Pope Francis Ignores the True Nature of Islam

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    The historic alliance between Islam and Christianism dates back to the so-called Jewish as well as Christian “Saint” Paul (i.e., Jewish “Saul” became Christian “Paul”).

    From Dr. Koenraad Elst’s book “Psychology of Prophetism: A Secular Look at the Bible” (New Delhi, 1993), I quote the followings:


    ‘There are indeed traces of Jesus’s survival in the New Testament.

    Saint Paul relates how, immediately after his conversion, he went to Arabia, and returned to Damascus invested with the authority to lead the Church among the Gentiles; and how he went and joined the apostles in Jerusalem only after three years (Gal. 1:17).

    This is only seemingly in contradiction with the version of Acts 9:26, which makes Saint Paul go from Damascus to Jerusalem.

    It is indeed from Damascus that Saint Paul arrived in Jerusalem, but the information that he had to be smuggled out of Damascus indicates that he had already been a controversial preacher for some time, which again presupposes that he had been invested with some authority.

    Only after preaching for three years did Saint Paul visit the Christians in Jerusalem, including the original apostles who must have been the highest authority in the Church after Jesus.

    What did Saint Paul go to Arabia for?

    Could it be that that is where Jesus was staying, safely just outside the Roman Empire?’


    Christianism and Islam are the worst types of “religious faiths” on earth, which are shrouded in historic Jewish falsehoods and Jewish barbarism of so-called “Prophethood” where the almighty creator does not speak to entire varieties of humans on his own directly, rather uses any specific mortal human to either prescribe or proscribe certain codes of so-called “Divine” conducts!

    Contemporary Islam-Christianism’s bloody religio-social-military-economic alliance can be fathomed from the following LINKS.





  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    The following LINK powerfully indicates that today’s Islam-Christianism alliance is deeply rooted in utter falsehoods of Middle-Eastern so-called “Mono-Theism” where — during medieval time — European Christian Popes acted in favor of Islam as well as in favor of marauding Muslim invaders in order to commit iconoclastic genocide on non-believers of Islam and Christianism.


  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    One of the possible reasons that “Pope Francis ignores the true natural of Islam” has been gone over a small number of times on conservative talk radio . For there is an unproven yet possibly true story ,going around, that the Roman Catholic clerics who compose the Vatican were very worried when pope Benedict was head of the Roman Catholic Church because he was deemed too strong and uncompromising regarding Islam. Therefore the different clerics of the Vatican feared jihadists attacks against around the world against Roman Catholic Churches , Cathedrals ,monasteries ,nunneries and shrines So because of the terrible fear the pressured pope Benedict to resign as pope and then they replaced him with a pope of appeasement towards Islam ,who is non-other then pope Francis.