Progress in the fight against Islam- Fed up of ‘restrictions’, Muslim girl becomes a Hindu, seeks security

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  1. Raj Puducode says:

    Look at the latest shooting in US at U-Tube office. It is again done by a Jihadi from Iran. Last year a husband wife Jihadi team from Pakistan killed 14 people in San Berdanino, CA. No day passes without a Jihadi bloodshed in some part of the world. The Arabian cave Religion of Pieces has destroyed many civilizations and people. This is another example of that. The peaceful people of Iran used to believe in Zoroastrianism and the cave masters from Arabia killed and/converted them to deadly Jihadis. Same thing happened to peace loving Kashmiris who were ra*ped, killed or converted by these monsters. The peace loving Buddhists of Burma, Malaysia, Ceylon etc faced the same story. World must rise against these beasts like Paki hoods.

  2. Pankaj Saraswat says:

    Islam is worst filthy cult of world.Better call it cult in place of Religion.Islam has ruined every beautiful thing of world and only gave destruction and bloodshed to the world.

  3. Found The Truth says:

    This book (Bible) was banned in China. (Tripitaka, The Gita and the Koran were not banned).

    Yet now it is unofficially the largest selling book in China which has the highest growth of Christianity in the world and also the fastest growing economy in the world.

    Affirming that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Ali Muhammad Amir Abd’Allah Umar Salehi ibn Sina is NOT a liar.

    And, “Martin” is NOT your actual name!

    You’re a generational Muslim.

    So, go off, you Muslim.



    Nigerian Muslim migrant asylum seeker murdered non-believer Italian girl by chopping her into pieces in Islamic style.

  5. Martin says:


    You are too many talking/writing, instead you should have many hearing/reading first….Try to read the below link before you comment. This guy explains Islamic’s view on world slavery:

  6. Levon River says:

    Please demand that your schools teach this:

    Islam: Political Totalitarianism Disguised in the Robes of “Religion” (Excerpt)

  7. Face_The_Truth says:

    World’s Muslims believe that fictitious Islamic “Allah” (i.e., another name for Christian “God the Father” or the Jewish “Jehovah”) is very merciful to all Muslims for their utmost belief that there is NO God, but Allah and Muhammad was Allah’s final prophet in the succession of Abraham to Ismael to Moses to Daniel to Elijah to Elisha to Joshua to countless many other prophets (i.e., psychopaths) of Middle Eastern “Mono-Theism”.

    World’s Muslims believe that, the fictitious Allah lives inside modern day Saudi Arabia!

    World’s Muslims fervently believe that, the fictitious Allah stopped talking to world’s humans as soon as fictitious Allah’s last messenger died prematurely from the resultant disease of poisoning by a captured female sex-slave that fictitious Allah’s last messenger used to rape every now and then.

    So, world’s Muslims believe that, although the fictitious Islamic Allah stopped talking 1400 years ago, but will certainly speak again on the forthcoming Last Judgment Day (i.e., Qiyamat) to punish billions of world’s non-believers of Islam.

    Sexual slavery of captured non-believer females of all ages, however, is permitted and continued on earth by all faithful Muslims as Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian used to capture all Jewish females of Middle East for systematic Islamic sexual slavery 1400 years ago.


    “The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has started a probe into alleged conversion of a Gujarat-based girl after registering a case against nine Muslims hailing from Kerala and Bengaluru.

    They were allegedly involved in forcibly converting a ‘Hindu’ woman to Islam and then trying to sell her to Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Saudi Arabia.

    The case was registered against the nine Muslims following a complaint from the 25-year-old woman.

    She alleged that Muhammed Riyas Rasheed had lured her into taking objectionable pictures, besides illegally confining her.

    She also said that the accused had married her through deceit by forging documents.”

  8. Martin says:

    Apparently Ali Sina has been defeated by someone but he hid it. He is the real liar. I know this after reading the blog below:

    Ali Sina should pay the reward he promised and drop all his charges otherwise he becomes a deceiver and the enemy of all gentlemen in the world.

  9. Face_The_Truth says:

    There are many Sikh women who got married to Muslim men and became faithful Muslims themselves!

    There are many Sikh people today who believe that Muhammad the Arabian Bastard was the final messenger of fictitious Allah.

    The most famous Sikh woman to marry a Christian man to become a faithful Christian in our time is Nimrata Singh Randhawa becoming “Nikki Haley” — the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations!

    In history, Sikhs first distanced themselves from Sanatana Dharma and, then, aligned themselves with so-called Islamic “Mono-Theism” and, afterwards, with so-called Christian “Mono-Theism”.


    “Muslim convert Sandeep Samra, 18, became frantic to obtain a new passport after her original travel documents were cancelled, frustrating her hope of ‘going for death’ in the so-called Islamic State.

    Birmingham Crown Court was told Samra, of Coventry, wrote ‘May Allah give me death in the cause’ in a social media message shortly before her arrest in nearby Old Church Road last July.”

  10. Face_The_Truth says:

    When Christian church-attendance in Europe and North America is dwindling, Christian churches are busy bringing in millions of Muslims from Africa and Asia to Europe and North America in order to destroy Western civilization from within just as medieval Muslims did wherever Muslims went during medieval time.

    When more and more people in Europe and North America are questioning the falsehoods of Christianity and when Christian churches are being converted to Islamic mosques or just commercial rental facilities, Christian churches are busy converting financially down-trodden people in India, South Korea, and the South-East Asia.

    Christians in India unite with Muslims against Indian “Hindus” by saying that, Indian “Hindus” are demon-worshippers!

    But, Christians DO NOT complain about Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

    The Super-Holy Roman Catholic Church spends billions of U.S. dollars to convert financially poor people of South-East Asia just like the Protestant Churches spend billions of U.S. dollars in African continent to convert financially poor Africans into Christianity.

    For a financially poor African or Asian, something is better than nothing in this life or after-life!


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  11. Dev singh says:

    It is beginning of the end of Islam. Sooner or later people will get out of false religions like Islam and Christianity.