The Challenge of Modernizing Islam. Putting A Happy Face On Evil: Why The Reform of Islam Is a Fraud

Jake Neuman

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  1. Truth Finder says:

    How an Indian Hindu found Jesus and changed her life

  2. Vijai Singh says:

    The Universe is 100% matter and evil inheres in matter.
    “That condition of matter in which the intellect-promoting, passion-exciting and stupidity-producing qualities are found combined in equal proportions is called the eternal elementary matter.” The Light of Truth -

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    English poet Bill Shakespeare most famously wrote:

    “To be, or not to be: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them?”

    Similarly for Jake Neuman of FaithFreedom.Org website, the question revolves around “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam” versus “The Challenge of Modernizing Nazism”!

    To understand the challenge of modernizing Nazism, one has to understand the root of Nazism, which was unabashed Christianity that wanted to put the blame of crucifying Jesus the Nazarene Jew 2000 years ago solely on the Jews of “Syria Palaestina” (i.e., a Roman province combining Roman Syria and Roman Judaea between 135 A.D. and about 390 A.D.).

    Christians hated (or hate) Jews because of the historic Jewish refusal to accept the adultery-born Joshua as their “Messiah”!

    Christianity or, in actuality, Christianism is an iconoclastic closed creed more or less followed by billions of humans on earth to this day.

    My readers will notice that Christian Church leaders to this day strictly favor “Palestine” and promote so-called “Palestinian Arabs” against Jews of Middle East and elsewhere.

    Need proofs?

    Please click on any of the following LINKS pasted below.


    Why do Christian Churches support “Palestine” when there was (is) no “Palestine” in Middle East?

    Re-naming Judea into “Syria Palaestina” by the Romans does NOT make it absolute in terms of our recorded history.

    However, early as well as today’s Christians attach themselves to the Romans and detach themselves from the Jews by supporting another false so-called “Mono-Theistic” closed creed named “Islam” (i.e., Submission) founded by the rape-born Muhammad 1400 years ago.

    Nazism was militarily defeated 75 years ago by atheist Soviet Union.

    Nazism had NO separate theological aura other than Nazism’s strict following of Christian anti-Jewism.

    When Führer Adolf Hitler died, Nazism died with him.

    When Jesus the Nazarene Jew died on the Cross, followers of deceased Jesus the Nazarene Jew utilized the Roman anti-Semitism in order to capture the Roman Empire and transform the Roman Empire into the “Holy Roman Catholic Church”.

    Christianism metastasized like cancerous cells in Europe, in Asia Minor, and in North Africa with the exploitation of both the Roman military powers and the repetitions of outright falsehoods while perpetuating historic Roman anti-Semitism in the form of age-old Christian anti-Jewism.

    In the case of the diabolic ideology of Islam, when rape-born Muhammad died, Islam only started to grow much bigger due to Muhammad’s followers’ cunning of portraying an utterly military-political ideology named “Islam” as a benign religion to “uplift” human spirit by virtue of converting non-believers into “Islam” for looting other non-believers’ lands, properties, and financial treasures as well as by means of brutally murdering all non-believing males of arms-bearing-age while enslaving all non-believing females for the mass-scale sexual slavery, slave-trade, and sexual re-production of millions of Muslim bastards from the wombs of non-believing females.

    In every land, whenever Muslims become a sizable population, Muslims institute Islamic Shariat to control and command all non-believers of Islam in every walk of life.

    When non-believers of Islam are in majority, Muslims wait patiently in order to strike at the opportune moment to take out the non-believers of Islam with total surprise!


  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    About this idea that the writer of this above book proposes of starting a process of the “modernizing ” of Islam, the author Christine Williams, is ,no doubt, sincere but unrealistic . For part of the “modernizing” of Islam is also the concept and goal of “reforming Islam.” If this is a valid concept or goal ,as in keep within reality it had already been explained in he very bottom comment space by the former Muslim ,Nabeel Qureshi in his book ANSWERING JIHAD on pages 79,80. Nevertheless , lets still go on for the sake a the balance of a different view on the topic of “reforming Islam.”
    This view of the very idea of “reforming Islam” is not only a waste of effort and time but its also a daydream and a fantasy in that anything that appears to look like “goodness” or of virtue ” in Islam had been taken ,stolen, from either Judaism of Christianity by the founder and prophet of Islam Muhammad , what he manufacture the religion of Islam. For in Islam alone there is nothing good about his false religion on which is built actual ,genuine, reform on . In other words there is nothing of genuine godly good to act a a foundation on which to built, legitimate , real reform on . As it is written in the Bible “That which is crooked cannot be made straight :and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.” Ecclesiastes 1:15. [K.J.V.]

  5. Bruce Williams says:


    I have never read anything that comes close to your articulation of the real issue with Islam: It is evil and was created by an evil man. The part I don’t fully understand is why so many people follow this evil doctrine. Perhaps more importantly, I don’t have much hope that Western societies have the ability to fight this evil. The only sliver of hope I have is that people like yourself will be able to open people’s eyes and minds to the horrors of this ideology, and they will help turn the tide of evil that is marching towards us…. I hope that my voice will one day be as strong as yours.

    Thank you Jake for this article. I will be reading more of your material. I also know (or at least have an inkling) what you have given up to take on this fight, and although you may know this already, there are many of us who appreciate your dedication. Thank you so very much for your dedication Jake!

    Kind regards,

    Bruce Williams

  6. Face_The_Truth says:



    ‘Genesis and Character of Islam:

    Muhammad followed in the footsteps of Jesus in making the same sort of claims for himself, cursing his own people in the choicest language of “Mono-Theism”, and threatening them with slaughter.

    Muhammad, however, did not have to struggle against a centralized state when he found that his “Prophethood” had no attraction for the Pagan people of Mecca.

    Muhammad migrated to Yathrib — was later renamed “Medina” from Madinat al’Nabi — which was more receptive to “Mono-Theism” because of a large presence of Jews in that town (i.e., Yathrib), and Muhammad emerged as a powerful potentate.

    Muhammad, however, ended by exiling or brutally killing en masse the Jewish “Mono-Theist” populations of Yathrib which resisted him as soon as Muhammad came out in his true colors!

    Meanwhile, Muhammad had amassed much wealth by plundering merchant caravans and scattered Pagan Arab settlements.

    Muhammad created the nucleus of a standing army out of the toughs and desperados who flocked to him in increasing numbers for committing crimes and sharing the loot.

    In short, Muhammad built the apparatus of a military state in “Medina” and used it for imposing his closed creed on the tribal settlements of Pagan Arabia by means of armed force.

    The doctrines of Islam were tailored to the needs of this galloping tyranny, and sold with the help of the sword.

    And the sword was stamped with the name of a fictitious one and only almighty “Allah” (i.e., Jehovah) in whose service the ancient religion and culture of Arabia were destroyed root and branch.’


  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    On the topic of a reformation within Islam, a very different yet possible valid and true view on this had been explain by the Christian, Nabeel Qureshi ,who was in the past was a Muslim .He wrote in his book which is entitled ANSWERING JIHAD wrote about the suggestion “that Islam needs a reformation .What they may not realize is that radical Islam is the Islamic reformation. This might sound shocking, but consider: Just as the Protestant Reformation was an attempt to raze centuries of Catholic tradition and return to the canonical text, so radical Islam is an attempt to raze centuries of traditions of various schools of Islamic thought and return to the canonical text of the Quran and Muhammad’s life. This desire to return to the original form of Islam can be seen not only in the words of Sayyid Qutb, but also in his method. He focused almost entirely on references to the Quran. it is true also of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS today, whose publications and proclamations are punctuated by references to the Quran and Hadith literature. Radical Muslim organizations are explicit in their aim to reform Islam.” page 75. Further on pages 79,80 the author makes his case clear by writing that “Radical Islam is the Islamic reformation . The endeavor to modernize Islam and make it relevant to the twenty -first century is called progressive Islam. Progressive Muslim thought leaders, though few in number and limited in influence are present and are working to recreate Islam’s religious framework from within. Indeed, that is what it would take for Islam to become devoted to peace – not reformation but reimagination. “