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Mon, Sep 01, 2014

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part XIX

Jon MC As before the sources for all these quotes are on the internet, links correct at date stated. . On non-Muslims. 2014, 27th Mar. Abstracted “BosNewsLife”. A Pakistani court has sentenced a Christian man, Sawan Masih, to death for “blasphemy”. Masih was convicted of insulting Islam’s Prophet Mohammad during the course of a [private]Continue Reading


In part one of this two part article we used the hadith to show that: Angel Gabriel (supposedly) fought for Muhammed in his attack on the Banu Quraiza. That despite the intervention of the “killer drone” Angels, it still took 25 days of siege to break the Quraiza. That Muhammed and Allah were directly responsibleContinue Reading

The Trinity for Dummies

A Muslim asked me regarding the Trinity. The concept of trinity is one that Muslims can’t get their heads around. It is not because it is difficult to understand but because Muhammad could not understand it. If Muslims understand it, then it becomes evident that they are smarter than their prophet, which proves he wasContinue Reading


THE IMMORAL EVIL PERFECTION OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Part 2 of Series “Prophet Muhammad – An Epitome of Moral Perfections or Paragon of Evil?” exposing the Immoral Evil Perfection of Muhammad. From Books – KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD and GOD OF MORAL PERFECTION™ – free download at www.godofmoralperfection.com For Part 1 go to http://www.godofmoralperfection.com/new-page-46.htm ) or http://www.islam-watch.org/authors/138-jake-neuman/1522-prophet-muhammad-an-epitome-of-moral-perfections-or-paragon-of-evil.htmlContinue Reading

Islam for Hire

From: Siti Rahma Umniati Dear all , nearly 1 year I try to understand you why you fight tooth and nail to help Muslims to leave Islam . However, I do not find a good reason to follow your suggestions . I’m just saying thank you for your concern to Muslims . Editor: – MuhammadContinue Reading

Muhammad The Prophet Of Islam – The Movie – Official Trailer 2013 Movie HD

The world deserves the historical truths about the life of Muhammad. Please support the making of this film. Thank you – FFI Editors Link to NBT Film Channel The Muslim Agenda – Full Movie Documentary

Leaving Islam: Mohammad Asghar

First published in FrontPage Magazine in 2008 Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Mohammad Asghar, an ex-Muslim who came out of Islam after discovering its true teachings. Together with studying the Qur’an for over twenty-five years, he has also been writing his commentary on its verses – an endeavor, he hopes, that will help non-Muslim leaders,Continue Reading

O Allah! Give Hidayah (Guidance) To My Muslim Brethren

Introduction Those, who study the Islamic scriptures with open mind, would never fail to call to question the mental caliber of educated Muslims, particularly of Islamic scholars, as to they could accept the extreme level of lunacy of their scriptures? Do they really accept such absurdities or are simply ignorant of their scriptures? Here isContinue Reading

Lessons We Should Have Learned from the Communist Infiltration of the West to Face the Global Islamic Threat

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War; lectures and books have appeared on a war that was meant to end all wars, but turned out as prelude to a more devastating WWII. Then 2017 would mark “The Russian Revolutions.”Continue Reading

London’s Holy Turf War: Why Civil War is Inevitable

  News.vice.com writes, “Over the last year a quasi-religious turf war has sprung up on the streets of London. Young radicalised Muslim patrols are enforcing Shariah law in the capital. In reaction, far right Christian Patrols are also taking the law into their own hands.”   Since the Woolwich killing, anti-Muslim rhetoric has been atContinue Reading

On Hate Speech

About more than a year ago, a young lady at a prestigious high school contacted me with a set of questions about Islam. She was taking a graduation credit course for advanced students. She had to do a major research project paper. In planning such a project, she wrote a set of questions about Islam.Continue Reading

The Eastern Christians – The Exact Prefiguration of What’s Awaiting Us

Chrétiens d’Orient : l’exacte préfiguration de ce qui nous attend http://www.printfriendly.com/print?url=http://ripostelaique.com/chretiens-dorient-lexacte-prefiguration-de-ce-qui-nous-attend.html Translation and Introduction by Jacob Thomas Near the end of March, radical Jihadists in Syria attacked Kessab, a town in northwest Syria, near the Turkish border. A group of Turkish Islamists crossed the border and joined them in driving out its Armenian population whoseContinue Reading

Prophet Muhammad (MD) knew what causes abortion

Bukhari   (Book #54, Hadith #527) Narrated ‘Aisha: the Prophet said, “kill the snake with two white lines on its back, for it blinds the on-looker and causes abortion.”


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