The Blasphemy of Anti-Blasphemy

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    Those Muslim /jihadists who were ,so terribly, offended by the Muhammad cartoons published by the magazine Charlie Hebdo, in Paris France, that they engaged in the jihad of deadly violence. Likewise, two Muslim/ jihadists because ,so very ,offended about the Muhammad cartoon contest, hosted by Pamela Geller, the those jihad-mined Muslims traveled to where that contest was held with firearms and murderous intentions.

    In great contrast, not far from the city I live in the town nearby had a play that made fun of Jesus and even made Jesus out to be a joke. Yet no Christian in the city I live in traveled to that town and engaged in violence. Nor did any Christian who lives in that town became violent . That play had on put on in many other city and not Christian liked the play or went to see it, they just gave it the boycott. There is a vast outstanding difference between the way Christian handle something they find to be an affront and the way Muslim handle and react to something they find to be an affront. In other words the Christians were civilized and peaceful to a specific blasphemy . By contrast those Muslim were uncivilized and violent to something they viewed as “blasphemy.” In conclusion ,the behavior is a reflection of the religion of those people of two different faiths they something they might find “offensive.” Jesus did teach ‘By their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:20. [N.I.V.]