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We are Against Hate, Not Faith

Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Beheading Infidels: How Allah ‘Heals the Hearts of Believers’

Warning: Images of Muslim Barbarians in action are included in this article SOURCE To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its “infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses—and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to the Koran and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Koran exhorts believers to “Fight themContinue Reading

Leaving Islam: Mohammad Asghar

First published in FrontPage Magazine in 2008 Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Mohammad Asghar, an ex-Muslim who came out of Islam after discovering its true teachings. Together with studying the Qur’an for over twenty-five years, he has also been writing his commentary on its verses – an endeavor, he hopes, that will help non-Muslim leaders,Continue Reading

A Story of Muhammad

Fighting against Islam?  A new weapon is now available.  It may seem as if you are banging your head against a wall. It seems as if no one wants to listen to what you are trying to say. You’ve tried explaining patiently, you tried explaining forcefully, you want to grab people by the lapels andContinue Reading

Why Diss Islam

Why Diss Islam* In the name of Allah (subhana wa taala), the Most Gracious and Most Merciful… Dear Ali Sina, I’ve watched your website and it was seemed informative, and i’m glad that you’ve expressed yourself about the wrongs of islam. But one thing that i am most displeased is the display of of theContinue Reading

Advance Praise for My New Book: “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel”

“A brilliant, compendious and exceptionally well-written piece of work, Iran’s Final Solution for Israel is Andrew Bostom’s most recent and probing analysis of Islamic Jew-hatred, as practiced by the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. Bostom scrupulously examines the evidence for the pervasive duplicity underlying and facilitating Iran’s nuclear program, along with American and Western delusionalContinue Reading

Urgent Plea for Help

12/4/2013 Dear Respected Sir/ Madam, we are Uamir & Alam. Pakistani citizens living in Sri Lanka. You published our story in March 2013. We would like to thank you for that. We have some serious issue which is happened just recently. Our lives are in great danger. Please help us if you could. Please readContinue Reading

Life in an already Islamized country: an apostate point of view

11/27/2013 Hello My name is G H, and I am from Bangladesh. I am a Muslim apostate and an atheist living in Bangladesh.  like most Muslim apostates,the reason behind my apostasy is the cruel and imperialistic nature of Islam, the so called “Religion of Peace”. It is not unknown at all that Muslim societies areContinue Reading

A Review of “Sex in Islam” by Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Abi Sarh

11/4/2013 The Book LINK to the Book page website Muhammad – the prophet of Islam – was a sensual prophet.  He married many. Many of his “marriages” targeted beautiful young widows whose bad luck came through Muhammad’s aggression against their tribes.  Muhammad and his rogue bandits killed the able men, stole the fortunes of theContinue Reading

The Sheikh: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said, Vol.2

11/2/2013 Volume 2 of Denis Shuz’s book is now published.  Denis Shulz is a master in writing aobut Islam in a common day language and story. Below is an excerpt from his book: Excerpt When Bernard Piffy arrived in Gaza City carrying a dog in a birdcage he didn’t think he would be thereContinue Reading

Call to Action: Please Save Sherif Gaber in Egypt.

11/1/2013 Editor’s Note: Sherif Gaber is a young Egyptian athiest. He has been targeted by the official establishment in Egypt, and by Islamists. FFI international was established as a voice for liberal democracy guided by freedom of expression and universal rights for every human being. This is why we target Islam. Islam is incompatible withContinue Reading

An Honest Heart-Felt Letter from an Ex-Muslim

11/01/2013 I still shake my head in disbelief … I consider myself an average person intellectually working in the financial world for past 20yrs. I have known ali sina for at least 15-16 years when he and his site was less known than today. A week later after 9/11 attack, I was on a NYCContinue Reading

An Ex Muslim’s Open Letter to Dr. Zakir Naik

Assalamu Alaikum, Zakir Sahab, This is Sarfraz Ahmed from Kolkata (India). You must not remember me, but I volunteered at Park Circus Maidan (Kolkata) when you visited the city in the year 2006 for a session. I have been in Saudi Arabia for five year and was a staunch Ahle Hadith and quite successfully propagatedContinue Reading

Muhammad’s racism against black people

Bukhari  (Book #87, Hadith #161) Narrated ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said, “I saw (in a dream) a black woman with unkempt hair going out of Medina and settling at Mahai’a, i.e., Al-Juhfa. I interpreted that as a symbol of epidemic of Medina being transferred to that place (Al-Juhfa).”


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