Indian High Court convicts 31 Muslims for roasting 59 Hindus to coal in 2002- Horrific Godhra Killings!

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Godhra paved way for aggressive retaliatory hinduism. Hindus started questioning the then government’s and secular people’s stands.
    Hindus were never religious fanatics nor they favored hinduist political parties. They wanted a secular government, free of any religious bias. That is why congress has a free reign for so many decades.
    Congress confused secularism with muslim appeasement and anti hinduism.
    Now they are paying for it.
    Unless they come up with clear idea of secularism they now don’t have any chance in center.

  2. Jon MC says:

    “The answer, I suspect, is that we are programmed to see Hindu-Muslim relations in simplistic terms: Hindus provoke, Muslims suffer.”
    In general we are all programmed to see Muslim vz. non-Muslim relations in terms that non-Muslims provoke and Muslims suffer.
    This, of course, is to buy into the victimhood narrative of islam which always sees its aggression as “provoked” by something and if you look hard enough you can always find a “provocation”:
    It also plays into the hands of Muslim supremacism: if we don’t want to “provoke” Muslims to acts of outrageous violence we must always do as they say, never criticise them or Islam and so forth.

    A Muslim once told me “Islam is the religion of no compromise”. She was entirely correct.
    Islam and thus orthodox Muslims, will only accept things on THEIR terms, societies must adapt to THEIR needs, non-Muslims must abide by THEIR rules – and so forth.
    Thus there can be no true DIalogue, with Islam there is only the MONOlogue of their demands.