Comparative Religion Teachings

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  1. Poorva says:

    Thank you Satyam ??
    Beautifully explained
    Main difference between Dharma & religion is Dharma means deauty. Your deauty towers you, your family, your society, your nation & mankind. & you are solely responsibal for your act.
    One more thing about sanatan dharma is ‘blasphemy’ concept doesn’t exist, so no one has right to bash you for not beliving any God or kick you out from community.

  2. Hawking Eye says:

    Religion is opium to the masses, said a smart Alec. Man came first and religion thereafter. Hence it stands to reason that God and religions are all man-created. The first to benefit was the priest and his sponsor and this led to others wanting to share the spoils of office likewise. Earnings by temples, churches and mosques are tax-free and I do not know for what bloody good reason. Does all the money go direct to God for his consumption?

  3. SA says:

    I was a Muslim and embarrassed and had a guilty feeling that I was following a death cult. But abandoning that cult means death. Fortunately through a friend I came to overcome my dilemma and began living a civilized life. For those who want to follow me see