“See Something, Say Nothing” An Interview with DHS whistleblower Phil Haney

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  1. b.a. freeman says:

    i think the leftists want to stir in chaos, causing society to begin to collapse. racism (preferably a race war) and financial collapse help this along as well. in the end, the people will demand that the State “do something,” and there will be little or no resistance to a permanent revocation of all constitutional rights. that way, the left, who think they are the smartest people around, will end up running the State.

    we are already losing freedom of speech. how many people are willing to put up a “muhammed was a monster” sign on their front lawn? the leftists have allowed monsters into the country who *will* seek out and kill U for doing that. next to go will be the right to bear arms. the muslim in orlando and the muslims in san berardino bought their guns legally, so the only way to “limit” that kind of attack is to confiscate all guns. just wait and see.

    the leftist coup is rapidly approaching.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Sweden solves muslim rape epidemic…or do they?

    Sweden’s police chief unveiled the force’s latest weapon in the fight against sexual assault: wristbands reading “Don’t touch me”.

    Have you seen anything so stupid? They ban their women from carrying mace or pepper spray but wearing wristbands might deter those illiterate muslim rapists.

    This is the height of Leftist intelligence.

  3. Phoenix says:

    A Fatah official expresses his religious views towards Israelis:

    ‘Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat’

    The Left hates Israel nearly as much as muslims do. And it’s not considered hate speech when the prejudice is being displayed by them or from anyone of their designated victim classes.

  4. ALL Muslim monarchs (emirs, sultans, kings, caliphs, etc) and leaders support Islam in every way they can, imposing Sharia law, providing resources to rebels and terrorists, maintaining a short leash on their own people to keep them away from converting to a different religion (especially Christianity) because thanks to Islam all these rulers accumulated immense wealth by systematically stealing oil revenues from their own people and also acquired absolute power as demigods with complete impunity against any crime and who enslaved, raped and abused thousands of concubines in their harems, many of whom are very young girls. It is in their interest to keep Islam as the predominant religion otherwise they risk losing their wealth, absolute power and sexual privileges if their people abandon Islam.

  5. James Birdling says:

    So surprised, even in US when someone see something and say something, will be harassed.All along i thought this happens only in my country.How strong are these guys?

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    With the jihadist threat by the operatives of ISIS who might in in America scheming to commit a murderous jihad attack it a very good idea to speak out and tell the right person, as a law enforcement officer, if something suspicious is seen. As in What’s wrong with this picture ?” As for example , that Tee-shirt vendor in Times Square NY,NY who was some smoke come out of a parked van and then went a told a police officer about it. The man who is a Tee -Shirt vendor did the right thing. Furthermore, concerning the malicious and murderous intention of the jihadists of ISIS, one of America’s Founder Fathers printed wisdom that may apply to day concerning the deluded evil of the jihadists of ISIS. He is Benjamin Franklin and especially since the coming of the 240 year anniversary of the Declaration of Independence it’s very fitting to site him Therefore concerning the heinous jihad entity ISIS and the wise Mr.Franklin , it should be known that the jihadists of ISIS in their mad Islamic quest to establish a caliphate, with all the cruel, brutal and murdering violence that is part of it, will not respond the reason. For the Muslim fanatics who compose ISIS cannot understand logic, nor do they care about reason. Those jihadists of ISIS in their irrational unquestioning blind Islamic faith have and leave no room for reason. In this unreasoning blind Islamic drive the jihadist/Muslims who make up ISIS are a reminder of what Benjamin Franklin had printed in POOR RICHARD’S ALMANACK. Which is “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.”

  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    With next week coming of the 240 year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence it’s best to keep the alive the spirit of real Americanism which overrules the handcuffs of the nonsense of the spirit of madness of political correct folly. As one of the signers of the Declaration Independence, Thomas Jefferson, had written “A conviction that we are right accomplishes half the difficulty of correction wrong.” Furthermore, No American should not feel any fear at all about embracing the of ” If you see something say something ” idea. For likewise this also reflects the other wise statement by Mr. Jefferson. Who had declared “Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.”