Eminent People on Islam- Sir Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    This message is for screen-name Neither_John_Nor_Doe:



    ‘Christianity’s predatory nature is loathsome to Pagans who have inherited and are proud of their own culture.

    Yet it is quite in keeping with Jewish and Christian God Jehovah’s promise in the “Super Holy” Bible.



    The “Super Holy” Bible preserves a graphic and gory record of how the descendants of Abraham and Issac and Joseph helped Jehovah in fulfilling this promise.

    They appropriated the lands and properties of the Pagans with a clean conscience.

    They were convinced that they were only taking possession of what already belonged to them by the terms of a divine pledge.

    Christianity claims that Jehovah switched his patronage to the Church militant when the latter-day progeny of his earlier prophets became disobedient and killed his only son.

    It was now the turn of the Church to redeem the divine pledge.

    The history of the Christian Church in many lands and over many centuries shows that it did far better than the preceding chosen people!

    Christian Church deprived the Pagans not only of their physical possessions, but also of their cultural creations.

    The condottieri who carried out the operation in the field of culture are known as the Greek Fathers.

    The history of Christianity in the Roman Empire is not an obscure subject.

    The careers of many Christian emperors, Christian popes, Christian patriarchs, Christian bishops, Christian saints, and Christian monks are proof that the contest between Paganism and Christianity was decided not by philosophical cajoleries, but by brute physical force!’


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  2. John Doe says:

    1. Christianity never order to take the world in physical way. The command are “go and spread gospel” and “if someone reject you then go away from their home also”.
    No Christianity will force you accept their system nor become a political philosophy.

    2. Islam known for their Takiyah (Lies for caliphate dominion), so its in question if they want to defend India. Pakistan was Indian and did those Indian try to defend India?

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    One important aspect of the word “Tagore” — which is an English form of Bengali as well as Sanskrit word “Thakur” — is Ravindra Nath Tagore’s actual family-name was (is) Banerjee (i.e., Bandopadhyay).

    Essentially, “Thakur” is a title of someone and that means “Thakur” is never a family-name!

    For example, a Bengali man of God — namely Gadadhar Chatterjee — became known as Thakur Shri Ramakrishna where the word “Thakur” denotes the very fact that Gadadhar Chatterjee lived a life of a Godly man!

    Although the Sanskrit word of title “Thakur” denotes a Godly man, in the Bengal Presidency during British Christian imperialism in Indian subcontinent, the word “Thakur” came to connote “Lord”.

    The Bengali family-name “Majumder”, for example, denotes “record-keeper” in various administrative duties!

    For another example, there’s a film actor in India named Amitabh “Bachchan” where Amitabh’s actual family-name was (is) “Shrivastava”.

    But, Amitabh Shrivastava changed his last-name or family-name and made himself known as Amitabh Bachchan.

    In Islamic culture, however, an Imtiaz Ahmed’s son’s name can be Murtaza Bashir!

    That means, for Muslim bastards, family-names don’t mean much — unless someone is a direct descendant of the Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian Bastard’s one of the Arab clans 1400 years ago, because today’s world’s Muslims are nothing but generational bastards anyway.

    Elsewhere on this FaithFreedom.Org website, I explained in detail why world’s Muslims are literally generational bastards; so, here I am not wasting my time again on that subject.

    There are many Indians who use “Pandit” as a last-name or family-name when, in fact, Sanskrit word “Pandit” means scholar and, thereby, “Pandit” is actually a TITLE like “Thakur” — NOT a family-name, since NOT everyone in one’s family is a scholar by birth!

    For example, “Vikram Shankar Pandit” is a name of a prominent Indian-American banker who is from Maha-Rashtra province of independent India and, we observe that, the Sanskrit word “Pandit” is being used as a family-name.

    In the case of late premier of India namely Jawaharlal Nehru who was a Muslim but claimed to be a “Kashmiri Brahmin Pandit” when, in fact, Jawaharlal’s grandfather’s actual Muslim name was Giasuddin Ghazi who changed his Islamic name to “Ganga Dhar” in order to adapt to changing political landscape and his Muslim son “Motilal Dhar” suddenly changed the last-name or family-name from “Dhar” to Islamic “Nehru”.

    Subsequently, all Indians ended up with a “Indira Priyadarshini Nehru” who surreptitiously married a Muslim man named Feroze Khan; but, after marriage, “Hindu” traitor Barrister M.K. Gandhi influenced them to change their last-name to “Gandhi” by court-affidavit.

    And, after separation from Feroze Khan alias “Feroze Gandhi”, “Indira Priyadarshini Nehru” started sleeping with another Muslim man named Muhammad Yunus as her common-law husband.

    So, late Indian Prime Minister Indira Priyadarshini Nehru’s actual name could be Indira Khan-Yunus in order to keep historical conformity!

    The irony of all these changing family-name histories is: The de facto Islamic rule over “Hindu” majority population in independent India has prevailed to this day in one form or another and quite unbeknownst to millions of Indian “Hindus” to this day.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    काम क्रोध लोभ मोह मद मात्सर्य

    kama — lust, intense physical desire
    krodha — anger, propensity to commit violence
    lobh — GREED
    moha — delusory emotional attachment or temptation
    mada or ahankara — pride, hubris
    matsarya — envy, jealousy

    According to Sanatana Dharma, one cannot attain God — in any way or form — if one carries any or all of the above six characteristics in his/her mind.

  5. Face_The_Truth says:

    If you commit suicide voluntarily — without being influenced by other human(s) in any way or form — is one thing!

    However, when a wealthy old widower marries a financially poor young female and dies due to his age and his family-members FORCIBLY put the young window on the pyre with her deceased old husband for preventing her inheriting anything from her deceased old husband’s estate is a crime of GREED.

    Maha-Bharata did NOT propagate forcible burning of widows anywhere!

    So, do not twist the dramatic as well as dharmic acts described in Maha-Bharata with the nefarious acts of common criminals who act for the satisfaction of utter selfishness and greed.

    For another example, human sacrifice in order to obtain earthly material gains — in reality or not doesn’t matter — is NOT dharmic act even if anyone cites Maha-Bharata for that matter!

    To illustrate what I’ve just written above, if I worship Mother Kali — what I do from my very early childhood in the middle of the darkest night when I cannot see my own hand if I extend it! — and Mother Kali takes me away from this earthly life once and for all, I will be FREE from everything.

    However, if I slaughter you as a “gift” or a bribe to Mother Kali for obtaining earthly pleasure and earthly wealth — even if I psychologically feel like accomplishing such and such objectives — that is NOT a dharmic act — that is a criminal act of GREED — and the Supreme Goddess Mother Kali cannot accept such human or animal sacrifice!

    Gadadhar Chatterjee (later known as Thakur Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Deva, 1836–1886) perfectly exemplified in his own life what I have just described above.

    If one wants to eat cooked animal-flesh, that’s one thing; but, thinking that animal-sacrifice is done to attain God is the dumbest thing imaginable!

    There are ordinary humans who still perform animal sacrifices in order to obtain so-called “supernatural blessings” in the name of “religion” and those miserable, ordinary humans are nothing but “Voodoo” worshipers.

    A true religion transforms a human being, transforms a human life, and transforms a human society for attaining good that makes all better from where all were before.

    That is a continuum.

    That is Sanatana Dharma!

  6. Baji Rao 1 says:

    @Face the Truth,

    Along with Marathas, there were Hindu warriors in many other parts of India, such as the Vijayanagar
    empire of South India, Hindu Orissa, Jat Khap Panchayats, the Assamese, the Rajput/Kshatriya kings
    of North-Central India, Sikhs, Bundellas ect. All these Hindu warriors fought against the Islamic invaders.
    Finally our warriors defeated the barbarians in the final round.

    But you know, there are HUNDREDS of Hindu inscriptions proclaiming Hindu battle victories against
    the Delhi Sultanate, from 1200AD-1500 AD. Factor those victories along with the Maratha and Sikh
    victories ect. The story of Hindu military resistance and triumph is amazing. Consider the odds at that
    time. Our ancestors must have been super-human to face such evil and eventually win!

    Jews and Christians are by no means superior. In fact if you read history, Jews were a truly defeated
    people who didn’t even have a country of their own for nearly 2000 years plus. Christians lost
    two-thirds of Christendom to Islam. Much of the Islamic world is based on conquered Christian
    territory. Muslims failed to conquer or convert India/Hindus to Islam inspite of trying for centuries.
    Does any of that sound superior to you?

    About Sati, the practise is seen in the Mahabharata. For example, Madri, one of the queens
    of King Pandu, commited Sati on his dead corpse. Sati was practised from ancient times but
    became common after the Muslim invasions, in order to maintain honor and prevent from being
    captured by the barbarians. Therefore, the idea that it was rooted in greed is not true.
    It was a way of maintaining one’s honor.

  7. Face_The_Truth says:

    “Tagore was not aware of the fact that Hindus during the medieval period were fighting a war of resistance against the Muslim invaders.”

    Some clarification is warranted here since the “Unknown Scholar” did not write clearly and elaborately about R.N. Tagore’s mindset.

    R.N. Tagore was born in Bengal Presidency (i.e., the largest province of British India) and the soil of Bengal Presidency is such that people who grew up eating the food of that soil were never like Maharashtrians who fought tooth and nail against Muslim invaders throughout the middle ages in order to protect and preserve Mother India.

    During the British Christian imperialism, Bengal Presidency produced so many intellectuals such as Ishwar Chandra Bandyopadhyay, Ram Mohan Roy, Gadadhar Chattopadhyay, Pratap Chandra Majumder, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Devendra Nath Tagore, et al.,but we do not find any of them, with the exception of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, thinking in terms of “Hindu” nationalism at all.

    Rather, all the famous Bengali “Hindus” started parroting British Christian interpretations of all known events of Muslim invasions of Indian subcontinent.

    And, the outcome was evident as R.N. Tagore openly saying that “Taj Mahal” (i.e., Tejo Mahalaya) and the Red Fort were the creations of Muslim invaders, which shows that super-genius R.N. Tagore was a pure imbecile when it came to historical thinking and historical understanding of Indian subcontinent!

    Same mistakes with regards to true “Hindu” history and “Hindu” heritages were also evident in the works of “Hindu” historians such as Ramesh Chandra Majumder and Jadu Nath Sirkar.

    In the political scenario, Subhas Chandra Bose was totally marginalized and annihilated by “Hindu” traitor Barrister M.K. Gandhi.

    We are repeatedly being told that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are strict “Monotheists” who follow the only true maker of the universe when, in fact, we know from history that Jews, Christians and Muslims are actually the followers of a tyrannical gangster named Jehovah whom Christians renamed “God the Father” and faithful Muslims renamed “Allah”.

    We are repeatedly being told that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are superior to “Hindus” for “Hindus” have always been a defeated people in spite of all available and known historical evidences to the contrary.

    During and after every successful foreign Muslim invasion of medieval Indian subcontinent, all “Hindu” archives and “Hindu” libraries containing historic “Hindu” records were arsonned to ashes and smokes as well as all “Hindu” temples were either looted and destroyed or converted into Islamic tombs and Islamic mosques.

    Because, Christians and Muslims wanted (want) total obliteration of Sanatana Dharma from the face of earth!

    According to our Vedic ancestors, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are nothing but Mlechchhas (Vedic Sanskrit म्लेच्छ).

    Instead of recognizing the inherent greatness of “Hindu” history, 18th and 19th century Bengali “Hindus” in the likes of Keshab Chandra Sen searched for Indian greatness by following the diktats of British Christian imperialists in every way possible.

    With Islamic and Christian military invasions, we find that “Hinduism” was reduced to meaningless retualism and purposeful crimes!

    And, many “Hindus” have accepted meaningless retualism and purposeful crimes as part of their lives too.

    One example of meaningless retualism was (is) the practice of throwing the mud-idol(s) into rivers (or ponds or lakes) which became standard practice subsequent to Islamic invasions and during Islamic rule in various parts of Indian subcontinent.

    Because, if Muslim invaders and subsequent Islamic rulers found out that “Hindus” in certain areas were still worshiping anything or anyone other than Allah (i.e., Jehovah), Muslim invaders would brutally slaughter all “Hindus” for worshiping “Hindu” Gods and Goddesses.

    So, during the Islamic rule, the “Hindus” of Indian Sub-Continent started the religious practice of throwing away mud-idols at the end of religious ceremonies so that Muslim invaders would not be able to desecrate “Hindu” Gods and Goddesses again like Muslim rulers always did to all “Hindu” temples in the aftermath of every Islamic military
    victory in Indian subcontinent.

    One important thing to remember here is that “Hindu” statues of all precious metals (i.e., gold, silver, etc.) were typically melted by the Muslim invaders for monetary gains!

    So, for “Hindu” worshipers, mud-statues were easy to be thrown away after any secret religious ceremony in order to avoid detection by the spies of Muslim rulers.

    “Hindus” do not consider God as an “idol”, rather an “idol” or a painted photo or a statue of a religious figure does constantly remind “Hindus” of their beloved deity.

    One example of purposeful crime(s) was the practice of “Sati” where an old man married a younger female after the death of his old wife.

    However, when the old man died due to his age, his sons and relatives from his old, already deceased previous wife invented a “religious way” to eliminate the younger widow from all inheritances by burning her alive on the pyre along with her dead, old husband.

    So, in one instance, Indian “Hindus” are still practicing an unnecessary ritual when Muslim invaders are no more in power and, in another instance, Indian “Hindus” such as Raja Ram Mohan Roy permanently stopped a crime of greed by collaborating with the British administrators by passing a legislation.

  8. Baji Rao 1 says:

    @ Unknown Scholar and Face the Truth,

    There are some errors in Tagore’s thinking. Tagore lived in a time where he read distorted history
    about India written by the British, which he had internalized. Tagore was not aware of the fact that Hindus
    during the medieval period were fighting a war of resistance against the Muslim invaders.
    If Hindu society then, lacked solidarity, against the Islamic invaders, then how did Hindu society
    manage to survive as the majority in India? Why the invaders couldn’t convert the majority of them
    to Islam back then? Answer : Because of Hindu military resistance which had the support of Hindu

    The damage to Hindu temples was because the wars were taking place on Indian soil, so there
    would be collateral damage in terms of lives lost, property damage ect. But that does not mean
    Hindus were doing nothing. They were fighting back against the Barbarian enemies.

    Tagore’s views on Hindus were the product of an Anglicized colonial educational system
    which had denigration of Hindus/Hinduism at its foundation.

  9. surj1936 says:

    Face-the -truth Thanks for the input. About 2500 songs , I know he wrote songs but did not know the amount.

  10. Face_The_Truth says:

    I recently made a comment elsewhere about R.N. Tagore’s one often neglected or quite unknown accomplishment to world’s people!

    And, that was (is) Ravindra Nath Tagore composed more songs — approximately 2500 including both music and lyrics by himself alone — than any other song-writer, singer, music composer, musician, art-enthusiast has ever lived on earth.

    Anyone reading this post cannot find another human being in the known history of our civilization who did 2500 songs by him/herself alone.

    Almost an impossible task for any common human being to do in his/her entire lifespan on earth, in my respectful opinion!

    So, here is my PRANAMAM to both the father Devendra Nath Tagore and the son Ravindra Nath Tagore!