The Reliance of the Traveller


ECAW is an Englishman who started looking into Islam after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013....and the more he looked the worse it got. He blogs at ecawblog

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  1. Ismail says:

    wondering when the book will become available again, waiting with eagerly

  2. ECAW says:

    Jon, You sent me off googling and I was pleasantly surprised to find this article explaining how tayseer and darura could actually be used to stop Muslims constantly trying it on (I expect you are aware of this angle):

    Perhaps, after enough atrocities, a resolute government will set up an inquiry into sharia with the aim of defining “what we will put up with and what we won’t, and if you don’t like it clear off to somewhere more to your taste”. Perhaps at some point we will realise that it could be our last chance to control Islamisation before we find ourselves in a situation of having to choose between something like civil war and submission.
    (See runners 2, 4 & 5 here: 🙂

    Re the Reliance, perhaps you are aware that Keller’s publishers are currently using the law to get copies of the PDF version taken down from the internet. The copy I linked to above is the last one standing as far as I know, and that is down too. The message implies it is only a technical problem but perhaps have been got at too.

    Keller has clearly realised how much more useful his translation is to our side than to his, which leaves those of us wishing to spread knowledge of it among non-Muslims with a problem. Here is a part of the solution, a Word version of the core books ie al-Misri’s original mediaeval text. It doesn’t have the look and feel of Keller’s translation but it’s quicker to access, easier to mine quotes from and most of the “good bits” are highlighted:

  3. Jon MC says:

    Firstly ECAW let me thank you for this article, I found it extended my knowledge of the Reliance.
    ” In fact it appears that the rulings in the Reliance have not been negated at all, only avoided.
    Which is entirely consistent with the Islamic doctrines of Tayseer and Darura (ease and necessity).
    In simple terms:

    Tayseer says that if the IMPLEMENTATION of an Islamic ruling will bring “trouble” on the (local) Umma, then it may be set aside, but with the proviso that if conditions change to be more favorable it will be reinstated.
    Hence Islamic law can be “avoided” if its implementation will cause problems for the Umma.

    Darura says that if conditions are such that a Muslims cannot use “Islamic” means to a obtain an “Islamic good” then he may use non-Islamic means. The classic example quoted by Muslim authorities is that of the Muslim living in the non-Muslim world which does not have Shariah courts and who is thus forced to use a “kaffir court” to get justice.
    This latter is more subtle in that necessity can blend into convenience of course, but in any case the two should be regarded as the opposite sides of the same coin.

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    Of the above article about the subject of that Islamic book, which has made such a large influence on many Muslims on the section of “Justice” p 597 which leads to the topic of that heartless callous Islamic tradition, which is full of misogyny, is the many Muslims so unfitingly and improperly called “honor killing.” About that vicious and wicked practice it had been revealed and exposed that “Honor killings are executed by slitting the victims throat , hatching them to death ,stabbing, burning them to death ,decapitation, bullets to the head and chest , of by any other means imaginable .” [1]

    With the exposing of this information there are some decent but uninformed people when discovering about that malicious and murderous custom would be shocked and then wonder and then ask “Just how can a Muslim father be so extremely heartless and callous as to murder his own daughter ?” The answer to that question is found in the Bible . For the Bible informs its reader that there are some men who are very vicious,heartless callous to wicked and deadly extremes because they have had “their conscience seared with a hot iron.” First Timothy 4:2. [K.J.V.] The “hot iron” is this case is Islam.

    [1] THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigitte Gabriel page 175

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    On the topic of “Justice” in Islam’s book THE RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELER p. 597 the above article reveals information about the vicious ,brutal and malicious action of misogyny so inappropriately called by many Muslim “honor killing.” Just giving that malice-filled murderous Islamic tradition as “righteous sounding ” name doesn’t change the hideous and evil essence of it. To illustrate , to take a bottle full of cyanide an then scrap of the label “poison/cyanide and then replace it with another label that reads “Apple Juice ‘ doesn’t chance the fact that it’s deadly.

    Furthermore, the book entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigitte Gabriel on pages 171,172, exposes that “The shocking reality is that most Muslim men, including those educated in the West, have no objection to honor killing and the degradation of women in their countries. Across the Muslim world, even in moderate Islamic countries, women’s’ rights are almost nonexistent….”Women in Islam are considered unclean ,deemed inferior even to dirt.”

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    That above article about that Islamic book RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELER in which the topic of circumcision is mentioned . This idea of the Islamic “circumcision” of females is actually a case of brutal and cruel butchery of young girls. This Islamic misogyny too the most heinous and malicious extent possible. This Islamic tradition that many male Muslims call “female circumcision” is in reality female genital mutilation.
    As Brigitte Gabriel ,who is the founder and head of , had in the book she wrote which is entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED . She informs her readers on page 178 “One of the most devastation practices to young girls of the Islamic world is female genital mutilation . young girls have their clitoris removed without anesthesia… ” Indeed, they must be stopped !