2016 Olympics: Why Muslim Countries Can’t Jump

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  1. yaktzeik says:

    correction: bhutan is a buddhist country and not an “intolerant” country.

  2. Akash says:

    Error:Bhutan is not an Islamic country.

  3. update: jordan won golden medal in Taekwondo 2016

  4. Dave says:

    Louis, your analysis is very well executed. That book (Koran) glorifying Satan has its readers mind bewildered with all the sinful and ungodly possessions in the supposed afterlife. They care less about what they have or can achieve now. Your point about how they follow Mohammad’s words is picturesque of the plough example. They can excel at sports but won’t because it’s enslaving to them. On the contrary, being an Indian, it is very embarrasing for me to say that we have only got(won?) two losing medals for a population of 1.2 billion. Like the influence of the draconic Koran for it’s followers failure, my countries mere expenditure of $0.3 per athlete annually is a SHAME.

  5. Fascinating analysis. Thank you for this and for everything.