Deadly Devotion and the Doom of the Western Civilization

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Paul Lieu says:

    Hi Ali, I admire your passion in exposing Islam and particularly its ultimate impact on Western civilization’s future. Keep up the good work!

  2. Harold says:

    I respectfully disagree with you in regards to jehovah witness’s they are good people and they truly follow the bible. i have attended meetings with them and if it is learned that a man is beating his wife that would not be allowed. please do not slander other religions unless you educate yourself first. you have slandered a very peaceful group of people who for the most part does not get involved with politics are other controversies

  3. Lyu says:

    Iffo, the meaning of واقتلوهم which murderer mohamed used in surah all baqara,ayah 191 is exactly kill,slay,put to death. Quran is full of evil,it simply mirrors sick ideas of it’s author.

  4. iffo says:

    @ Phoenix
    “fight” implies to “war”. That’s what exactly what Muhammad and his companions did. They attacked and had wars with neighboring tribes and later neighboring countries. But after invading the countries what they did, did they kill the unbelivers civilian population because Quran 9:5 says kill them where ever you find them? No they did not, they said accept Islam or pay “jazia”. So saying Surah 9:5 says go and kill unbelivers any where is not correct,. Islam or Quran does not say just go and kill others for being non muslims.

  5. Phoenix says:


    \\@Lyu/Phonex It does not work like this, you can not take one statement and say it applies to everybody with out knowing what is the full story. That statement was directed towards un-belivers of Mecca that if they don;t leave after 4 months kill them//

    First, you made a universal statement that nowhere does the Quran command muslims to kill unbelievers. I merely countered your statement with an understanding of the term “fight” in context of the Quran’s verses, which mostly amounts to bloodshed.
    Second,if you are going to restrict the pagan incident in surah 9 to a past event, then you must do so with the entire chapter since it was revealed at the battle of tabuk, and any verse used as inspiration is being used out of context because that context is strictly war in the 7th century.
    Third, by limiting the entire chapter to a past specific period renders the surah redundant.
    Last, if there is a redundant surah in the Quran then Allah lied about the quran being a guidance for all mankind and the Quran is not universal. No muslim will concede such a thing, therefore they must take recourse to every ayat and surah.
    An American general saying in 1940 “kill the german soldiers where ever you see them” does not mean an American soldier today see a german soldier should take his gun out and shoot him.What you are saying is quite immature and laughable//

    Your analogy does not seem to fit. There are Germans living in America without fear for their lives. There are no pagans in Arabia,so muslims have quite eagerly embraced the verses that calls for the annihilation of pagans,as a universal decree.

  6. iffo says:

    @Lyu/Phonex It does not work like this, you can not take one statement and say it applies to everybody with out knowing what is the full story. That statement was directed towards un-belivers of Mecca that if they don;t leave after 4 months kill them. An American general saying in 1940 “kill the german soldiers where ever you see them” does not mean an American soldier today see a german soldier should take his gun out and shoot him.What you are saying is quite immature and laughable. Islam is plenty bad / evil already you don’t need to mis-represent like this to make it look bad. This way you loose credibility once others see that you are not truthful and purposely twisting things.

  7. Phoenix says:


    It seems the primary objective of the Quran and Muhammad’s morality has eluded you, which is: “savagery in pursuit of the goal”. The goal is of course Islamic domination and any tactic no matter how brutal, inhumane and irrational it may be to achieve the objective is welcomed. This is the doctrine of Consequentialism, also shared by Leftists.

    You are also engaging in a semantic dispute. The Quran does indeed call for the killing of non-believers although it preferably uses the euphemism “fight”. What is the purpose of fighting per Quran, if not to kill? And can you provide a context from the hadith showing otherwise?

  8. Lyu says:

    Iffo,I dare to be disagree with you that the time is matter in case when one order to kill in his book. Again,quran says kill those who disbelieve. This is a crime. The time is not excuse here.

  9. iffo says:

    Indeed time matters, you need to have some knowledge of Islamic history to understand the context of quran.

    I am an ex-muslim. I at the same time a fair person . I dont like people wrongingly accusing with out having enough knowledge. Indeed quran is a bad evil book prompting hate towards non muslims. But like I said still it does not say kill non muslims. By you saying it does means nothing , you need to show me and prove where it does.
    If you can not prove then you accusations is not valid .

  10. Lyu says:

    Iffo, yeah the time is not a matter. That evil book,known as quran,was recorded after this mad guy mohamed passed away,based on his sick hallucinations,sick fantasies and it is rulebook,inspiration for blind,brainless,unconscious followers and it simply and directly says kill everyone who does not agree with mohamed’s sick ideas,wherever you meet him! Great effort,iffo! Keep looking for excuses to apologise evil coming from this bloodthirsty book. To be objective and admit that black is black- quran is just a piece of shit,one must be conscious,but you seems just a blind follower.

  11. iffo says:

    @Lyu Muhammad 4 months warning was wrong but that’s a different debate. Point is his 4 months warning does not implies that muslims can kill non muslims whenever they want . Muhammad neither his 4 main companions, Abu , Omar, Osman or Ali did not set any such example .

  12. Lyu says:

    Iffo,ah such a “mercy” from pedofile mohamed to give people who don’t share his craziness and hallucinations to leave the city!! Who was he to order?! Holy ( read fucking) quran is the rulebook for murder .

  13. iffo says:

    @Lyu what ayah in 19 and 39 ? As far as 9.5 is concerned it is not a license to kill non muslims. It is talking only about the time when Muhammad gave 4 months to unbelievers of Mecca to be safe in Meeca , after 4 months either they leave the place or will be killed.

  14. RealityCheck says:

    The photo is of the cargo ship Vlora, which carried 20,000 Albanians to Italy in 1991 after it was hijacked by crowds of migrants fleeing the poor post-Soviet economy. The letters “LO” in VLORA on the ship’s bow have been photoshopped out probably to make it harder to identify the source of the photo.

  15. tamargladtidings says:

    That picture in the article is from an italian movie – please use truthful pics that are of the article story – Thanks

  16. iffo says:

    Lyu, your comments above about Muhammed and quran are correct except that no where in quran it says go kill non muslims just for being non muslims. Neither there is any saying from Muhammad that says that.

  17. Lyu says:

    Iffo,quran- which is word of pedophile,assassin,psychopath,murderer exactly says go and kill who doesn’t share his ( pedophile) ideas about idol allah. For five years I was cheating myself trying to find an excuse of each massacre mentioned in this bloody book and hadeth,but enough means enough! Why to call things white while it’s obviously black and you know it well,iffo. Ex-christan,ex-muslim,now finally human being. Have a great day!

  18. iffo says:

    Lyu, Quran does not say go and kill non muslims, just because they are non muslims.

  19. Lyu says:

    Sorry,iffo,but quran says exactly go and kill! Sure not all muslims are killers,those only who follow quran and sunnah,righteous only.

  20. iffo says:

    I will have to disagree with Ali here, not all muslims are killers and want to kill unbelievers despite what is in quran. In fact even quran does not say go kill innocent people. Yes there are some bad muslims so I agree Muslim immigration should be stopped or reduced because few bad are enough to cause problem.

  21. stanley says:

    In every country where there is no freedoms allowed, their own citizens fight for it- look at all the African countries that once were colonized- so why aren’t the Syrians fighting for their own independence? why should other countries sacrifice billions of dollars, and their own blood for this country? No there is another sinister force at work here- all these rebels could have been armed before they reached Europe (whilst on the Greek islands) and then returned as a fighting unit back to their homeland. The Pope and the EU leaders made a deal with the devil, which included that these jihadists do not come to Rome!!! There is a war coming folks.

  22. stanley says:

    I suggest a group of vigilantes- we must start to threaten those in power, in the media, in all high government positions that the truth of islam must be shown on TV and all media outlets, newspapers, magazines, then ask the non muslim citizens to decide/vote if this religion of death be permitted in their country. At present there is a few politicians making decisions for the whole country- these guys must be removed by force. If there has to be a war, so be it.

  23. sheyda says:

    Jizya tax would be appropriate. Since we need to monitor the young men, they should pay for it. If they don’t want to work, they should return and do jihad elsewhere.

  24. floare says:

    Wow, really good article. Thank you so much for writing it.

  25. Ra says:

    Muslim men migration to Europe will continue full speed because European women welcome them with open legs.

  26. Lyu says:

    Europa,instead “Eurodance”

  27. Lyu says:

    Ethnic Arabs in Eurodance it is a fifth column. They are potential enemies. If they do not have the mind or the courage to objectively assess the origins of their religion, then experience of I.V. Stalin, resettlement of peoples, there would be an effective solution.

  28. James says:

    Absolutely superb article Ali.

    Merkel has blood on her hands for opening the gates of Vienna. If she had any conscious she should have already resigned. Sadly, the CDU/ CSU have no politicians willing to replace her. I believe very soon the Bundestag will lose control of parts of Germany as Germans take matters into their own hands to defend their homes and communities.

    Tony Abbott proved that Australia could stop boat people and Victor Orban demonstrated that you could build a fence around your country and stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of people – people who have entered without their being any background security checks.

    Sad reality is that Australia had another coup (though the Operation Sovereign Borders still remains) and the EU is ignoring the success of Hungary’s fence.

    Europe has a history of very bloody wars and I think we are seeing the beginning another war.

    ‘While the storm clouds gather far across the sea, Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free’ – God Bless America.

  29. ExMuz says:

    Hi Ali. It really is not possible or practical to send all muslims back to their home. First you do not know who is a real muslim and who is muslim in name only. Second what if their origin of country won’t accept them? They maybe are french citizens, where do you send them then? The best thing is ťo forbid islam and a start a big information campaign against islam, as costly as it can be. West must stop being PC. The muslims need to hear that their religion is demonic and originated from a gangster and child molester, that we owe them. We sure can save many of them from their delusions, those who can’t be saved and continue to spread their shitty religion should be ousted them from country if possible or jailed and sterilized so they can’t propagate. It’s harsh, but we need to be that against these people because they won’t be mild to us the day they take over.