Secularists on Islam- Hamid Dalwai (1932-1977)

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    Indian Muslims’ fundamentalist views and practices for continuous Islamic communalism and Islamic riots on Indian “Hindus” have been encouraged and supported by Indian Communist Party operatives as well as by the Indian National Congress Party intelligentsia even before the Partition of Indian subcontinent.

    In fact, Indian Communist Party actively supported the creation of an exclusive Sunni Muslim Islamic State named “Pakistan” in 1947 A.D.

    From Indian historian Sita Ram Goel’s book “Defence of Hindu Society”, here I quote the following lines:

    ‘Twenty years ago I had been invited to a seminar on “Hurdles To Secularism”.

    There were four or five Muslim participants present in that seminar.

    One of them was a professor of Arabic from a leading university.

    Another was a lawyer well-known for his championing of all Communist and Islamic causes at all times.

    And then all of a sudden I saw some fireworks from the same silent and satisfied Islamic fraternity.

    They had all stood up, shaking with uncontrollable rage, and were shouting at the same time, “He is lying!”

    They were pointing their fingers at the gentleman who had been invited to speak by the president, and who had said only a few sentences.

    This was the late Hamid Umar Dalwai.

    I had heard of him.

    But this was the first time I saw him.

    He was a tall man with a slight stoop, a smiling face, and a rather relaxed self-possession.

    Hamid Umar Dalwai was saying,

    “All that has been said about Hindu communalism today is nothing new.

    We have heard it for the nth time.

    The intention of the working paper of this seminar, however, was to highlight for the first time what has so far been ignored by all progressive people who swear by Secularism.

    What I want to expose today is Muslim communalism which has already divided the motherland, and which is still strong enough to poison our body-politic.”

    Hamid Umar Dalwai continued:

    “Hindu society has produced many communalists.


    But it has also produced men like Mahatma Gandhi who went on a fast unto death to save the Muslims of Bihar from large-scale butchery.

    It has produced men like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who had the Bihari Hindus bombed from the air when Bihari Hindus did not respond to the Mahatma Gandhi’s call.

    These have not been isolated men in Hindu society, as Rafi Ahmad Kidwai and M.C. Chagla have been in Muslim society.

    The Mahatma was a leader whom the whole Hindu society honoured.

    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has been kept as Prime Minister over all these years by a majority vote of the same Hindu society.

    “Now let me give you a sample of the leadership which Muslim society has produced so far, and in an ample measure.

    The foremost that comes to my mind is Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.

    Immediately after partition, there was a shooting in Sheikhupura in which many Hindus who were waiting for repatriation in a camp, were shot down.

    There was a great commotion in India, and Pandit Nehru had to take up the matter in his next weekly meeting with Liaqat Ali Khan in Lahore.

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan had brought the Deputy Commissioner of Sheikhupura with him.

    The officer explained that the Hindus had broken out of the camp at night in the midst of a curfew, and the police had to open fire.

    Pandit Nehru asked as to why the Hindus had broken out of the camp.

    The officer told him that some miscreants had set the camp on fire!

    Pandit Nehru protested to Liaqat Ali Khan that this was an amazing explanation!!!

    Liaqat Ali Khan replied without batting an eye that they had to maintain law and order.

    This exemplifies the quality of leadership which Muslim society has produced so far. This…”

    All hell now broke loose as the Islamic fraternity stood up again, and started shouting that they had not come to the seminar to be insulted by “a hired hoodlum of the RSS fascists”.

    As we walked out, I saw that the Hindu champions of Secularism avoided Hamid Umar Dalwai as if he was a snake.

    Hamid Umar Dalwai was trying to take leave of them by approaching each one of them with a smile still lingering on his face.

    I was the only Hindu who shook hands with him, and patted him on the back for the brave stand he had taken in the face of a rowdy opposition.’