Remembering Avijit Roy

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  1. Pete says:

    Hi! Identifying myself as a liberal and now a humanist after too many years getting over my Christian upbringing), I never the less believe Islam is the greatest threat to all free thinkers. It is a fascism, and being authoritive, is against my left libertarian principles.

    Thanks to your article, I am no longer in conflict with my conscience. To not be any longer fearful of being called an Islamophobe when I encourage apostasy.

    This lefty will now proudly fight for our freedom and also make others aware of the ‘Secularophobia’ #Secularophobia.

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    My sincere apology to all readers at FaithFreedom.Org website for my writing in a previous post in this current thread by my own saying:

    Amongst so-called “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”, one common feature is visible and that is tolerance and support for Muslims and Christians…

    As usual, I often miss WORDS in my typing; so, please pardon my unintentional mistake(s).

    My sentence should read:

    Amongst so-called INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”, one common feature is visible and that is tolerance and support for Muslims and Christians…

    Because, I observe there are differences in thought processes amongst INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, “Atheists” AND American or European “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”.

    INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists” always find faults with “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma).

    BUT, INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists” NEVER SEEM to criticize Muslims and Christians!

    INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists” will FALSELY claim, Muslims are VICTIMS of Islam, rather than telling the actual TRUTH that Muslims are the followers of bloody, genocidal ideology of Islam!

    “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma) is ALWAYS the “culprit” and the “evil-doer” in the minds of INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”.

    In the minds of INDIAN “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”, ONLY IF “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma) disappears from earth, there will remain NO problem.

    In another sentence I wrote:

    But, from them, Islam or Christianity — in one way or another — is very scientific as well as very monotheistic.

    But, it should read as:

    But, from them WE OFTEN HEAR, Islam or Christianity — in one way or another — is very scientific as well as very monotheistic.

    This mindset of people who were (are) born “Hindus”, but denigrate “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma) at every opportunity they get boggles my temperament.

    But the reality is, if all Indians suddenly become “Christians” overnight, India’s economic problems will NOT go away.

    Various parts of Indian subcontinent were ruled by both Muslims and Christians for centuries; but the historical fact is, both Muslims and Christians DID NOT solve the economic problems of native Pagan people, rather looted with full fists everything that native Pagan people had and inherited from their forefathers!

    Yet, we’ve heard very noted and highly influential Indian “Hindus” proclaiming the followings:

    1. ‘…These (British Christian) Gurus have been sent by God from far off lands.’

    — G.H. Deshmukh alias “Lokhitawadi” in 1848 A.D. in Shatapatre No. 46

    This view was also shared by Justice M.G. Ranade and “Mahatma” Phule.

    2. ‘It must indeed be considered our good fortune that when Christian missionaries set out to spread Christianity in the world, they did not forget India…”

    — Keshava Chandra Sen, Brahmo Samaj Leader in 1860 A.D.

    3. “Mahatma” Phule started Satya Shodhak Samaj (Society for Search of Truth) in 1873 A.D.

    Everyone joining the Society had to take an oath of allegiance to the British Christian Imperial Crown.

    4. ‘How can Hindus, who were ruled by Muslims for 700 years and are being ruled by the British for last 75 years claim to have a glorious past?’

    — G.G. Agarkar in ‘Sudharak’ (Reformer) in 1885 A.D.

    Of course, G.G. Agarkar would NOT say the same about the Spaniards or the Portuguese who were ruled by the Arabs for 600-700 years.

    G.G. Agarkar’s native Maharashtra was ruled by Muslims for 380 years (1296 A.D. to 1674 A.D.) and not 700 years, but that historical TRUTH did not matter!

    5. Gopal Krishna Gokhale founded Servants of Indian Society in 1905.

    The members of this order were committed to a frank acceptance of the British Christian connection as ordained in the inscrutable dispensation of Providence for India’s good.

    (Ref: Political India 1832-1932′, J. Cunning, editor, 1932, p.186)

    This despite the horrors of British Christian administration during the plague outbreak of 1897 A.D. and 7 years of suppressive reign of British Christian imperialist Lord Curzon (1898-1905).

    6. ‘The Hindus’ has been a life of continuous defeat. It is a mode for survival of which every Hindu will feel ashamed’

    — Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in 1937 A.D.

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Amongst so-called “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists”, one common feature is visible and that is tolerance and support for Muslims (i.e., followers of Islam) and Christians (i.e., followers of Christianity) at the expense of “Hindus” (i.e., followers of Sanãtana Dharma).

    There’re people like Avijit Roy and M.N. Roy who were born “Hindus”, but from time to time denigrated “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma); because, they believed (or believe) that “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma) is full of SUPERSTITIONS.

    For them “Hinduism” (i.e., Sanãtana Dharma) is bad, because it is UNSCIENTIFIC.

    But, from them, Islam or Christianity — in one way or another — is very scientific as well as very monotheistic.

    It never occurred to the so-called “Humanists”, “Marxists”, “Progressives”, “Liberals”, and “Atheists” that, throughout our known history Islam and Christianity prospered through Pagan people’s wealth.

  4. Truth Seeker says:


    Indian were always great in ancient history specially

    enlightened sages who reached state of Samaadhi were far higher in wisdom than Jesus it reflects from their writing according to which

    Creation of our Solar System: Why, how, where and when it all started. The three causes – the efficient cause, the material cause and the common cause (skill/knowledge, time, space and labour/instrument.)

    Nothing in this world can be produced without proper application.” Mimansa Darshan Written by Jemini

    “Nothing can be done or made without the expenditure of time.” Vaisheshika Darshan written by Kanad

    “Nothing in this world can be produced without the material cause.” Niyaya Written by Guatam

    “Nothing can be made without the requisite skill, knowledge and thought.” Yoga Written by Patanjli

    “Nothing can be made without the definite combination of atoms.” Sankhaya Darshan wirtten by Kapil

    “Nothing can be made without a Maker.” Vedanta Darshan written by Rishi Vyas

    FACT: Creation of the world or anything created by man can never come into being without a maker, material, skill/knowledge, time, space and labour/instrument.

    According to Darshan Scriptures

    There are three eternal (without beginning and without end) entities, God (primary efficient cause, Soul, the secondary efficient cause and matter, the material cause. Since God, soul and matter are eternal entities, creation and dissolution have to be an on going eternal process and not one time phenomena.
    WHY:The purpose of creation is two-fold: The Creator gets to exercise His creative energy and souls need to reap their rewards or punishments of previous actions virtuous or sinful.

    The first combination is called the beginning of Creation. This is the joining of the highly subtle, indivisible separately-existing particles called atoms (or more appropriately correct – electrons) derived from the primitive ether. The various combinations of atoms, in different proportions and ways, give rise to various grades and conditions, of subtle and gross matter until it reaches the gross visible multiform stage called the universe. That which brings about the first combination existed before the combination, and shall exist after the component parts are pushed asunder. This is called the Cause. That which comes into existence after the combination, and ceases to exist after it has come to an end is called the Effect. That out of which something is made is called a Cause. Whoever produces an Effect out of a Cause is called the Maker.

    HOW: God energized the subtle Eternal Primordial Matter (Atoms) and the first principle, WISDOM was produced. This reduces matter to one degree less subtler which led to the principle of INDIVIDUALITY. However, it is still less subtler than the five Subtle Entities, optic, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile: (the spiritual senses or the media through which these senses make contact with the soul through the mind).

    As per Sankhya Darshan

    This further led to the creation of the principles of SENSATION (hearing, seeing, smell, taste and touch) and the five principles of ACTION (speech, grasp, locomotion, reproduction and excretion) plus the principle of ATTENTION. These are all less subtle by passing through various stages of less subtle conditions of matter (action and reaction) give rise to the five subtle principles (the five elements- inanimate objects of creation) SPACE (MATTER), AIR ( or gas), HEAT (fire or electricity), LIQUIDS, and SOLIDS respectively. The order of dissolution is the reverse. Of these twenty-four, matter in the primitive state is uncreated. After solids come all the formation of the planetary systems which, by the way, is not the only one since space is infinite these systems are infinite also and beyond counting. They then start to rotate and revolve, thus the concept of time began and when the condition of the first region is right for habitation, vegetation and living creatures and then intelligent life forms take hold.

    WHERE: That region was called Trivistaph, now known as Tibet, northern part of Aryavarta which is India today. Thousands of people were created and among the four purest souls were revealed four Vedas, instructions of ethics, morals and all sciences in the language of Sanskrit which were then taught to the rest of the population. These instructions are necessary as physical man is 100% matter and evil is inherent in matter.

    “That condition of matter in which the intellect-promoting, passion-exciting and stupidity-producing qualities are found combined in equal proportions is called the eternal elementary matter.” The Light of Truth.