Eminent people on Islam- Dr K S Lal (1920-2002)

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    Indian premier Indira Khan-Yunus (alias “Indira Gandhi”) installed Sayeed Noor al’Hassan as the Union Minister of Education who dictated that all Indian school text-books must be free from any historical reference that cites Islamic violence and Islamic bloody carnage against Indian native “Hindu” people during Islamic rules of various parts of Indian subcontinent.

    A devout Muslim who married at least twice in order to keep up with Islam’s prophet’s Sunnah — Sayeed Noor al’Hassan — made sure that Indian school-kids would never learn the true history of Islamic genocide of hundreds of millions of Indian “Hindus” during and after all Islamic invasions of Indian subcontinent.

    So, many educated Indians do not know the history of India today and many educated Indians hate themselves instead of hating Muslims.

    Professor Kishori Saran Lal suffered a lot from the existing post-independence Indian government for writing the true history of Indian subcontinent in his books.

    Post-independence Indian government never extended any official award to Professor K.S. Lal, rather castigated him at every opportunity.

    Truth hurts, after all.