Combatting the Muslims-as-Victims Meme

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  1. Tom Cherian says:

    @Walter Sieruk

    We didn’t stop ridiculing Nazis just because we felt they will be more drawn into NAZISM.

    We should mock Muslims & Nazis by calling them RACISTS. Any one who respects a slave owner(Muhammad) as PROPHET aka perfect man deserves ridicule.

    It is not acceptable to respect a slave owner as a prophet PERIOD.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Americans who engage in the harassment of Muslims are not only rude ,they are also rude idiots . For calling Muslims names ,such as “rag heads” will only do harm and never good. For that will only antagonize them make them feel persecuted and possibly driven them into the fold of Islamic terrorism. Islam is indeed a problem but Muslims are not Islam and likewise the harassment of Muslim in not the way to handle the topic of Islam. People in harass other are people of little to no intelligence. For intelligent people use reason as well as logic and not rudeness and hate to deal with a subject . Any subject .Including the subject of Islam.

    Just to give only one example of how not to and how to handle the topic of Islam ,which in this example in Islam’s “holy book” the Quran . is not to ,ever, burn the Quran . For any idiot can burn a book. That is a very unintelligent thing to do . In great contrast an intelligent way to handle the subject of the Quran in by the use of logic and reason . In the sense of answering the claims of Muslim apologist for the Quran in a rational and intelligent way by reason and logic. As the following short essay is an example of this.

    A claim by Islamic scholars as well as jihadists is that no one can produce something as beautiful as the Quran in the way the words are arranged and thus it can only be of God. This claim should be answered.
    First, all someone has to do is examine some of the great works of literature to fine much written beauty. Such as the Greek epic poet Homer with his Iliad and Odyssey and then Virgil who produced the Aeneid has beauty. Even one of the non-Bible books in the Apocrypha called The Song of Three Children is also very beautiful. Thus just because someone sees a work that is written in great beauty doesn’t mean it’s inspired by God.
    Second, the scholar Edward Gibbon wrote after an examination of the Quran that it is an “incoherent jumble of fable and precept and declamation which seldom excites a sentiment or an idea, sometimes craws in the dust and is sometimes lost in the clouds…” The writer Thomas Carlyle wrote the Quran is “A wearisome jumble, crude, incondite [with] endless iterations [and] long-windedness…” Likewise, the philosopher David Hume was NOT favorably impressed after reading the Quran.
    [Source of the three scholars mentioned – Secrets of The Koran: Revealing Insight Into Islam’s Holy Book .56,66, by Don Richardson]

    Furthermore, the following should be taken into consideration. Of course the Muslim who reads the Quran will see great beauty in the way the words are arranged. This is, in part, because of the power of suggestion after being told so many times that the Quran is so beautifully written. That’s an old brainwashing method, repeating and being told that same thing again and again. Since he or she is always being told the same lie will end up believing that lie. In addition to that, the Imams try to discourage their people from reading other works, such as the Bible, so then they don’t have much or anything to compare or contrast the Quran with. Of course there are some Muslim’s that do read other works, but they are exceptions and they read other things only after they were already brainwashed by the Imams. In short, the Muslims can’t read the Quran objectively because their Imams have programmed them to have a strong bias towards it.