First The Muslims Came for ……………. And Then Finally They Came for Me – Jake Neuman

Jake Neuman

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Do you really think God would allow a satanic religion like Islam to take over his Earth? In four years Islam will be finished and most muslims will be terminated for their evil behaviour. You will scoff at this but my prophesy is the truth and whoever you are you need to put your life in order to prepare for the end.
    This nightmare scenario of Jake Neuman is very sad. He needs to trust God and Christ more.

  2. priya says:

    can any one tell me number of viewership of

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Recorded medieval history of Indian sub-continent shows that wave after wave of Muslim merchants, Muslim traders, and Muslim proselytizers (i.e., Sufis, Walîs, Dirvishes, etc.) came to the shores of Indian sub-continent AFTER the death of Islam’s founder Muhammad ibn Abd’Allah in Arabian Peninsula.

    Prior to Islam’s dominion on Arabian Peninsula in 7th century A.D., “Settlements of Arab and other merchants from West Asia were nothing new for Gujarat [i.e., west coast of Indian sub-continent].

    These Arab merchants had established colonies all along the West Coast of India and even farther afield, LONG BEFORE the prophet of Islam was born.

    The ports of Gujarat being the most prosperous had exercised a particular attraction for them.

    They also travelled in the interior of Gujarat in search of merchandise fit for the markets in Africa, West Asia, and Europe.

    Mecca itself was an entrepôt for trade between India and the Far East on the one hand and the Roman Empire on the other.

    At the same time, Indian merchants including those from Gujarat had established their colonies in most of the coastal towns along the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.

    All this, however, changed radically after Arabia was conquered by the sword of Islam and every Arab was forced to become a Muslim on pain of death or permanent exile from his homeland.

    The Indian colonies along the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean were attacked by Islamic legionaries, both from land and sea.

    Indian merchants, except a few who opted for the new faith, were killed or hounded out from every place which came under Islamic occupation.

    Meanwhile, Arab merchants added a new item to their merchandise — they became salesmen of Islam as well.

    A new fraternity known as the UMMAH or millat of Islam emerged all along the West Coast of India as also at many places in the interior.

    Only a state and a population that did not know or understand the tenets of Islam and the obligations which those tenets imposed upon every Muslim, could permit these seditious Muslim settlements in its leading cities and ports.

    There is little doubt that each one of these settlements served as an intelligence network for Islamic invaders.

    The missionaries of Islam who took care of the Muslim flock might have hoodwinked the Hindus around them with their pieties.

    But the faithful Muslims understood the message of these Muslim missionaries and readily served as advance guards of the armies of Islam hovering on the borders of Gujarat.

    The foreign merchants turned Muslims had continued to do business and amass wealth as in the earlier days.

    But the leadership in the Muslim settlements had now passed into the hands of the missionaries of Islam known as Sufis, Walîs, Dirvishes, and by several other high-sounding names.

    The sole occupation of these Muslim missionaries was to see the frontiers of Dãr al-Islãm extend towards Gujarat.

    All Muslims in Gujarat were now expected to serve as the eyes and ears of the Caliphate which had started on a career of imperialist aggression in all directions.

    But the [Indian] “Hindus” have refused to learn, either from history or from contemporary experience.

    The story of Gujarat was repeated all over India in wave after wave of Islamic invasions from the middle of the seventh century onwards.

    “Hindus” fought the invaders at every step and defeated them quite often [as recorded medieval history of Indian sub-continent shows].

    [Muslims come in non-Muslim-majority lands as very moderate people and settle comfortably at the generosity of the non-Muslim hosts until the most opportune moments come to make war against non-Muslim hosts.]

    But, [Indian] “Hindus” failed to study and understand the theology of Islam, and the aspirations of Muslims living in their midst. ‘


  4. Chris says:

    A nightmare that seems more plausible by the day….

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    The spirit of this above article is a reminder of what Brigitte Gabriel ,who is the founder and head of , had explained in at least one of her books. That when she lived in one those countries in the Middle East , there was a saying among Muslims. Which is “First comes Saturday and then comes Sunday.” This means “First eliminate the Jews and then eliminate the Christians”