Pakistan – a State that should never have been

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    This tread is originally written for socio-economic-political-religious issues of East Pakistan (i.e., Bangladesh) by Anisur Rahman.

    I don’t think the author — Anisur Rahman — wants unnecessary Christian proselytization by posting some bullcrap videos of Christian converts.

    So, I confine my posts to the realities of East Pakistan (i.e., Bangladesh).

    Bangladesh (or East Pakistan) houses Bishwa Ijtema every year where millions of world’s faithful Muslims from 150 Islamic countries come to pray to Allah and Allah’s last messenger Muhammad the Arabian Bastard.

    In Bangladesh (or East Pakistan), all government and non-government activities begin with the recitation of

    Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

    Like in West Pakistan (i.e., Pakistan), in Bangladesh (i.e., East Pakistan) if anyone criticizes Islam, Allah or Allah’s last messenger, Bangladeshi Muslims will cut him/her into pieces in broad day-light in front of Muslim policemen standing nearby.

    A long time ago, I was distantly acquainted with a promising Bangladeshi scholar named Professor Humayun Azad of Dacca University, who was brutally murdered by Bangladeshi faithful Muslims for criticizing Islam and Pakistan in his published books.

    Dacca is the capital of Bangladesh (i.e., East Pakistan), which is popularly known as the “City of Mosques” because any visitor might find an Islamic mosque within every several blocks!

    In order to understand Bangladeshi Muslims’ mentality towards non-believers of Islam (i.e., “Hindus”), my readers might click on the following LINK to understand the extent of genocide of “Hindus” in Bangladesh (i.e., East Pakistan).

  2. Vishal Kumar says:


    Certainly, Jesus is way to heaven but Jesus is not the only one way to heaven. Indian sages said following as ideal to any holy person starts your journey like to be him. This helps you to remove impurities lie within you because you are following a pure conscious being. Life and characters of this holy being who is your ideal makes you check and mend your ways in life. It inspires you not to succumb before the hardships of life. Jesus came in limelight just before 2000 years before but this world is not just 2000 years old. We are have records of the civilizations which are thousand of years old when Jesus was not exist. How did they become civilized before Jesus arrival? How did they reach to the God without Jesus? We have the Mahabharta which is 5000 years old it shows the culture and great civilization were existed in India. They wrote world largest epic Mahabharta. Geeta is 5000 years old even scientist admitted this fact. Way of living, agriculture, wars, education system of that time explained in these scriptures. How did they got so much wisdom? Jesus is nowhere in the picture here. Jesus was a great spiritual being who was in the sequence of earlier great spiritual beings came before him. But people after departure of these greats made cult on the their name and gave it name like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. and divided themselves in cults.

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Truth is anything but Jesus F**king Christ.

  4. Ron says:

    Amen to your statement. Yes Jesus is the truth.
    This Hindu guy was violent, anti-social and failure in school but gave his life to Jesus, became an Engineer and now converts Muslims to Christ
    This full testimony is in Hindu language

  5. Vishal Kumar says:

    Why do not you understand Jesus is Truth and Truth is jesus

  6. Ron says:

    This Hindu lady who was moving about naked for decades was healed by Jesus and it sparked a dramatic conversion of villagers to Christ.

  7. Ron says:

    When the British left the subcontinent of India in 1947, Christianity was less than 0.5 percent in Nepal behind Muslims, Buddhist and Hindus
    Right now Christianity is about 10% of the population and has already overtaken the Muslim population which is still less than 2%.
    Despite persecution against minorities specially Christians, the Christian population in Pakistan has grown more than the Sikhs and the Hindus which have actually decreased.

    Christianity has historically always grown under persecution.
    Jesus is the way, the truth and life

  8. Face_The_Truth says:

    Here’s a writer asking “How did Bengalis become Muslims?”


    The author states:

    “How the peasantry of Bengal became Muslims is an issue that has not been analyzed deeply.

    However, it seems that, with the Mughal conquest of Bengal beginning the last decades of the sixteenth century A.D. their local governors made frenetic efforts to settle land and expand agriculture.

    Large parts of East Bengal were nothing but thickly forested swamps in those days!

    People staying on the margins of society involved in boating, fishing, etc., who were loosely speaking ‘Hindus’ but actually of no religion became part of this Mughal Islamic imperial design.

    They were settled on land and induced to farm and they were socially moored by small mosques led by Islamic preceptors who came into convert the locals to a new way of life.

    There was not much opposition, because these were new areas; but, the local ‘Hindu’ communities that existed reacted by closing their ranks and becoming more conservative.

    This had the result of expulsion of many ‘Hindus’ from the fold on the grounds that they had been polluted by contacts with the Muslims.

    These ‘Hindus’, of course, became Muslims.

    The net result was that more people started becoming Muslims.”




    In my studies of the “Hindu” Maurya Empire (322 B.C. to 187 B.C.), we observe that in the later part of Emperor Ashoka Maurya, majority of “Hindus” in territories of modern-day Bangladesh as well as modern-day Afghanistan became Buddhists!

    Buddhism has no God, as the word “Buddha” literally means the “Awakened One!”

    Since most people in any society never actually become the “Awakened Ones”, during medieval time most people in the territories of modern-day Bangladesh as well as modern-day Afghanistan lost touch with a unified mother nation as well as the unified spiritual consciousness of Baharatvarsha.

    And, when the sword of Islam knocked at the doors of God-less Buddhists in the territories of modern-day Bangladesh as well as modern-day Afghanistan, there was no military resistance towards Islam from God-less Buddhists.


  9. Face_The_Truth says:

    From the latest Asia Times reports, it appears that the Islamic State of Pakistan is in dire economic strait now:


    “Data Suggest Pakistan Faces Prospect Of Financial Meltdown

    High imports, driven by CPEC, combined with stagnant exports and a drop in foreign remittances, resulted in a record trade deficit and current account deficit in the fiscal year just ended.

    By F.M. Shakil

    If structural changes are not enacted to address current trends, Pakistan may well face an impending financial crisis.”

  10. Face_The_Truth says:

    As written by A. Rahman, the above article appears superficial in description of the real history!