Zakir Naik Is a Joke

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7 Responses

  1. Sammy says:

    Zakir Naik is a very surreptitious guy. He enters into debates only on his terms and always ends up having the last say, thereby depriving the opponent of saying anything further and falsely claims victory. He has a pack of his own supporters filling up the hall and just a few detractors to show that he is fair in selecting the audience. He claims to be a student of comparative religion, when the fact is that he talks are lopsided and heavily in favour of Islam, whilst underplaying and even denouncing other religions. Yet, many foolish Muslims think the world of him just because he preaches Islam rabidly. He is truly a big joke.

  2. stanley says:

    Meditation in itself is not evil or good- it is the object of that meditation that determines whether it is good or bad, for eg: Biblical meditation is focusing your thoughts on the true and living God- so if you meditate on the truth , you will receive truth.
    Yoga and Kundulani meditation is opposite to this – it is not based on the true God but on deception, that we are gods- which was how Eve was deceived in the garden of Eden by the a serpent, being used by Satan…that you will be like god!
    It is that very temptation that caused mankind to fall.

    You shall worship the Lord your God (Creator) and Him only shall you serve….is the command to all mankind.

    If you are not worshiping the Creator as he desires then you have made yourself into a god- this is self – deception.

  3. @Dave, i am from Bangladesh. Banning peace TV in Bangladesh is totally anti-islamic action of the current autocratic government. Here people loves Zakir Naik and Peace TV

  4. Dave says:

    Zakir Naik’s channel has been banned in India, finally. The Muslims involved in the recent Bangladesh bomb attacks admitted being inspired by the channel and his sermons. A laughing stock are those who wanted Ali Sina to debate Zakir Naik.

  5. A Thinker says:

    ” In Sanatana Dharma there is no central authority like a Pope/Imam, Church/Mosque or an exclusive holy book like Bible and Koran.”.

    “Discontinue the rituals and obligations prescribed in your old religion. (But you can continue to offer prayers to the God of the religion to which you belong)

    There is No exclusive Holy Book like Bible & Koran” But Study books on the philosophy of Advaita, Bhagavad Gita and meditation. These are suggested books.

    Start practicing meditation.

  6. Sheikh ali says:

    I was a Muslim and embarrassed and had a guilty feeling that I was following a death cult. But abandoning that cult means death. Fortunately through a friend I came to overcome my dilemma by adapting the Sanatana way of life. I didn’t change my name, customs, etc. and began living a civilized life. For those who want to follow me see

  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    On the topic of debate. One subject that is not allowed to be debated or discussed in Muslim countries is the claim by the Muslim clerics about the Bible. Is the claim by clerics in Muslim countries and the Muslim governmental backs the Islamic clerics up by force on this claim. Which is the claim “That the Bible had been corrupted , through time ,so the doctrines of the Bible can’t be trusted as true” Debate on that claim is not tolerated in Muslim countries. This is because the Bible doctrines and Islam’s doctrine’s in many way are in such a great contrast. So Bible’s are not allow in many Muslim countries .as in, for example , Saudi Arabia. Maybe the imams are afraid that the people in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries might start to read the Bible and then start to compare and contrast the Bible and the Koran as begin to view the Bible as the superior of the two books. So the imams and other Muslim in power strive to keep the people ,of those countries, in total ignorance of the Bible Furthermore,in Islamic countries, as Pakistan, the Muslim clerics encourage the people in the mosques to go out burn the Bible’s that belong to Christians .Furthermore, in Sunni Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia Bibles are even forbidden to be taken in the country. We all may be sure the Saudi imams have a hand in this policy Likewise, in the Shi’ite nation of Iran, Bibles are even forbidden to be taken into that country. We may all be sure that the Iranian mullahs have a hand in this policy. The reason why the Muslim clerics are so much against the people having Bibles to read is because there is so much in the Bible that is so very damaging to Islamic doctrine that the Muslim clerics sand strongly against the people obtaining Bible’s. For example, Islamic [Koranic] doctrine denies the Jesus is God. In other words Islam denies the Deity of Christ. Nevertheless, the Bible teaches “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form.” Colossians 2:9. [N.I.V.] Moreover, the Jesus is God may further be seen in the Bible. As in, for example, John 1:1-3. Colossians 1:15-17. Romans 9:5. Second Peter 1:1. Titus 2:13. First John 5:20. In addition, for a person to further find out that Jesus is God all a she or he has to do in to compare the Old Testament with New Testament to see that Jesus is God. As by comparing Isaiah 45:22, 23 with Philippians 2:5-11. Likewise by comparing Psalm 89:8,9 with Matthew 8:23-27. Will also confirm that Jesus is God. Also by comparing Psalm 62. 5-7.with First Corinthians 10:4. Just by comparing the New Testament books together will like show that Jesus is God .For example, comparing John 5:22. with Romans 14:12 shows the Deity of Christ. The list can go on but this should be enough for anyone who is willing to see, and not as those who Bible calls those who are willingly ignorant, II Peter 3:5., that Jesus is God. The imams and mullahs as well as the other apologists for Islam will try to “explain “ all this away by making the claim that the Bible had been corrupted by Christians, through time, and that’s why the Bible reads as it does. This claim they make very much underestimate the Power of God to preserve His Word and keep it safe and intact and away from the corruption of men. In conclusion, The Muslim clerics strongly dislike the Bile because the Bible greatly exposes the terrible doctrinal errors that Islam with the Koran as Islam’s foundation have concerning the nature of Jesus. Likewise the Bible exposes Islam as a false religion, Isaiah 8:20. Proverbs 14:12. All dear Muslims then are invited to turn away for the false religion of Islam and come to and receive the real Jesus of the Bible. Who is the True Light to the world, John 8:12. and the only way to God the Father , John 14:6.