Turkish Voters in Germany Had no Appreciation for Democracy

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    “The development reveals how far immigrants from Turkey [in Germany] still have to go before they will be integrated at the center of [German] society.”

    Based on daily news from Germany, Sweden, and France, it is proper for any outsider to assert that:

    Why would Muslim migrants or Muslim immigrants even bother to integrate into existing Western culture of Germany, Sweden, and France when German, Swedish, and French politicians and judges are all in favor of Islamizing the entire Western Europe?

    ‘France, Sweden, Germany and other European nations are on a path to legalize rape committed by Muslim migrants because it’s “their Islamic culture”!

    In short, rapes by Muslim migrants are downplayed as “cultural misunderstandings” and thus the victims never receive justice, meaning that “de facto” rape legalization is, for the most part, already in place.

    For example, a German judge recently acquitted a Turkish Muslim drug-dealer of rape despite believing “every word” of the 23-year-old victim’s accusation because, according to the German judge, what the victim “had experienced as rape,” including having her head shoved between two bed posts after she said NO, might be “culturally” considered “wild sex” in Turkey!

    …a Muslim migrant in Sweden avoided jail for anally raping a teenager because the Muslim migrant “couldn’t understand NO,” according to the Hovrätten (royal court) of Western Sweden!

    The Swedish court sided with the Muslim migrant even further by suggesting the girl’s repeated “NO” only pertained to forced anal-sex, which the judges somehow did NOT consider rape.’