What is truth?

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Indian says:

    Mr. Ali Sina, you went from an Iranian materialist/atheist to an spiritual person.
    You are talking more along the lines of some branches of Hinduism and also Buddhism with hint of science.
    How was this change brought about and what were the various influences for that?

    Here is a story for you, a descendant of once glorious ancient neighboring Persian civilization about India and also Indonesia.

    India has been fighting islam since its inception.

    muslims destroyed world’s oldest university in India and burnt all the books in library which lasted for 3 days and then destroyed Buddhist university and libraries.

    read the wikipedia Battles_of_Tarain link about the war that brought islam into India.

    Indonesia Kings converted to islam to tap in to the lucrative Arab trade between Arabia, India.
    the Indians interacted with Indonesia through trade route access until the 13-14th century, but after the destruction of some major South Indian sea trading kingdoms at the hands of the muslim Khiljis, the arabs got major boost through trade route access to Indonesia. some muslim converted Indians, muslim converted Chinese and arabs used dawah and influenced the Indonesian kings into making Indonesia into a islamic state it is today.

    present day India
    Present Indians are getting influenced by islam trying to defend her culture and many extremist activities and crimes are cropping up due to increasing muslim population leading to some Indians getting influenced by koranic teachings. Government suppressing freedom of expression and issuing bans to prevent riots.

    Norway deported some muslims and the crime-rate was reduced by 30% withing a month.
    But India cant do that.some muslims when directed to faithfreedom and wikiislam , they claim it is all jew conspiracy.

    Indonesia and Iran also needs to get unshackled from islam.

  2. delan Rahman says:

    Nice Explanation. Seems like the movie of James Cameron “AVATAR”. If you had seen the movie you would find
    that your concept are envisioned by James Cameron. I like the way you explain it .
    Thank you so much

  3. Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Righteousness) as defined by Swami Vivekananda is a way of life without strict dos and don’ts and containing spiritual values. People all over the world following different faiths including atheists and agnostics can adapt the Sanatana way of life to know the purpose of one’s life and realize the Ultimate Reality. The uniqueness of Sanatana Dharma is that it satisfies the aspirations of people with less intellect and also those who have high intellect who do not believe in cock and bull stories, about god sitting in the heaven and the dos and don’ts prescribed in various religions of the world. For the less intelligent it says believe in any god you like/prefer and after gaining concentration, move to the next level that is contemplation and then finally became aware of who you are through meditation. For the highly intelligent Sanatana Dharma does not speak about god but only the merits of meditation. Here meditation does not means concentration but becoming aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, sensations and the game the mind plays and how to gain peace with oneself. In meditation one transcends thoughts, emotions and sensations and realizes the True Being. This realization is what sages call Ultimate Truth. Sanatana Dharma based on Advaita philosophy aims in this direction and does not depend upon theology to realize its aim. But if a person says that he has experienced the Ultimate Truth, it is difficult to accept as it cannot be verified. But doing meditation is not to prove something to gain or exhibit it to others but to satisfy one’s inner urge to know the purpose of life and his/her role in this cosmos. See http://sanatanaparishad.blogspot.in/

  4. sharad says:

    Mr Ali Sina,you are doing good job..

  5. Alexander says:

    Hey, give it a try and go to the French or Danish embassy. I guess after the brutal recent attacks, they will understand, how important free speech is, and how severe a punishment in Egypt might be in the end. Maybe if you speak well you’ll be able to convince them to get asylum as a person, who is politically persecuted.
    Good luck!

  6. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Sherif Gaber,

    You can’t get asylum while you are still in your country. You have to get out somehow and reach the country that you want to seek asylum from and from there apply. This is somewhat risky since it requires you to get out of Egypt illegally and enter the country of your destination also illegally. You will not be able to get a ticket and go to airport as it is very likely that you will be arrested in the airport.

    I don’t know how you can do it but maybe you can escape from south and make your way into a non-Muslim country. If however you can escape to a European country, it would be easier to apply for asylum.

    I pray for your safety. May God protect you.

  7. I’m sherif gaber. from egypt, the one who was sentenced with 1 year in prison yesterday for insulting religions .. If anyone can help me grant an asylum, please let me know as fast as possible ! thank you.

  8. Alexander says:

    Hey congratulations for leaving the path of meaningless hatred.
    I’ll recommend you to study some history and maybe at the end you’ll be willing to come back to your ancient Indian roots. You know, Islam came from the Arab Peninsula. When they exported it to Egypt, they whipped out the Phoenician language and the Christian culture and religion, when they exported it to Iran they persecuted and killed the Zoroastrian believers and whipped out a lot of the ancient Persian tradition and culture. India was once much bigger and Hinduism was spread in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even further. The Pakistani language Urdu is actually Hindi with some Arabic influence, because the Islamic conquerers whipped out Hinduism, persecuted and killed Hindus, destroyed their temples and forced Millions to convert to Islam. And afterwards programmed the Pakistani people to kill their Indian brothers and sisters. That’s the reason for the conflict this countries share. So maybe if you are looking for some spirituality you should try your ancient roots first, which were there thousands of years before Islam, and if it doesn’t fit you, then there are over 4000 Religions in the world and you should try to find the truth. Sadly everyone will tell you he has the truth, the Christian will tell you Jesus is the truth, the Buddhist that Buddha is, the Atheist will tell you that Atheism is, but you should decide for yourself. But as I understand it, a forced conversion is always bad, and the spread of Islam was mainly by sword and massive forced conversions. I wish you good luck.