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Sun, Apr 20, 2014

The basis for the murder of Lee Rigby in the Koran – according to his killers.

Jon MC The above is a hand-written note given by Michael Adebolajo aka “Mujahid Abu Hamza” (translated “Allah’s soldier [and] father of Hamza”) to a passer-by after he and Michael Adebowale aka “Ismail Ibn Abdullah” (translated “Ismail son of the slave of Allah”) had mutilated and murdered Gunner Lee Rigby. It was used as evidenceContinue Reading

Allah has ninety nine names: Conceptual problems

Introduction It is no surprise that a simple name won’t attract much criticism or analysis. A complicated one does. It is the nature of things. The more attributes you mention, the more analysis and comparisons may arise between the different attributes. In Islam, the name of its divine entity, Allah, has ninety nine names. EachContinue Reading

Prophet Muhammad THE WIDOWMAKER (The Rape of Safiya)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPvB9C1YzVY This comic strip is part of Sex in Islam – According to Prophet Muhammad comic book. prophetmuhammadillustrated.com The story is based on The Life of Muhammad, by Ibn Ishaq, page 516-517 http://s26.postimg.org/43k5ia0p5/Sirat_516_517.jpg Muhammad killed Safiya’s father, husband, and family, before he took her as his wife. Muslim clerics used to say that Muhammad protectedContinue Reading

Wife-beating in Islam

Introduction There is a lot of debate between Muslims and non-Muslims about wife-beating. Something I’ve noticed a lot is that people are often talking passed each other on the issues, making it difficult to figure out what the truth is. So I wanted to bring some clarity. One issue that non-Muslims, and especially ex-Muslims, bringContinue Reading

The Illusion of Reforming Islam

 First published in Dec. 2010   Introduction Since, thanks to Islamic terrorism the interest to know Islam has peaked and Islam has come under scrutiny, the westerners began asking, where are the moderate Muslims. Well, there is none. The concept is absurd. Muslims view this issue differently. You are either a ‘good’ practicing Muslim or a bad wishy-washy Muslim. It’s theContinue Reading

Evolution as Science vs the Intellectual Hypocrisy of Creation Theory

(Updated: January, 2014) Introduction For thousands of years, scientists were searching for answer to the mystery of biological origin on our planet, because scientists could not quite accept incoherent religious folklore stories of “Creation Theory” fed by ancient Prophets. Then came the great genius, Charles R. Darwin, a naturalist, born in England on February 12,Continue Reading

Marches & Demonstrations in Paris Demanding a Referendum on Immigration

According to a report of Riposte Laique, the French website dedicated to stopping the gradual Islamization of France and Europe, Daniel Pipes will be present at the manifestations to be held in Paris on Sunday, 9 March, 2014. The following is my translation of the report showing how the French people, who are extremely concernedContinue Reading

Muhammad: A Beast or a Prophet

Introduction In this article, I introduce stories about prophet Muhammad. More than a billion human beings claim him for a prophet. They claim him as al-Insan al-Kamel (the perfect man). So, it is always a useful realty check through stories that we know about him that we can know who he is. My writing willContinue Reading

Betrayal of Islam? Or Betrayal to Islam?

On 22 May 2013, two militant African Muslims armed with knives and Koranic quotations beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight in the streets of Woolwich, London. The murderers praised Allah and stated that the British would never be safe in their own streets anymore. The unarmed man beheaded by the two Islamic fanatics wasContinue Reading

Honor Violence: And why nobody should demand respect

SOURCE Introduction Honor violence is a sort of violence committed where the perpetrator’s goal is to regain his honor. Mostly it’s committed by fathers to their daughters after going against cultural or religious norms like rejecting an arranged marriage, or adopting a Western lifestyle. It’s a huge problem in Islamic communities[1], and it’s something thatContinue Reading

Women’s Day faces Islam

The International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 was celebrated with the Clara Zetkin’s idea declared by the International Socialist in a conference of Copenhagen in 1910. Clara Zetkin was a German female activist of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The claim of gender equality is indeed above any ideology because communist regimesContinue Reading

Qur’an 9: 29

Qur’an 9:29 or Koran 9:29 analysisContinue Reading

You can break your oath

Bukhari – Volume 9, Book 89, Number 260: Narrated ‘Abdur-Rahman bin Samura: The Prophet said, “O ‘Abdur-Rahman! Do not seek to be a ruler, for if you are given authority on your demand then you will be held responsible for it, but if you are given it without asking (for it), then you will beContinue Reading


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