Hillary Clinton’s Diplomacy of Delusions

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  1. Lizzie says:

    The thing that sickens me about Hilary Clinton is that during an election rally she ‘promised’ to allow abortions of babies up to 40 weeks gestation ie full term. In case you didn’t know when a late abortion is performed the fetus is decapitated as the head presents to save inconveniencing the mother. This practice is murder and Clinton is a murderer and evil witch. I hope she rots in hell along with that vile,sexually incontinent husband of hers.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Hillary Clinton is such an outright phony. With her fake smile and her hypocritical speech at her campaign rallies. For example, Hillary at a number of her rallies declared “I believe that people should be treated with dignity and respect.” What a lying hypocrite. When she lived in the White House and after that there were many reports that she was extremely rude, mean nasty and arrogant. Some of the people who got to know and understand her actually described her as “Evil.” In the While House as “First lady” Hillary had even had instructions given to her staff never to speak to her. When some people tried they received a strong terrible harsh reaction from her. As in the spirit of “Who do you think you are to talk to me… How dare to talk to me. Don’t you ever talk to me again” As the former Presidential Secret Service Officer, Gary J. Byrne, who had an insider’s view of the real Hillary Clinton as opposed to the fake Hillary who in front of the American voting public and the cameras appears “nice.” In his book which is entitled CRISIS OF CHARACTER in the very introduction chapter on page xi had exposes Hillary as she actually is. For it reads about Hillary Clinton that she “simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in office.”

  3. Ron says:

    Most people feel that Clinton brought in a lot of prosperity and a budget surplus at the end of his term. What people don’t realise that during the late nineties the markets boomed (bubble is the right word) driven by IT stocks which came crashing when institutional investors started selling them in droves as they realised that they were heavily over-priced.

    The aftershocks of this technology crash was felt more in the late 2000 and early 2001 when Bush took over. Bill Clinton may not be trusted as a babysitter as he has a Monica Lewinsky scandal (conveniently forgotten by a leftist media) but he is more centrist than leftist. Hillary seems to be more leftist than centrist and has done lot of blunders right from Benghazi too her emails.

    With national debts reaching nearly 20 trillion no-one having knowledge of economics will vote for big government and increased spending but then the majority of the electorate are dumb and vote for entitlements and buy into media and govt lies, so it is likely that Hillary may win.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Should Hilary Clinton win the upcoming presidential election I would most likely loose complete faith in humanity. Atheists are always complaining God does nothing to prevent evil, despite the fact that we are fully endowed with the capacity to prevent it ourselves but instead we intentionally embrace evil and when it turns around to devour us, we in turn, blame God.

    When that evil bitch starts importing jihadis wholesale and they start ramming trucks into crowds, Americans should never forget how they freely made the choice to appease muslims.

  5. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Let us pray to God this mother of all lies, Hillary Clinton, would never become the first crooked woman-president of America. I have no idea why millions of democrats are willing to put her in the White House with all the crimes she has intentionally committed. This means democrats glorify a person of deception more than a person of honesty and integrity.

    May God help America!

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    Back in the 1990’s on television Hillary Clinton exposed to American public just how totally unfit she is to hold any position of power.in the US government.. For example, during the 19090′ there was a Congressional hearing about possible legal and ethical violation concerning the actions of Hillary Clinton in one of her schemes. At the congressional hears she just sat and in the chair at that desk and kept answering the different questions they asked her. She just saying “I don’t remember.” Over and over again. The point is that Hillary was blatantly lying to them when she said that, as a form a sly cover-up which means that she has the wrong character , bad character, a liar, to have any responsible government post . Or that Hillary to very feeble minded to hold any office in the government . Either way . She is incompetent and terrible. In addition, just being called up before such a hearing ,concerning ethics and the law, shows that something is very wrong.

  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    On the the subject of Hillary Clinton two of the many things wrong with her should now be made known. First,,her record as the head of the State Department at ,best ,was a dismal failure. Her so called “accomplishments” ,if any, were worthless. This is seen from the best viewpoint her time in the State Department as its head. From a worse view As chief of the State Department she was a total and complete disaster. As in ,for example that deadly Benghazi consulate jihad terror attack. To make matter even worse she with her lying deception blatantly lied to the Armenian public and the world about the reason the for violent and murderous attack. Hillary even lied to one of the parents of one the victims who was murdered in the Islamic attack , by speaking another lie. Hillary has thus proven herself to be completely in dishonest, incompetent useless and also arrogant as well as full of contempt for the average person. Yet she attempts to put on a false face, a snow-job, to the American public that she in a good , nice and competent person. Nevertheless , in spite of this act of deception hers has proven by her own actions the hes in none of those things. Second , some information from an insiders view about the real Hillary is exposed by a former Presidential Secret Service Officer , Gary J. Byrne, who was brave enough to write a book exposing the truth about that lying politician, Hillary Clinton. That book is entitled CRISIS OF CHARACTER which in the very introduction chapter on page xi ,from first hand experience and observation this book informs the reader that Hillary “simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in office.”