Muhammad Was a Sex Addict

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    The fact that Islam’s founder Muhammad ibn Abd’Allah was a sex-addict was well-documented by his contemporary Muslim Arabs, which logically inspires Islam’s followers to this day to continue in the path of sexual addictions of Islam’s founder.

    Unlike today’s Christian or Jewish sex-addicts who are fond of having sex for the purpose of sex only, Islam’s founder Muhammad ibn Abd’Allah had an important worldview in his incurable and legendary sexual addiction and that was to procreate many more Muslim bastards in very high numbers in a very short period of time for outnumbering existing non-Muslims.

    When marauding Muslim invaders capture non-Muslim females during Islamic Jihad, those captive non-Muslim females are literally dead in terms of their souls because those captive non-Muslim females have already witnessed their husbands, brothers and fathers being beheaded or murdered by marauding Muslim invaders; but, those captive non-Muslim females effectively provide the bodies necessary to germinate so many new-born Muslim bastards who will carry on Islamic creed of rampaging on non-Muslims in so many unconquered non-Muslims’ lands.

    Even when morbid sex-addictions of today’s Muslims are not socially acceptable, today’s followers of Islam’s founder Muhammad ibn Abd’Allah religiously continue Islamic customs of child-marriage and polygamy both in Muslim-majority and in non-Muslim-majority countries.

    Child-marriage and polygamy not only allow Muslim populations to grow much faster than other non-Muslim populations who do not subscribe to such immoral habits, but also allow able-bodied Muslim men to satisfy their sexual addictions in a religiously sanctified way.

    Muslims consider Islam’s founder Muhammad ibn Abd’Allah the perfect man Allah has ever created.