US Immigration Law Ignores the True Nature of Islam

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

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4 Responses

  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    This above article is a reminder that one night Brigitte Gabriel ,who is the founder and head of , was giving and lecture about the dangers of Muslim /jihadists in America who the sinister scheming malicious, destructive and murderous intentions against American citizens and against America. After the lecture, during the questions and answer part, two young women in about the age of forty and dressed nicely like business women . Of the two women standing together , one of them asked “Won’t those jihadist /Muslin change their minds about us when the come to America and see how nice we are ?” To this naive question Brigitte Gabriel answered ” Those kind of Muslims have entered into the United States to engage in the jihad, being nice to them will not change them, personality has nothing to do with their behavior for taking part in the jihad.”

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    This above topic about the immigration laws of the Untied States and how those laws don’t take into account the actual effect the hard core , non- watered down jihad centered Islam has on some Muslims. In the many of those Muslim, refugees might be really trying to escape that brutal and deadly jihad entity, ISIS. Nevertheless if such a great among of Muslims enter into America with the claim that they are fleeing ISIS, some of them might be actual jihadist operatives of ISIS. the jihadists of ISIS will not be impressed with kindness . nor will they respond to either reason or logic. Those ISIS jihad have only enter America with the blind , unquestioning murderous irrational Islamic quest of the jihad for Islam and ISIS. Such Muslims are they are as dangerous as vipers. To this leads to one of the fables of Aesop which is entitled “The farmer and the viper” The fables is the in ancient on during one freezing winder day farmer was taking a walk in his field. he then came upon a half- frozen viper. The kind but foolish farmer took pity on the viper and took the creature and put it in his vest pocket to warm it up and save its live. The viper did warned up and revived and then bit the farmer and the farmer dies a result of not just the bite but his own wisdom-less action of helping the viper. In other words, even the greatest action of kindness will not change and evil nature . So it is with the militant jihadists of Islam.

  3. An excellent article.

  4. b.a. freeman says:

    sad to say, but i don’t think that obama, clinton are either deluded or stupid. they did not get to where they are by being stupid. clinton and obama, in particular, are admirers/followers of saul alinsky, a leftist who believed that it is not only OK, but required, to lie to his fellow citizens to get his way. in “rules for radicals,” he wrote an entire chapter explaining why the end justifies *any* means.

    think about that, and think about the goals of leftists in general. they will do *anything* to reach their goals. we have seen this before in the soviet union, china, cambodia, and other nations under the leftist thumb. millions died. now understand that if there is enough chaos and death on the streets, citizens will demand that the State do something. that would give the leftist leader, whoever that might be, just cause to declare martial law. and with that stroke, the Republic would be ended.

    in case i’m not making myself clear, let me say it another way. obama, clinton, and other leftist leaders are either unbelievably stupid, or they are traitors. there isn’t any other explanation. when one’s critics grow loud, one usually turns to the evidence to prove the critics wrong. why have leftist leaders not examined islam to prove that it is a peaceful religion? anybody can examine islam, even a boob like me. the quran, the ahadith, and the sirat rasul allah are *very* clear, leaving no doubt that islam is an evil pirate cult. thus, the leaders *know* that it is evil, and are culpable in the deaths of thousands of americans just since 2001. as uncomfortable as it is to say, these leftist leaders are lying traitors. they have blood on their hands already, and like leftist leaders of the past century, apparently have no qualms about allowing the deaths of thousands, and given iran’s nuclear aims, potentially millions of further american deaths.

    there is a leftist coup coming.