Sujit Das

Sujit Das lives in Mumbai (India). He is the author of several articles critical of Islam and two books "Islam Dismantled: The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad" and "The Allah Delusion". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Excellent article. The question-answer-type interview makes it an interesting read. Many exMuslims like Ali Sina have already exposed Islam. However I disagree with one thing. Islam cannot be destroyed in one’s life time. During the couse of next 50 years 20-30% of Muslims may leave Islam, mostly from Western or Kafir countries. Usually no one will leave a religion unless one has a strong force of conviction; for that education is essential. Most of the Muslims are zombies, uneducated, always thinking of taking another wife. We should not under estimate the power and intelligence of Satan. Islam is the fastest breeding religion and not to forget the death penalty for apostasy. So these Muslims who do not have the guts to come out of Islam and proud of ‘the five pillars of Islam’ will increase in a geometrical progression. There is another 20-30% of Jihadists, criminal minded Muslims, like the members of ISIS. They will also increase, as Islam attracts evil people. Why many criminals in the prison converts to Islam? Why thousands from 100 countries joined ISIS? Because they have no higher ideals than to fight, especially when sex slaves, salary in Dollars, and AK 47 are offered to them. So they get sex slaves in this life and when they die Pimp Allah will supply 72 virgins. This is Satan’s strategy.

  2. b.a. freeman says:

    i had not thought of islam as a mental illness in the past, although i have seen some articles speculating that muhammed was epileptic. i’m a little suspicious of the DSM, which is a little too fluid and politically correct for my tastes, but most psychiatry is at least based on common sense, and this piece rings true. i’m glad to see that muslims are seen by mr. das as victims of islam, too.

  3. and says:

    Very correct analysis of Islam, I am sure that Islam will be erazed within 10 years, It has generated with terrorism & it will end with terrorism.

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    One of the many ways that Islam may be defined is that “Islam is a religious/political system of total tyrannical mind control that has much power over the thoughts and lives of millions of people around the world.” Since this has been stated and Thomas Jefferson was also sited at the top of this above article. The wisdom found in the words of Thomas Jefferson may be applied to the definition of Islam just given. For Mr.Jefferson had declared “I have sword upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    @Sujit Das

    Absolutely correct assessment. Thanks for this informative write up. Sir, I like to ask whether you from India.