapless citizen and beat him with such a vengeance that boils your blood. They don’t even ask why you beat this person.

    Here are a few of such videos if you want to get really angry.

    When you watch these you can no longer say evil is lack of goodness. These beasts enjoy inflicting pain. They are above the law and know that even if any charge is brought against them, other cops investigating them will exonerate them from wrong doing. They have each others back.

    After watching several of these videos I wanted to shout. I was almost in tears. I cried out God, where are you? Where is your justice? And then it hit me! I was praying for months to know why God has a hell. Well now I am at peace with hell. Hell is not for you and me. It is not for unbelievers as some silly religious people think. It is not even for criminals as most criminals come from very disturbed childhood and many of them mend their way as they age. Hell is for cops and people in power. They betray our trust. We pay them to save us and they use that power we gave them to satiate their sadistic animal instinct while portraying themselves as our protectors There is no such thing as good cop. You can’t be good cop. The very nature of the business transforms you into a monster.

    The psychology of this phenomenon was demonstrated by Philip Zimbardo in his famous Stanford Prison Experiment and we saw it replayed in Abu Ghraib. Power without accountability invariably brings out the darkest beastly instincts in humans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsFEV35tWsg

    You are transformed into a sadist the very first day you put on that police uniform. Don’t join police for it is your one way ticket to hell.

    Once you watch these videos, you can no longer say evil is lack of goodness. I believed in that all my life. Not anymore. Those videos opened my eyes.

    Evil exists and it is not in our mind. It is an independent entity. At every moment we can gravitate towards evil or towards good. We are free to choose. No one is categorically good or categorically evil. Even cops do some good sometimes. But one such evil savagery will blot out every good deed they have ever done. Now, when I see a cop I see a person who has one foot in the hell. Those videos were answers to my prayers. Not only I learned evil is real, I also am at peace that some people should go to hell.

  108. Good and evil exist in the mind. That we want to project those qualities onto a supernatural being, one who created the Universe and loves us, is also the product of the mind. If god is not infinite then god is not god. That which is infinite must, by definition, carry the full spectrum of ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. In the Vedic tradition the symbol for OM summarizes this. ॐ

  109. Ali Sina says:

    “Clearly there is a Higher Power.”
    Dear Eric,
    God is not power, force or energy. Those are things that make your car and computer run. God is a person. He does not have a material body. We will get rid of ours one day. The only difference between God and us is that he is much bigger. What is the difference between the consciousness of an ant and that of a human? Essentially, they are the same. They differ in size. The same is true between us and God. The gap is however, much bigger.
    Is God infinite? No! Infinity is as real as zero or negative numbers. These are only human concepts, just tools to make our math work. God is not infinite. Many people are so traumatized by this claim that would certainly call me a blasphemer. If God were infinite then everything would be God. Even evil would be God. A God that is both good and evil would be in contradiction with Himself.
    God is pure good. There is no shadow in God. But we see evil in the world. How can we explain the existence of evil if everything was God and God were all good?

  110. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Mark,
    In this article I posted a dozen of such cases. http://alisina.org/?p=3869

    But this is only a token. There are plenty of such cases. Note that I chose these videos because the people having NDE came back with verifiable information that they could not possibly have in any other way than going out of their body.

  111. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Eric,
    It is very likely that the Jesus of the Bible is a composite of many archetypes predating Christianity. That however, does not invalidate the truth of Jesus. You can dismiss many of the miracles associated with Jesus’s birth and death. It is possible that the zealot believers incorporated their own expectations to “package” Jesus for the consumption of the folks of that time. I don’t care about what the Bible says. Whether the birth of Jesus was miraculous or not is irrelevant. In nature it has been observed that many species of animals give birth without the help of male sperm. The process is called parthenogenesis. However, the child is genetically identical to the mother. So the baby must be female.
    I think the Christians have got this all wrong. Neither the birth of Jesus was miraculous not did he ascend to heaven with his physical body.
    Jesus was the son of God in spirit, not in body. We are all children of God in spirit. Our body is born to a father and a mother. It is therefore 50% of each. And in every reincarnation we choose a different set of parents. But our spirit is 100% from God and it has been so forever. We have only one celestial parent for eternity.
    There is no difference between us and Jesus, except in degrees. The only difference is that Jesus is highly evolved. He is our elder brother, but not different. In fact all souls are the same. We are by no means different from Animals or even plants. The same spirit of God exists in all living beings. It is just the matter of size. A molecule of water, a drop of water, a glass of water, a pool of water, a lake and an ocean are essentially the same. They only differ in size.
    I think those who insist Jesus was the son of God physically don’t understand spiritual reality. Jesus’ body was no different from ours. He ate the same food and grew the same way we grow, by excreting his dead cells and giving birth to new cells. His body kept changing every day, as does our body. We should not be concerned about his body. The reality of Jesus was his spirit. The same is true about all of us.
    By the same token his body could not have ascended to heaven. The material world and the spiritual world are made of different dimensions. There is no interaction between them. There is no place for matter in the spiritual world.
    I don’t blame you or anyone to think Christianity is illogical and unscientific. It is. Many people with dogmatic religious beliefs came back from their NDE, abandoning their church. Many of them met Jesus and realized none of the things their religion is telling them is true.
    I personally don’t want to do anything with Christians and Christianity. I created my own very personal relationship with Jesus. He is my friend, my brother, my guide and my savior. But I have no time to waste with religious people and don’t care to listen to their dogma. To me faith must be based on reason, evidence and facts not on superstition and dogma.

  112. Mark Munro says:

    With eyes and ears wide open, I’m listening. my dear Ali, please share one account of an nde that supports this view you have accepted.
    I have the utmost respect for you and your commitment to finding the truth. Please share an example that convinced you of the supernatural. Respectfully, Mark

  113. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Mark.

    I go where evidence and reason lead me. This is a rare quality of which I am proud and grateful. It was this utter dedication to truth and facts that led me see the fallacy of Islam and it was the same that helped me see the fallacy of materialism.

    I am now convinced materialists are just as close minded as religionists. Their brains work the same way, the only difference is its content. Whereas to arrive at the truth we have to restructure the architecture of our brain and learn to think differently. We have to go where facts and evidence lead us and not try to pick and choose what validate our belief.

  114. That there is a metaphysical dimension is clear. What we make it mean, with our limited understanding, is suspect.

  115. The Jesus archetype existed long before the historical Jesus, in many mythological forms. I too have researched Near Death Experiences extensively. I agree with clearly survive our death. But what is unclear is how much of the experience, before say someone is shocked by back to life on the operating table, is a trick of the mind and how much is real. Most of the material I have reviewed, over the past 20 years or so, about NDEs, does not include a Hell or a Messiah. I am very interested to know what your source material is on this.

    Clearly there is a Higher Power. I feel that is self evident. And anyone who has done some serious soul searching has likely discovered we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But there is a difference between a the messiah archetype and a literal, historical person who is the only way to “god”.

    The part is not separate from the whole. The concept of Hell is separation from “god” or Source. If “god” is infinite then do the math. That which is infinite I can never be separate from. The part is not separate from the whole. The wave is temporary but the ocean is eternal.

    That which is infinite cannot, by definition and design, have only one way to access it. I am that. You are that. Everything is that and that is all there is.

  116. Mark Munro says:

    I see no evidence of the supernatural in NDE testimonies. Ali, how did you make such a huge leap of faith from such a strong anchor to reality and reason?

    i loved hearing how you freed thousands of minds from the bondage of superstition. What has happened to you?

  117. In the summer of 2008, i don’t remember the exact date. i was asleep with my dog beside me. i dreamt , but the dream was a feeling, just a feeling… A feeling of huge joy, an indescribable joy…I don’t remember that i saw anything or anybody in that dream..it was all about feeling… I just remember that i was saying in my mother tongue “i don’t want to go back’ twice …i meant i wanted to stay in this joyful state and i didn’t want to go back to my normal life. But one thing was sure about this dream, it is related to christianity somehow. How, why i don’t know. I couldn’t forget this dream till now, despite i saw it just once, and i really wanted to see it again, but it never happened …I told this dream to some of my friends, all of them commented differently…I know, in this time i was thinking a lot about death , and still till now i think about death…and it could be a logical translation from my unconscious mind to this fear…Till now i remember that the feeling in that dream was so real….but it could be a simple unconscious response to my fear of death only, …. or what? I need a logical response, because i’m not this type of person who believe in superstitions or the things like that.