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Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Mihir Pandey. says:

    Bengali edition is required if possible. It can be reach a billionss of bengali people.

  2. Upendra Nath Gupta says:

    Hindi me kaha milega

  3. Umendra says:

    Kind request to provide Ali’s material/articles in HINDI

  4. I shall be very much thankful, if this book is made available in HINDI !

  5. Aditya Singh says:

    Can u available this book in hindi also? Most of the indian Muslims understand Hindi and there is a need of transformation in indian Muslims also.

  6. TruthTriumphs says:

    I have read the book. Excellent job. This book should be read by more muslims.

  7. @Firas: Authentic hadiths are clear proof that Muhammad was a cruel man (atleast compared to an average man today).


    1) Ordered to kill anyone who leave Islam.
    2) Declared that he will expel all Jews and Christians from Arabian Peninsula and LEAVE ONLY MUSLIMS.
    3) Murdered hundreds of Jews for failing to help him in war. Among murdered included boys who were just starting to grow pubic hair.
    4) Sold their women and non pubic children in the slave market.

    Which of these do you deny? All these have proof in authentic hadiths.

  8. Ali Sina says:


    To be taken seriously you should read my book first and then show my lies. Otherwise you sound just like a fanatical brainless Muslim which hopefully you are not. Read my book and show my lies with facts and not only you will discredit me you will also win $50,000.

    You can list all my lies right here without censorship. .But you have to back everything with evidence just as I have done in my book.

  9. D Bhattacharya says:

    Firas, look at the history of your religion, the way it was spread, the persecution of non-Muslims in the countries where Muslims form a majority, and compare the same to the ones where they are a minority lot, and enjoy, equal rights with native inhabitants, while denying the most basic to the minorities at places wherein the Islamists have already established the supremacy, demographically; perhaps then, you will realize the myth behind Islam.

  10. Firas says:

    The Seerah of The Prophet can be taken from authentic ones like the one of Ibn Kathir.
    Ali Sina lies, with fake proof, unauthentic references, fake islamic facts
    Read abdurrahman.org
    Or bakkah.net
    Or islaam.ca
    Or salafitalk.net

  11. Firas says:

    Listen here. Don’t be foolish. Islam did not get popular because of terrorism. Islam hates terrorism calling the terrorists the dogs of hell. If ali sina studied authentic hadeeth WITHOUT MISUNDERSTANDING this error would not have been made!

  12. exmuslim1 says:

    I have read it in one week, and you basically put in very clear words what I had been thinking for such a long time. The only question I have is, some muslims claim that you cannot really use biography by Ibn Ishaq, as it is not so trustable, there are many ahadith with weaknesses in it and this Ibn Ishaq is not so trustable person himself. Can you debunk this?

  13. Ali Sina says:

    @How the Quran changed the life.

    All the points you raised in your comments are valid and true. But Muhammad did not marry his aunt. I don’t know where that story comes from. Muhammad’s first wife was a few years older than him, but not 15 years as historians claim. Muhammad last child was Fatima who was born when he was 35 years old. This would have made Khadija 50 years old, which is highly unlikely for a woman to give birth at that age.

    Anyway Khadija was a wealthy widow and Muhammad was a pauper. So this was a very convenient marriage for him. He did not have to work after that and lived on the wealth of his wife until all her wealth vanished. By the time Muhammad left Mecca the family was reduced to poverty. Later he amassed a lot of wealth through raids and robbery.

    Muhammad was unable to marry another woman while Khadija was alive. He was living in her home and had not money of his own. I doubt Khadija would have liked to support her husband’s other wives.

    After the death of Khadija Muhammad married Sauda. Sauda’s husband, along with another Muslim converted to Christianity when they migrated to Abyssinia and both of them mysteriously died.

    Sauda was perhaps 23 to 33 years old when Muhammad married her. He was 50 years old. But Sauda was a large woman and not very attractive. So Muhammad divorced her a few years later when he had a lot of younger wives. Sauda feared that she would die out of poverty and begged Muhammad to keep her as his wife and told her that he does not have to spend any night with her and could go to her favorite wife Aisha when it is her turn. Muhammad accepted the deal and kept Sauda as his wife. This was a very smart move by Sauda since after Muhammad his wives received huge amount of wealth from the booty. One day Sauda proclaimed, Subhanallah, now they bring to me coins of silver in bags of burlap.

  14. http://agniveer.com/quran-puran-bible/

    When I learnt that Prophet married his aunt who was much older to him, I was shocked. I was brought up with a mindset that every lady elder to me is equivalent to my mother. My history teacher told me that he did so because she was a widow and he wanted to give her support.

    My immediate counter-question was – What do you do when you have to give support to your mother?

    Obviously there were no answers and I am seeking them even till date.

    There were several facts about Islam that I simply could not digest:

    A Prophet is supposed to be a saint, why did he marry 9 times and kept so many concubines? Why did he marry a child when he was so old?
    Why does it refuse to treat a woman as mother? Why sex and child-production are the only practical purposes of a woman? Why does a Prophet instruct on how to distribute women as slaves after winning a war?
    Why is there no concept of spiritualism and self-control in Islam in matters of sex, violence and food?
    Why does Islam provide descriptions of a paradise full of nude women, young boys and wine? Is that the ultimate goal of life?
    Such great hatred for non-believers in Prophet that even loot and killing is allowed.
    Quran was full of tremendous amount of self-contradictions and mockery of science.
    I could not digest the story of an angel coming to Prophet and then Prophet getting gyan from Allah whenever he was in a tight or embarrassing spot.
    You are not supposed to question the Prophet. That makes you a candidate for deadly Hell.

  15. Vishal Arya says:

    Excellent job indeed .. Sir plz provide hindi translation too .. that would be grateful for hindi readers also ..


  16. Ayimbila says:

    Thanks a lot for making it available to us, can’t wait to read it.

  17. Click on the language

  18. Truth Seeker says:

    Download link?