It it a Plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s a SPY!

Jon MC

Jon MC is a retired Chemist, Physicist and teacher (not necessarily in that order) who still has professional commitments. His interest in Islam was kindled when he met some "radical Muslims up close and personal" and he has studied the foundational texts of Islam ever since. He writes under a nomme de plume in order to keep his professional life and views separate.

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  1. Martin says:

    This is from the Blogger…


    I am looking for Ali Sina’s address. For anyone, the readers of this website, who can give me the real and the correct full address information of Ali Sina, I will divide the prize of US$ 10,000 for him/her after my demands succeed. It is confidential, I will not open the informer name to anyone. Please send information to my email address: [email protected]

    Instead of debating anyone here in this useless website, I would like to ask Alisina to deny everything that I have sent to him.

    The Chronology:

    1. In debate with Alisina at he suddenly pretended that his website was hacked by a stranger. Until now he has not denied my argument in the discussion. The debate can be read in this link:

    Please ask the unknown scholar to read the above link carefully. He will find which one the “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40) “explained in detail” (6:114), “conveyed clearly”, (5:16, 10:15) and with “no doubt” in it (2:1). All are inside of his heart. This book called by us as “concience”. When he lie to his wife or to his husband, his “clear book” will admonish him/her that “Hi the Unknown scholar, you are lie…”. The one who admonish him by whispering kindness every time is “easy to understand, explain in detail, conveyed clearly and no doubt”. If he does not believe it, means he does not believe himself. The question, is his concience still clear or still no doubt? If the answer is no, means the unbelievers (kuffar) who always using carnal desires and whispering evil everytime already covered his diamond of heart.

    2. At that time I asked Alisina to drop all his charges to fulfil his promising because he lost the debate. He said that he would send a video. The video is about an ex Muslim asking one verse in Al-Quran that should be answered by me first. Then I explained and denied the video as well as denied the bad issue of slavery in Islam. My denial can be seen at the blog address below:

    3. But after that he still argued, then he asked me to refute his e-book as thick as 312 pages titled “Understanding Muhammad and Muslims”. I have made a 402 pages e-book and have sent it to him more than a month ago. In the rebuttal of this book, I open up all his trickery and rottenness in his book. He is an unfair scholar, for example deliberately cutting off the contents of hadiths or deliberately not quoting additional hadiths explain the same case or misinterpretation of Qur’anic verses.

    4. After I sent him e-book of rebuttal, I asked him persuasively to pay the reward that he promised according to his ability, just to prove that he has accepted my denial. But he replied that I was delusional. If I delusional then please refute my e-book, please deny one by one of the issues that I reverted to him. I have submitted all documents to my lawyer in Canada. I will not report regarding blasphemy issue but I will report it regarding an online deceit issue. He had promised a $ 50,000 reward but it turned out to be a planned fraudulent. He becomes deceiver. I will demand it $ 50,000 + $ 50,000. No more persuasive negotiations, once my report submitted into Canada’s police.

  2. Erum says:

    Why are you trying so hard to prove Islam to be a false religion?? The truth is Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world..are those people insane who accept Islam?? Stop this nonsense!

  3. Jon MC says:

    spell it right it’s “Juice”!

  4. ECAW says:

    It’s always the Jooooooz.