Why didn’t Angel Gabriel reveal the Quran to all Arabians, and God give the Quran in all languages?

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  1. Hindu says:

    Steve- I dont understand what you are trying to say. Anyway if God can appear in one form , he can appear in multiple forms. God is not restricted only to appear as Jesus. Also only a sadist God sends people eternally to hell for the finite crimes they do. Soul has no birth and death. If soul has birth then it should have death.

    Prophethood is big hoax.These prophets says look God only talk to one person at a time and they even ask followers to kill the other prophet blaming them as imposters. Any one can go closer to God. Besides you says God gives free will to everyone. If that being the case, why God reveal to only selected few ?

  2. Richard says:

    The new testament was written – not in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, – but in Greek, at that time the most commonly understood language in the world (and in fact the only language of that time that is still a living language today). So God made a good linguistic choice there – and there is more. The bible remains a beautiful book when translated.. In our church the opening chapter of John’s gospel is read in multiple languages at Easter – and it sounds beautiful in ALL of them.

    At Pentecost God provided a miracle whereby everyone heard the apostles words in their own language.

    What a pathetic god allah is that he couldn’t manage to do such a thing and left his followers with an ambiguous text in an obscure language that only a few people in the world speak.

  3. No Pointing says:

    Angel Gabriel cannot reveal God’s word to humans, he is not God. This angel cannot talk to me, not even in future unless he destroy the whole of Islam. But God can speak to Christians, no need angel to speak to us.
    The reasons are this:
    – Jesus has taken away christians’ sins.

    – Christians’ old man are bury by the water baptism.

    – Jesus had sent the Holy Spirit of God to Christians through baptism of the Holy Spirit, God can speak to us ( Christian only ).

    Angel Gabriel will become Satan if he speak to Mohammad and muslims. To prove that angel Gabriel did not speak to Mohammad, God must destroy Islam.

  4. Kalyan Chatterjee says:

    how the verses were dictated under a sura, did Gabriel say to the messenger that this is verse under such and such sura before revealing it ?

  5. Steve says:

    “Why didn’t Angel Gabriel reveal the Quran to all Arabians, and God give the Quran in all languages?” Because that would be too easy for an omnipotent God wouldn’t it? He has to play a cosmic game of hide and seek and if you don’t “freely choose” (even though you are not even aware of his existence!) to “find him” you get burnt alive in hell for all eternity. The “good Gods” of Allah and Yahweh wouldn’t have any one to torture if they haven’t given you the “free will” to reject them. (Which is the same kind of *freedom* that an armed robber gives his victims – give me your valuables or I shoot you dead and take them anyway – it’s your “choice”.) So yeah God could have only brought the people who would believe in him into existence and he could have implanted the beliefs directly into people’s minds or simply revealed himself to all humanity instead of just one primitive mentally ill person from a tribe of savages in the desert thousands of years before Facebook and Twitter. But that would be too easy and would rob us of our “free will” (which it wouldn’t and which doesn’t exist exist anyway). So yeah fuck all those reasonable arguments you present because God can’t do that because it robs you of your “free will” to reject Gods “love” ( which as a result means you go to hell for all eternity -sorry no free choice for you once you die – “Good God” only decides to reveal himself to you once you are dead and then he puts you in hell because in your life he never revealed himself to you and all the arguments and “evidence” presented by his followers you found unconvincing (which you had no choice about). So yeah the answer is that you put yourself in hell by “freely choosing” not to be convinced (even though beliefs, feelings and opinions are not chosen) by the likes of the young earth creationist Ron and his *proofs* which are videos of Christian converts and the fact that Christianity defeated Islam EVERY TIME in military battle. (EXPLAIN THAT HINDU PAGAN? THERE CANNOT BE ANY OTHER EXPLANATION APART FROM JESUS DID IT.)

  6. Truth Seeker says:

    Islam is greatest cheating to mankind. But I do not know why people on high position never exposed Islam openly.

  7. No Pointing says:

    Angel Gabriel can only speak to Jews their personnel things. Angel Gabriel cannot speak to gentile arabs. If he dare to speak to arab, he will become Satan.

    As for Christians, the Spirit of God reveal all things to them. John 16:13, 1Corinthian 2:10.

    Angel Gabriel brought Quran to Muhammad was BS.