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Hajj Duty

According to the news, this year around 1.4 million foreign pilgrims went to Mecca to perform their Hajj duty in Ka’be. Ka’be was the chief spiritual place of pre-Islamic tribes-people...

The Doctrine of Sitr

Jon MC  The word “Sitr” itself is related to the Arabic word for a curtain or a veil, and carries the meaning of drawing a blind over something that is...

Dictatorship Through Democracy

Simon Hughes case was not an isolated incident, it is increasingly common to see politicians who are prepared to bend over backwards to accommodate the endless list of Muslims’ demands. It is a bad sign and unfortunate that an increasing number of those who join the political parties are ‘career politicians’, who are only motivated by their wish to make good living at any cost. They are keen to win the elections, not to serve their country, but to acquire power and financial gains.


Jake Neumann You are a good, moral, moderate Muslim living in the land of the kafirs and decide to go to the mall to shop. You enter the mall and...

Al-Ghazali: Muslim Destroyer of Philosophy

Paul Austin Murphy Introduction Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī (c. 1058–1111) is often referred to – by both Muslims and non-Muslims – as ‘the greatest Muslim after Muhammad’. Avicenna...

Story of Uqba’s Mockery of Muhammad and Muhammad’s Cruel Revenge

On their way back to Madinah, at a large sand hill, the Prophet [pbuh] divided the spoils equally among the fighters after he had taken Al-Khums (one-fifth). When they reached As-Safra’, he ordered that two of the prisoners should be killed. They were An-Nadr bin Al-Harith and ‘Uqbah bin Abi Muait, because they had persecuted the Muslims in Makkah, and harboured deep hatred towards Allâh and His Messenger [pbuh]. In a nutshell, they were criminals of war in modern terminology, and their execution was an awesome lesson to oppressors. ‘Uqbah forgot his pride and cried out, “Who will look after my children O Messenger of Allâh?” The Prophet [pbuh] answered, “The fire (of Hell).

The Death of Rawan – An Eight-Year Old Yemeni Bride

9/17/2013 It has been my custom since the beginning of the “Arab Spring,” to visit the Arabic-language division of the British Broadcasting Corporation, for the latest news coming from...

The Qur’an: Jesus is God

9/11/2013 Introductory Background Note: This article looks at Jesus from the Islamic perspective. Therefore, and for the sake of arguments, Allah will be considered as God, which is believed by...


9/7/2013 PAX ISLAM Eternal True Peace From The Religion of True Peace THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON ARTICLES OF SURRENDER These Articles of Surrender duly drawn up between the democratic peoples of...

Submission: Islamic Economics

9/7/2013 Jizya   There have to be reasons why most – nearly all – Muslim countries are in such an economic mess. (Those few that aren’t in such a mess,...

Islam’s Jesus

8/31/2013 The thing about Islam’s Jesus is that he’s not the same Jesus Christians know and love. He is not the Jesus of Christians. Just about the only thing Islam’s...

The War on Syria

8/28/2013 Introductory Background What is happening in Syria is not a revolution against the Assad regime, it is an invasion of the country. From the beginning, the Islamist rebels were...

“Islam” means Peace

8/28/2013 Want to hear a perfect and popular example of Islamic taqiyya? Well, what about, ‘Islam means [is] peace’? Or, as above, ‘Muslims for Peace’? In a sense, Islam does...

The Most Peaceful Verse

8/26/2013 …whoever kills a person, it is as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saves one it is as if he had saved all mankind… Introductory Background This...

What Muslims mean by “Knowledge”

Many scientists may rejoinder that if Muslims reject science, or evolutionary theory, when it comes to man or the Big Bang, or to anything which conflicts with Islam, then they are not truly scientific at all.

Semantics: What Muslims Mean By ‘Defensive Jihad’

8/23/2013 Throughout history Muslims have justified and rationalised every single act of Islamic murder and violence as ‘defensive’. Indeed Muslims, not long after the death of Muhammad, conquered almost one...

Hats off to Egypt

8/20/2013 The Egyptian people made the call loud and clear Egypt is making history again. The events taking place in that country are of extra ordinary significance. The events, which...

A Good Reason to Leave Islam

8/8/2013 Introductory Remarks The history of Religion is probably parallel to the history of man; they came to existence together and may disappear together. As humans became more sophisticated, they...

EDL: The Last Men Standing

Today, I read a piece by Dr. Tim Stanley (a historian) on Daily Telegraph that amazed me of the depth of ignorance of some westerners about Islam. In this article...

The decreasing freedom of free-speech.

Jake Neumann and Jon MC Introduction. In this article British writer Jon MC and American commentator and writer Jake Neumann explore some issues surrounding free-speech at present (2013). For those...

The Battle of Badr: Islam at its Best

Abu Sufyan was a careful leader. He knew what was on stake and how rich the caravan was. His strategy was to send spies to explore the roads ahead and screen them for gangs who might be tempted to raid the caravan. Indeed, the news came that there was a huge gang, an army in fact, under the command of Mohammed, waiting to ambush the caravan at the place called Badr. Abu Sufyan diverted the caravan to an alternative route that went towards Yanbu’, at the red sea coast. At the same time, he sent to Mecca to alert them that Mohammed and his gang were planning to ambush the caravan.

The Battle

Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s Unending Jihad

So what radicalized an otherwise intellectually brilliant student who had so much to offer his native country? One answer is certainly his Mosque attendance while a student in Hamburg. He chose to worship at the Jerusalem Mosque notoriously famous for being led by a fiery Imam who never ceased hurling curses and imprecations at the Infidels. I can only conclude that ‘Atta’s conscious and subconscious mind became saturated with that fire and brimstone preaching of the radical cleric. He now had justification from his spiritual leader to go on a jihad and do something great for Allah. His aim became to murder as many Infidels as possible.

No International Reaction to Massacre of 88 in Iran

We, all freedom-loving people, expect from this tribunal to release an official list of victims and perpetrators. Such a tribunal should not have much trouble forming the lists if political and economic interests of key powers would not dam it. The damage caused in the infamous genocide to the humanity must be handled in a fair and transparent court. To neglect such genocides cannot juggle the superpowers to secure credibility for their own people and peace for the world.

The Qur’an was written by Aliens – II

7/28/2013 This is a continuation of Part I of this series … Earth’s rotation is explained by Qur’an 27:88 and 7:54 According to the site the Earth’s rotation is...


7/21/2013 “Follow the evidence, wherever it leads.”                                                       Socrates Product Details Paperback: 308 pages Author: Sujit Das, with a preface by Ali Sina Publisher: (June 10, 2013) Language: English...

Muslims and Dreams

Being itself a collection of myths, it comes as a no surprise that the Quran endorses various kinds of of myths and folk tales. The existence of Jinn, Angels, the Jinx, the belief in magic and the random interpretation of dreams are only some of those fables endorsed by the Quran.

Iranian but not Muslim

Because of my appearance, name, and my lineage I have no complexes. Embarrassing to me is that despite my non-Muslim beliefs, the same people always ask if I am Muslim. To clarify: in totalitarian countries such as Iran, there are no correct statistics, with the help of which can be found, what percentage of the population have any convictions.

Living in the Dark Ages

7/4/2013 I can not be the only one who feels that we live in a very special time of human history. Our generation came to existence as the human civilization...

Can Muslims Reject Hadith?

6/29/2013 Introduction A Hadith is a saying or an act or tacit approval or disapproval in a valid or invalid manner by Prophet Muhammad. Great classical Islamic scholars have compiled...

Syndrome of Iranians’ Submission to Islam

Syndrome of Iranians’ Submission to Islam

Unsaid explanations left many generations of the people in Iran in their long puzzlement of submission to Islam. Although, after the freedom of Iran from the two-century occupation of the Muslim horde Iran became free, people did not restore their previous religion and culture, but remained faithful to Islam.

The reasons of this attitude remained long time a taboo until thanks to the plague of the Islamic regime, inner calls of the new generations finally slipped through approval of the facts. The obvious reasons of attitude are no longer unnoticed, a revolution of collective awareness in Iran. Among other socioeconomic factors, a psychological factor called Stockholm syndrome is one of the hypothetical factors.

The Struggle to Stop the Islamization of Turkey

Alewi intellectuals, who had gathered at a hotel in Sivas, died in a fire that engulfed the place, believed to have been caused by arsonists. This incident has become an integral part of the collective memory of Alewis.

The second group is the Kemalists. They maintain a deep reverence for the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

6/14/2013 SOURCE “It is part of a ‘war of attrition’ on the Copts in their own homeland.” — Adel Guindy, President, Coptic Solidarity Attacks on Christian children in Egypt are...


“The disbelievers will long to get out of the fire, but never will they get out there from; theirs will be an enduring torture.”

“Those damn Jews,” somebody muttered.

The Power of Faith

Hi Ali Sina, I had a correspondence with you I believe a couple of weeks ago, and you subsequently published my email on your website. I have been digging deep...

Reflections on the Month of Ramadan

6/7/2013 This article was posted on the Arabic-language reformist/Liberal online journal, Al-Awan (Kairos), on 29 August, 2010. It was authored by Sa’eed Nasheed, a Moroccan intellectual whose articles appear frequently...

Campaign to Redefine Jihad

6/1/2013    SOURCE Arabic and western news agencies are reporting a new campaign by U.S. Muslim activists to redefine the word “jihad,” which, they say, “has been distorted at the hands...

Sarsur: An Israeli Muslim Living up to His Name

Sarsur also spoke against Israel when it attacked Gaza strip to defend itself from Islamists rockets. He likened Israel to the Nazis. For those who do not know, Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Sarsur also spoke highly and praised Hezbollah; a terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran. He also spoke of an Islamic Khilafat with Jerusalem as its Capital. In short, the man is an Islamic supremacist.

“Islamic civilization” – the biggest lie known to mankind

I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

“Muhammad believed in women’s rights.”?

5/20/2013 The Islamic practice of taqiyya (lies, deception, obfuscation, dissimulation, etc. to advance and/or protect Islam) comes into play with this barrister’s (see image) every use of the English language....

Islam teaches Hate Crimes

Jake Neumann The American Declaration of Independence and the United States Bill of Rights are the most important declarations of humanity in history: We hold these truths to be self-evident,...

Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas

In previous decades in Egypt, the fatwas, or legal decrees issued by learned Muslims and based on Sharia law, revolved around questions like proper prayer, when and where women should wear the hijab, and if smoking was forbidden or permissible.

Questions on Safety, Prosperity and Opportunity

In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Islam has worldly objectives that are decidedly non-spiritual. Within nation states minority Muslim populations employ PC methods to intimidate as they work tirelessly by demographic, economic, or political means to promote special accommodations and concessions, until the government is totally Islamic in nature. Once in power, national aspirations by Muslim countries include regional domination, holy war, sharia law, and the end of the separation of church and state. Global aspirations include the end of democracy and all competing ideologies, as well as the end of individual free agency and free speech. Despite the endless self-aggrandizing proclamations otherwise, Islam is certainly not a source of social or political enlightenment as it mandates the destruction of all competing political, religious, scientific, and humanist ideologies

Islam Got Your Tongue?

5/12/2013 SOURCE As I put it at the end of my first talk, If telling the truth about something can get you killed, then that truth needs to be told again...


THERE CAN BE NO ‘RADICAL’ ISLAM WITHOUT MUSLIM SUPPORT Jake Neumann The media is covering up, or at least ignoring, Islam’s direct role in the Boston Massacre by re-creating the...

Palestinians celebrate Boston Bombing

Anyone remembers after 9/11, thousands of Palestinians ran to the streets, jumping up and down, distributing sweets and cheering? It is deja vu again. Israel National News reported: Jerusalem, Israel...

Urgent Message from Pamela Geller

Ask yourself: in the struggle to raise awareness about the jihad threat, what’s working?We are having a historic impact on the national conversation. But without your support, the work cannot...

Words of peace in the Koran

Jon MC We are continuously assured that “Islam is (the) religion of peace” by many people, both Muslim and non-Muslim. In particular, this happens every time there is some atrocity...

Radicalization of Islamic Nations

 I am from a small, majority Muslim country called Brunei Darussalam. For so long, we have enjoyed tranquility, peace, harmonious and acceptable tolerance towards other religion as well as each...

Aslim Taslam

Jon MC This is the transliteration into Roman characters of the arabic أسلم تسلم‎ which literally means “submit to Islam”. In several of Mohammed’s purported letters it is coupled in...

Exorcism: Is it Real?

Part II added Dear Ali Sina, I would like you to shed some of your marvelous knowledge on issue regarding spirits, jinns or demon procession in your site. After...

Equality for Muslim women will be the death knell of Islam

The battle of establishing the rights of women universally will also act as a key for defeating Islam. All Islamic nations must enact the Constitutional Amendment granting their women total humanity and equality. Those nations that refuse to sign and implement the Amendments will be thrown out of the international community.

Norooz Resists in Iran

Norooz resisted Islam when, in the 7th century, Muslims invaded Iran and resists today the Islamic regime. Despite all the ups and downs, Norooz keeps its genuine non-Islamic values and remains in the hearts and minds of most Iranians as a joyful festival and cultural heritage of pre-Islamic Iran.

Should India Give up Kashmir

SIR, What are your views on the Kashmir issue? We have had numerous wars, spent extremely valuable resources, and we’ve got nothing in return. Because of it being Muslim-majority state, there...

Privileged Caste of “Seyeds” in Iran

It is important to avoid any prejudice towards all Iranian Seyeds who are not clergymen, but happened to be born as Sayed. They are not forcibly close to the anti-Iranian Islamic regime. Many of them do not truly believe in Islam or at least are secular and have proved patriotic duty to defend their country against enemy of Iran. While we have great men with the title of Seyed or “Mirza” (maternal descent to the Prophet), turbaned Seyeds remain the most influential caste in Iran.

The Pact of Umar

Jon MC This is another of my previously published articles (2011). Again I have taken the opportunity to up-date it (Mar.2013). The Status of Non-Muslims Under Muslim Rule. From the...

Islam –The No-exit Open tribe theory

Thus, Muhammad established a tribe for himself that will take in any one, but will kill anyone who leaves it. In fact, this is Islam’s state today. For Muhammad, it was a personal psychological need as well as an economic need.

The Yamama battle and the preservation of the Qur’an

At the end of the day, a huge majority of the memorizers (Hafids) of the Qur’an were killed at Yamama. Abu Bakr did not seem worried about the fate of the Qur’an. His logic was that Muhammad did not worry about collecting the Qur’an as one unit book. So, why worry about it if Muhammad himself did not.

Jihad – the four forms and the West

Jon MC This article was originally published several years ago. Following a request for it’s re-publication I have taken the opportunity to update it and correct a few minor errors....

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part X

On Islamic Supremacy 2013, 17th Jan. Abstracted “Aina”. Egypt. The report details how mosques called on their congregations to attack and destroy a fully authorisedCoptic social-centre, which consisted of “a...

Bribery in Islam

There is also the fact that Allah, in the Koran, supports the use of bribery (K.9:60) rather than denouncing it as immoral…

My Jihad

64% of the Koran, 81% of the Sira, and 32% of the Hadith: 60% of the entire Trilogy text is devoted to the destruction of the kafir.

Muhammad and His Wives

With such a complexity, probably Mohammed himself would have trouble in telling which of those women would be included under wives, right hand possessions or offered to him and what would be the grand total of his true wives.

Islam is What Muslims Do

With the changing times and the inevitable changes in life style and circumstances, Muslims encounter new problems that never existed in Mohammed’s time.

Two more ‘Apostates’!

After all God couldn’t have expected only Arabs to accept Islam or understand it, that would be insane. I searched for answers and every time I found one, I found 10 more problems.

Islamic Slavery

Another extremely cruel, dehumanizing and degrading aspect of Islamic slavery was the large-scale castration of male captives.

Ayatollah Montazeri vs. Ali Sina

In the Bulletin Board of Jebhe Melli (Democratic National Front of Iran) I asked several questions about Islam. Someone reported them to Ayatollah Montazeri and he responded in his own...

The Dhimma’s Return

When the Ayatollah Khomeini ushered in the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, Muslims all over the world greeted this event with enthusiasm. At last, so it was thought, Islam would...

The Radicals ARE the Reformation

On December 1, 2009, Wafa Sultan and Daniel Pipes debated whether and to what extent a ‘moderate’ Islam is possible.  Although both are opponents of Islamic radicalism, on this question...

Politics Behind the Hijab

Contrary to what most people think, hijab is a fairly recent innovation in Muslims’ societies; it started gaining popularity only in the 1990s.

Quran: The Paradox Within

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam; was getting revelations from his lord and what Quran about is the sum total of words he obtained through divine route.

Heil Hitler, Heil Muhammad

During the Third Reich (from 1933 to 1945, the prime time of the Nazis in Germany), it was a strict law to greet the Fuehrer with ‘Heil Hitler’. People were...

I am the God

After all, why do we need a god if we, the humans, can act like a god – the fair, just and loving god, rather than looking for godly commands?

Run! Muslims, Run!!

Whenever Muslims are confronted with quotations from the Quran or Ahadith, they immediately counter with excuses.