Clash of Worlds

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. GaneshRaj says:

    KamarudinTaib Scheherazade

  2. LaurenJanell says:

    In parts of Africa, many leave islam every year and most likely convert to Christianity or become atheists. muslims are such sad people because the very foundation of their faith seems to be based mostly on numbers. If more and more people leave islam, then the foundation of your faith becomes threatened, which is why the punishment for leaving islam is death. A lot of converts to islam eventually realize that it’s not the peaceful, perfect ideology that you make it out to be so they revert back to their previous religion or just abandon religion altogether. In Iran, many people are leaving islam despite the fact that doing so is a potential jail or death sentence.

  3. KamarudinTaib says:

    Scheherazade only if you believe you exists will there be an indoctrinated and an indoctrinator.

    we Muslims believe that the only existence is Allah and nothing how can there be another?

  4. KamarudinTaib says:

    Scheherazade are you admitting that Muslims are getting more populated vis -a-vis non Muslims?

    for all your esteemed knowledge, you’ve failed to understand that Allah had seen it coming 1400 years ago when He laid His rule for Muslims to have 4 wife’s….we Muslims don’t have the problems associated with non Muslims who have a single wife whereby children out of wedlock is left with no legal rights whatsoever.

    You also didn’t understand the livelihood of each and every person is not in our hands except but Him. Therefore we do not practice contraception which by nature is unnatural…but if you believe that contraception is good for you, then by all means you carry on even though contraception is just a useless tool we believe can stop life procreation,..if it does, why on earth many couples having normal sexual activity still could not bear any children? Didn’t it shows that only if Allah’s will can we be granted children and it’s the same for contraception. You can put as many contraception as you like but if He wills you will still get pregnant and bear children!

    For us, we have trust in Allah to understand that we’re just a puppet in his grand design and we’re just following the flow as He ordained upon us for now and ever…and be at peace with Him and His creations including you..,.Amen

  5. KamarudinTaib says:

    LaurenJanell ,

    show me the proof that millions had converts to other religion than Islam.

    I think you got your fact wrong!

  6. Scheherazade says:

    You sure Muslim population doesn’t get bigger via four wives for each man and producing children without contraception?

  7. Scheherazade says:

    Nothing is more indoctrinated than the indoctrinator.

  8. Ianjonesy says:

    KamarudinTaib  So I suggest that you go back to the middle east and continue with your book of lies. The sun sets in the murky waters, the sun revolves around the earth. Men can have sex with animals. If you can’t understand it just blow it up. Allah only exists in the minds of fools.

  9. LaurenJanell says:

    You’re funny. Millions of people leave islam, especially the muslim converts.

  10. radan says:

    follow up

  11. KamarudinTaib says:

    cos it’s Allah’s will that all mankind will becomes Muslim in another 100 years or so!!
    Didn’t u realised that demographically Muslims population are getting bigger and bigger? It’s either through converts or death among the non Muslims.
    Say what u will but this is something that cannot be denied..see the population in Europe and the exponential increase of the Muslims there. It’s not shrinking and by Allah’s will this will happen in the very near future..Amen

  12. Ucok says:

    I still don’t understand how on earth mind of more than a billion people were twisted by such evil teaching without realizing it.

  13. Ibn Kammuna says:

    Well said brother